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[Meanwhile over at the beach shores, there is a certain knight that was just washed up and holding onto what seems to be a box crate filled with who knows what and it's sealed tight.

Obviously his boat failed on him when he was riding home but he found some buried treasure. WHAT DO YOU DO?

1.) Check to see if he is alive
2.) Steal the loot
3.) Leave him alone
4.) Push him back into the ocean]

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[Out near the Ar Tonelico house, you would hear sounds of drilling, welding and even some hammering. Upon closer inspection, you'd see Lyner pulling on some rope to lift up a large wall from the ground onto the foundation he made on the ground thanks to the whatever tools and items he found left over in the Flay cave]

Aaaand there we go! Now that’s all three walls done! Whew! I guess taking a break from the other place did do me some good after all. Now I just gotta do something about having a sturdy roof that isn’t exactly wood but allows me to have some air to go through... well I’ve grathmelded and made harder things before so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem... I hope.

[So what is Lyner’s new project? A D.I.Y. made garage.]
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[Outside the Ar Tonelico house would be Lyner chilling at the porch with his laptop and looking very determined and confused at the same time. Now what would it be that would have his attention so fixed onto the miniature computer?]

A text-adventure game. That's what. )

I... don't think I'm doing this right. I keep dying for the same thing now for the past eight times and having to start all over. Well, back to the beginning I guess. Hopefully I'll try to get her to eat a Funbun this time.

((ITP: We play text adventure games with computers or watch other people play them and help them out or mock them. Feel free to have the games go along as you want but most games will end badly if you fool around too much like so.))
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Oh wow. It looks like the island is starting to get crowded again. It was around this time last year that everyone from home shown up too, isn't it? Well in that case, it's a good thing I decided to take out my Funbun stash with me today!

Alright everybody! Come try the greatest snack ever made from Platina! Once you've tried it out, you'll never forget the incredibly sweet taste it has!

Oh, right. Hey Mir! Let's see if Lady Shurelia and everyone else would be arriving here too! If I remember right, there was someone I was supposed to help grathmelding with too... wonder if they'll show up too? Oh and, uh... you probably should wear a shirt today also. Or something that would cover you more anyway-- oh hey! I've got just the thing too! You don't mind wearing the Funbun T-shirt, do you?

((There will be a table near by with stacks and stacks of Funbuns piled all over each other. Feel free to take as many as you want or just stare at it's odd shape. Either works.))
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Man. I can't believe it's finally done. Ten long years of blood, sweat and tears being put into this project with a lot of extra help by everyone that was willing to give me a hand, it's finally a success!

Everyone. I couldn't do this alone without your help so I thank you guys with my deepest gratitude. And now I think it's time to cut the ribbon to officially make this place open to everyone! Well, mostly for kids anyway.

I here by declare that this indoor park is now open! And I'll call it [Karulu's Forest] since it has something of a theme to fit with the island's forest itself!

... okay, maybe not. Anyone else has an idea to go with to name this place too?

((Strip club on the outside, playground on the inside. Yeah. Lyner wasn't too much concerned about the outside part of the building as he was inside.))
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I guess I shouldn't have to worry then. If I can't find her even after seven days passed by then that just means that she probably returned home... it's no big deal. Really. Ah... messed up another one. It's not too bad... going home that is. Maybe she'll be back one day and hopefully after her, Aurica and Misha sang together. Ergh... messed up again. Starting a new one.

Still. I guess it will be kind of weird without her around now... I was so used to being her guard and escort when she arrived here. I guess this means I have a lot more free time now that she is away then.

... ... Ayatane, take care of Lady Shurelia for me. I'll at least help protect Mir in your place the best way I can.

I don't think I'll get much work done here if I keep messing up on these grathmelding attempts. Maybe I should call it quits to today? I'm losing my edge when I normally make something... still, what is there to do anyway?
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*While over yonder at the forest where a lot of trees have been taken down, there will be a knight that is dropped down to his knees and supporting himself from what strength he has left in him by using his sword and pushing it from the ground while the Cenobia colossus is circling around him before it makes it's next attack.*

Ugh. It got me real good... this is starting to look bad. Pull yourself together, Lyner Barsett! Or else that thing will hurt the girls! But my sword isn't even phasing it at all and I don't have time to switch out grathnode crystals-- and I don't have a Reyvateil partner for me to use my powerful attacks either.

*Pushing himself back up to his feet even with his battered and bloodied condition, he will raise his sword up and point it at the large beast while taking a Fullhealin' D out from his inventory and chugs the whole bottle down before tossing it over his shoulder* Alright, monster! You'll have to do more than that to take me out! No matter how many times you hurt me, I'll only come back up! As a knight and as a guardian to all my friends to keep them from harm, I won't let you get pass! Rraaaaaaagh!!

((cliche main hero vs boss fight anyone? Anyone is free to join in too o/))
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You know, now that I actually think about it, there are a lot of stuff on this island that I'm surprised no one either thought of using or didn't even know about them. Thankfully, with a little help of grathmeld and alchemy from both me and Roxis' talents, we were able to make the [Electro-Protecto Gloves] so we can actually pick up those electric plants with no problem!

Now then! Add in a coconut for this here, some of the bottles of the Healy C goes here, and we use the electric plants as a generating power for this right here and to top it off with a grathnode crystal added to the mix and we get--

Whoa... what DID I make? )
... a lamp? But it's a huge bulb! Well at least it's on for a long while. While the coconut part of the bottom can be used to replace the power if the light goes out permanently, I think I can make more of these for anyone else if they need them. Maybe we can use this for the late dark times at night or something! Some light would be nice to have around anyway, I'd think! And hey, using these plants can be a good start on using them as an energy source! Ha! I knew it! I gotta think of what else I can use them for! I think I'll call it [Brite Nite-Lite]... yeah, that sounds good.

((Mod approved! And uh, Lyner is outside of the AT house and pretty excited on his lightbulb invention with the use of the electric plants and trying to think what else he can grathmeld that is electric powered :Oa))
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*One time, there was a knight who believed that he should take everyone's troubles on his shoulders. His beliefs of always doing the right thing and kept his promises to make sure that no harm had came to anyone he was close to. However as good intentions he for whatever reasons he had, his mind was more innocent compared to many.

But this said knight finds himself standing in front of a bizarre establishment surrounded with red lights. Curious, he walks inside only to find a stage with a pole bar at the far end of the building, a small bar like area that only seems to have mixes and juices but no liquor. It looked empty enough with only a few tables and chairs, it seemed like this abandoned place was used for a small private group for whatever intentions they were using. After looking around at the place, which revealed a dressing room of some sort with weird clothing inside and some closets... all Lyner could think of while still walking around was this:*

Man... this whoever owned this restaurant to make their workers wear costumes must have been a desperate person who needed to attract customers this badly. Too bad it's kinda rundown though... I wouldn't mind getting something good to eat right now. But what's the deal with the red lights? That's going to hurt somebody's eyes if they are going to be on all the time. Why do I feel like I want to stand where the pole is at to begin with?

((... I blame chat.))
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Well, it doesn't look all that bad. A guy could get used to this sort of thing! You don't see anything like this in Ar Tonelico either... maybe when you're diving into somebody but even with Misha, I didn't get to really see what it's like being on a ship to enjoy it like this besides helping Misha learn her song.

So this is what it's like to sail on water. Man, Krusche would so love to see this ship. And I think Aurica and the others would like it here too. It's too bad they aren't here to enjoy this kind of place. I wonder if I could help grathmeld something this size one day back home if Ayano and those people of Tenba, Radolf and the church and even the Teru tribe would work together again on a project this big? The gungnir was big enough.

... this wind in your hair feeling is pretty nice.
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Whooooa, look at all these people coming outta nowhere! This is just like last time too when Mir came around the first time.

Oh hey, Lady Shurelia, you think we should prepare some things ready like very one else is? I know there are like two places giving out food and other stuff already but never hurts to grathmeld a couple more things in case we might see some new or familiar faces.

I wonder if Aurica, Misha and the others are here too somewhere? Oh yeah, speaking of grathmelding, I think I got this finally done! Hey Roxis, you still around? I've made some improvements on the [Electro-Protecto Gloves] so we can test them out!
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Oh hey, this is a pretty weird looking plant. It glows and not to mention there are a lot of these guys laying around, no one would mind if I take one of these right? I'm sure I can grathmeld these to make some sort of lighting device or something!

Alright little guy, come to pap-- *BZZZZZZZZTT* -319

OW! What the?! Electrical damage from picking up an item? Well... maybe now it should be okay since it's already done given some damage as a requirement to pick it u-- *BZZZZZTTT* -402

O-ow... okay! Cool! I got this, I just gotta equip this Ardel crystal that won't allow any elemental damage to hit me. Alright, got it. Now THIS time I shouldn't have so much of a proble-- *BZZZZZZZTTT* -346

What the hell is this?! I shouldn't haven't had any of my health taken damage! Okay, forget picking it up! I'll just lop the thing off with my swor--


((Lyner's first encounter with electric plants. |D; ))
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Uh. Um... well, this is something different. Wow, it's like looking at a mirror. Sort of.

A mirror? What a good analogy~ You know, these's so much we could do now that... 'this' has happened.

There is? Oooooh YEAH! There is! Like if someone was in trouble, we can train with each other! Or at least I can show you some things about using a sword anyway! Oh, and can you check the right pocket real quick? I want to make sure if my key is still in there.

... Ah, I hadn't even thought about that! You're so resourceful, Lyner-- Oh, a key? ... Wait a moment, do you mean the key mentioned in the newspaper?

Ahaa, thanks. I didn't know what else you were talking about so I thought you meant that, anyway! And yep! That's the one, I didn't want to lose it since I don't want anything bad happening to it or me if I can't find my partner. Safety first and all.

Well... ... You know, let's not talk about what I was talking about. ♥ Oh, I see! That makes sense. I''ll do that, but you'd also better... Oh, nevermind, my locket is right there around your neck, isn't it~? Good thing.

... ... ... oooookay then. Gotcha. Well, since we are here together and I hav-- err you have a key and I have your locket, wanna try and see if it works together? Good time as any since we're like this, I'd think.

Oh, alright! So, do I just... jam it in...?

((oops cierra and lyner bodyswitch PLUS locket post. red font is cierra in lyner's body and black is lyner in cierra's. Threads will go [YOUR CHARACTER] -> Lyner (Cierra's body) -> Cierra (Lyner's body)!))
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*Near the Ar Tonelico house, where some repairs have been made since the animal attack and Itsuki's ESP ball attack while trying to help rid of said animals, there will be sounds of wood being scraped, metallic clanging noises, glass being broke and the additional blow torch sounds as bolts of thunder and spouts of fire will be seen in front of the house itself.

That scene has been going on until a sudden "IT'S DONE!" has been shouted out.*

Ha! It took a long time, and I even had to find some materials through the hardest and toughest places to get to but I finally did it! Lyner, you are a genius! And I think I'll call this [Adventurer's Travel Bag]!

Now, is there a person named Izuna around? I've just finished making your present since I'm your Secret Santa. Also, anyone care to tell me what's the deal with the floating plant? It looks kinda familiar but it's been bugging me since I can't remember what it is. Oh! And Lady Shurelia, you didn't tell what you would like for your present yet, did you? Come to think of it, I probably should grathmeld some other people's presents while I'm on a roll like this. Let's see... that's Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki, Cierra... uh... oh yeah, Itsuki too. That Sousuke guy deserves something for helping me out too also... huh.
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*meanwhile at the Ar Tonelico house, there will be loud noises being heard inside such as yelling, banging, some occasional glass objects breaking and soon a bear, tiger and a wolf will be flung out of the front door and a wounded and sniffling Lyner staggering out rubbing his nose*

Man, what's with the monster invasion all of a sudden? Geez... and they took a good chunk outta my health too. I hope Lady Shurelia is alright.

And the drops from these monsters still aren't good. At least I'm a little more closer to getting to my next level..
*achoo!* Guh, can hardly breathe now with all of this. I really hope it's not smelling bad inside. But more importantly, those things tore up the inside of the house real good... great. Gotta find more materials to get repair do-- HEY! GET OUTT-- *coughcough* GET A WAY FROM THERE! Not enough time to rest, but gotta clear this place first! RAAAGH!

((Since it's raining, humid and wild animals galore, Lyner is... well sick and injured. And most likely smelling like a wet dog or something after fighting the animals and will fight more if they get closer to the house. Someone stop him from hurting himself. ;w; EDIT!Back! ))
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Wow, did I eat something weird or what? I don't remember seeing things like this last time...




It's starting to make me feel depressed.

((sob instead of the color completely disappearing, everything green suddenly faded into gray. D:))
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Man, I don't get why we all have to get into such a fuss over something like this. Can't we all just stop the fighting? Sure, we all have our differences but come on. Do we really have to go at it like this? Peace and friendships can be made here, especially at a time like this!

... well, anyways. I'd like to ask that whoever is fighting for whatever reason you have, don't bring close to my home. I don't want any violence brought here since there is no need for it. Especially after the fight is over back home... this has to happen? Well, anyways. I made some food for people who are hungry. Anyone who doesn't want to be part of this weird fight are welcome to stay but yeah.

Anyways... I didn't think dolls were able sing before. I mean... yeah for playing but this? It's like a doll of Misha and it even sounds like Misha singing in Hymmnos, but I don't remember her singing this song before! The lyrics are kinda sad too despite the music itself being relaxing. But why do I feel like I should know it? Man, how long as it been since I've seen everyone? Aurica, Misha, Ayatane, Dad and the others should be alright, I hope... but still. I'm starting to get really homesick now.

Anyways, I should grathmeld more stuff just in case others might come by.

((hurr post for the neutral people. |D Dark Blue and Navy Blue people are welcome to come too but no fighting plz. There is a table in front of his house full with RPG food that can be normally eaten, but if your character is from an RPG then they might have their HP and MP recovered. THREADHOPPING IS FINE TOO. Also, the doll Lyner has looks like this. and the song it's singing is this and Lyner heard this when he is from the Misha route of Ar Tonelico but lol, this one is taken from post-Aurica route.

oh right, the food stuff are things that look like stuff from here.))


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