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*So tonight is a quiet, almost romantic night. However, that's going to change. If you're checking out the night skies, you're going to be seeing multiple fireworks flying around in all sorts of directions.*

*And if you are passing by a certain, unoccupied hut, you'll find the source! There's going to be a crowboy standing on top of it and acting as if he's a conductor in an orchestra. Yes, he is manipulating the direction of the fireworks. And that hut he is standing on? It's Sion's little evil island laboratory.*

Man, I can't believe I had to screw around with her crazy chemicals... Even all of her notes were left behind, too.

... You're not here to see this, but I'll end things with a bang. See you later.
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This fuckin' blows! Why couldn't I become something more lethal like a Buster Sword or a Masamune katana or something!? Hell, I'd rather the one doin' the wielding!

Haah... Whatever! Anyway, if you're my goddamn meister or whatthefuckever, step your ass right up and prove yourself worthy to wield me! It's kill or be killed, so let's go crush some heads!
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A long time ago, there was a man who wanted to fly wherever the wind took him. Everyone told him that it was an idiotic idea, but he didn't listen to what anyone said. So he decided to gather up some balloons and a kart together and disappeared into the sky. Everyone made a big fuss about it, but no one tried to stop him.

Even though it was a good way to live, he knew that one day his fuel, his "freedom" would run out and he'd fall into the black ocean.

... Honestly, I thought that stupid story was really awesome when I was younger, but it's actually pretty horrible. Someone tell me a better one to get this bad taste outta my mouth.
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Uh-huuuuuh. So this is obviously the highest place around here. Which means it's just perfect for finding beings with huge ambitions. My godly intentions are never wrong with that. But it's a little too crowded around here or maybe that's just me.

Sooo... Here's a question from a little meddler! Amongst all of you here, which one of you is the strongest?

((Obligatory rooftop post for all of your delinquent/chillin' out needs.))
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[If you just so happen to be in the area, pairs of skates are lined up in front of you as Ikki himself is standing proudly on a tree stump]

Welcome, my young grasshoppers! If you're standing here, then you obviously wanna learn about Air Treck. Or you've come to bash in my glorious presence, which is also good! I don't blame you! If you think these are your regular roller blades, you'll haveta change that mindset right now. 'Cuz once you put 'em on, you'll enter a new world.

So if you're badass enough, then come under the wing of the almighty Ikki-sama and he'll teach you everything you need to know!

... And alongside with me will be my assisting teacher, Bremusa Rainforest. Which is amazonian for "Adachi Emiri" if you happen to know her really well. ♥ So don't hesitate to ask her any questions either! She won't bite unless you give her a reason too.

(( ooc: AIR TRECK 101 BITCHES. Ikki and Emiri will both be tagging this post! ))
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[ there is a maid who is looking as confused as she'll... allow herself to be, as she stares at a giant cake, and then up at a... Gundam pinata, which is also emblazoned with HAPPY BIRTHDAY HISUI.

And then, perhaps remembering past cakes, she TURNS TO GO BACK INSIDE. ]

I don't believe the risk is a necessary one.

((ooc: ... Ikki is inside the pinata and will also be tagging! The cake is totally safe (for once) and delicious.))
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"Oh, Ikki-sama! You're a genius! You're incredible! We don't deserve to stand in your presence, we're not worthy~!"

"No, no. Don't tell him something that he already knows. Still, only this magnificent bastard would come up with such a mind-blowing idea!"

Ahaha... But seriously! When was the last time we've even used this place? Come on, people! Let's unwind a little and sing our hearts out and party while this day still lasts! We're the most popular island on the block, after all. ♥

((Karaoke bar post! SERIOUSLY WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS PLACE You know the drill, folks. Anyone and everyone is welcome to tag it up.))
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You know what? Nothing beats having a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and having a bird-eye's view of everything. Are the inn lights blinking? You could make a tune outta that. And even though the roof's covered in snow, it's makes for a good cushion! I gotta say that is the best damn seat in the world.

Huh. And the stars are pretty bright out tonight too. Lemme see… It shouldn’t be a problem to spot out all of the constellations!

((Ikki's on the roof of the Stormrider hut just chillin' out. And his memories are here if you want to choose!))
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[it's a beautiful morning! the birds are chirping, the sun is beaming and things are looking to be a normal day at Casa de Colorblind-- nothing could go wrong here, right?]

[Wrong. Cue (1) Storm rider flying right out of a window]


Ouch... Did he HAVE to throw me outta the window!? And what's with this tag and ribbon...!?

((ooc: Belated birthday post for Shiki! Both Ikki and Shiki will be tagging. o/))
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*if you walk out or open your windows, you will find (1) A-Tard flying over the moon*

((Ikki and Emiri will be tagging separately!))
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Heeeey....! Come on, Ringo...! Pick up the pace already!

I don't wanna have to deal with Rika-nee if I leave you behind. And we're gonna miss my favorite anime if we don't hurry up! Heheh... Today is where the Red Comet faces off with the White Devil in a rematch!

Ringo? Are we playing hide and seek? I don't have time for this! Okay, I'll count to ten and if you don't show yourself, I'm gonna really really pissed! You'll suffer under my noogie hell-strike, you four-eyed monkey!!

One.... two... You're actually winning this time... Three... four...

((Have a de-aged Storm Kingu!))
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title or description

No way! You gotta be kidding me! This is...! Haha, I didn't think getting a hold of one of these would be even possible! ... Nope, this doesn't smell like plastic... So then, this is the genuine article?? Guess there's only one thing to do.

HEY YOU! Gimme a fighting pose and make it good! I'm gonna detect your fighting power!!

((So Ikki has found a DBZ scouter! Except this is more island based! It won't explode if your character is hitting super hax levels and it detects other things too. Like how moe your character is, how courageous, how intelligent, etc. And the levels aren't just based on number units. It can have ranges like from "Pathetic!" to "Hot damn!" Random ranges like that! Basically, the scouter has a mind of it's own.))
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[A large box is sitting on the beach with one inquisitive alchemist looking over a letter.]

"To Sion Eltnam Atlasia. Happy Birthday from the Island and Atlas Academy." I believe that would be a load of rubbish. Not only would the other alchemists be unaware of the situation I am in but they would also hesitate to send me a gift in the first place. Many of them could care less about where I may have vanished too.


[Regardless, she opens the box and stares at the contents in horror.]

Ik- What is the meaning of this?

(ooc; double post for Ikki and Sion so-! Also, link mildly not work safe BUT I'M LOOKING AT IT AT WORK.)
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HEY! Has anyone seen a dude about this tall and wearing a funky eyepatch? He has a habit of saying "FUCK!" or picking flowers in his spare time. Don't ask me why, that's just how he is. It's been over... two weeks or something now and he hasn't come back! 'Che. Maybe they went home. That makes them, Ton-chan and Kururu gone now. Don't forget Aeon and Simca-san--!

Oh yeah! Takahana! Are you moving in with us or what?! We have a lot of extra space now and you should not pass up an offer like this!

... And on a side note. I never want to hear math spoken in my presence ever again. I'm gonna rip that math bastard to shreds next time I see him!
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Mmm... Did I overdo it today? Nah, that's ridiculous. The hut isn't too far from here, so...

--Nah, on second thought. This almighty god is going to take a little cat nap. Okaaay, this tree and pile of leaves over there oughta do just fine. This crow's nest looks perfect!

And in some ways, sleeping is training too. Like perfecting the ultra-powerful Sleeping Fist technique! Heh heh... I really do amaze myself. Just how many trump cards have I invented in a single day? We're gonna kick ass when we get back to the tournament for sure!

... Anyway, it'll just be for five minutes...

((Haaaave a sleeping Ikki in a pile of leaves. |D))
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We are fuckin' partying tonight, guys! But damn, why the hell am I back here??

((HELLO KAZU IS BACK and is currently throwing an Emiri in the air with Ikki. And Kururu is there too. ALL FOUR WILL BE TAGGING. Threadhopping is a-okay.

EDIT: Kay, Kazu is dead for the night. *_*))
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Man, I'm gonna miss the snow when it finally melts. And pretty soon, I think this'll mark my... what? Second year here? Talk about a ride down memory lane.

Anyway, I think I owe some presents to some people. And most of 'em are done, so I just gotta give 'em to their rightful owners. Ooooh. Speaking of which...

Yo, Ema Skye! I remember meeting you the first day you arrived! Anyway, today's your lucky day because I'm your Secret Santa!

((Obligatory mistletoe + Secret Santa post. Also since Ikki helped out Akiha, the Storm rider hut will have a trashy bug skeleton next to it now.))
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[it is a beautiful day. there is nothing that can break away this feeling of... normal. yes, you continue walking along until... AN ASSAULT OF WATER BALLOONS COME FLYING YOUR WAY! OOPS.]

A) Get soaked
B) Dodge
C) Do something else
D) J-J-JAM IT IN! ... oh wait.]

[... and of course the culprit is somewhere in hiding.]
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[Yes, it is an EPIC HUGE CAKE. Bigger than the hut it's sitting in front of even! And at the bottom of the cake lies a huge card that reads:

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOHNO AKIHA! From yours truly, the Island! P.S: Your gift is inside."]

[and from the very top of that cake (1) NUDE A-Tard emerges wrapped up in a fancy ribbon and bow]

Huuu~ Now that was a great nap! Alright then, I think I'll do a little more wall climbing before I back to the hut--

... Wait, what. This isn't my hut. And why am I covered in CAKE AND FROSTING. And where are my clothes?

((ITP: Today is Akiha's 17th birthday! So this means a PARTY@TOHNO'S HUT post. We have maids giving out food and refreshments, we have vampires chillin' out and we have a naked A-Tard in a cake! Yes, this means YOU should join in the mingling and the partying! And for the possible funeral for Ikki after this post. Thread hopping is welcome, of course! GO WILD AND HAVE SOME FUN. /o/))
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That really hurt--! SON OF A BITCH! Eat this!


((Yeah, after this. Have two shounen retards being.... retarded. Feel free to watch, laugh, stop them, etc. Sora will be threadhopping along. o/ Oh RIGHT. HAVE A TORNADO STARTING UP AROUND THEM. ))


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