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[[An orange-haired boy is attempting to rebuild a hut. Why?! People do strange things on New Year's, so who knows. And like the great ...Amish or ... whatever, apparently cabin/hut/dwelling building is a serious chance at some QUALITY social interaction.

But basically, consider this a typical ice-breaker post! Aka, you mingle. The only "rule" is that your character can't talk to someone they always interact with. And lol, threadhopping is obviously welcome. Hence, ice breaker.]]

Apparently this is a new year. Frankly, I never thought I'd be stuck building a cabin FOR THE GODDAMN GOD KNOWS how many fucking time already like some Neanderthal on ANY new year, but what can you do.

One resolution: Thank the Neanderthals for coming up with rudimentary tool-making.

So what the hell are you guys up to?
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[[Once upon a time, there was something called SHOUNEN JUMP. Many shounen retards have been blessed with the opportunity to appear in said SHOUNEN JUMP. Gintoki and Ichigo are no exception! And THE RETARD SHOUNEN TRADITION dictates ... that there be a radio program every year. Or something.

Let's just skip the niceties and say this is a double
ISLAND RADIO PROGRAM hosted by Gintoki and Ichigo annnnd blah blah threadhop = very welcome, and both Ichigo and Gintoki will be tagging!]]


Laaaaaa duuuhhhh daaaaa la lala da da da-- ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

...Yeah okay, who died and made that guy the DJ? ANYWAY. Uh. Me and this silver-perm Kintoki? Kintama?? Gingaki?? Wait no-- OH I GOT IT Ginpaki will be your hosts for tonight. And no, we have no financial incentives WHATSOEVER FOR DOING THIS thanks for not paying us jack shit, but shitty Island economy and all that jazz, so if you guys hear some funky crazy Island ads during the commercial break, don't come shitting at us.

We've got some crazy guests and programs for tonight. Buuut first I guess we'll uh, open it up by answering some fanmail. And all you listeners out there can call in. Or not. Whatever.


I enjoyed this movie very much. WILL THERE BE A SEQUEL!?


Your local BL fangirl.

.... ............ Let's cut to commercial. PERMANENTLY.
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[[ITP proves that a lawyer and a shounen retard should never, EVER, EVER attempt to build anything that's bigger than a house of cards. Actually, they shouldn't do that either. Maybe they should just not do anything besides defending people and chopping up things. BUT BEING THE MEN THAT THEY ARE, THEY DON'T KNOW THAT.

So this is is how Phoenix and Ichigo's hut looks likes right now. Falling up stairs is always highly encouraged, because yay open house.

Order = your character --> Ichigo --> Phoenix. Threadhop, double post, etc]]

...Okay, the hut's finally finished. More like a cabin now, I guess. But whatever. A ROOF AND A DOOR AND I'M HAPPY, shut up.

Something seems off though. Uh, maybe we put in too many stairs? But everybody likes stairs. Yuzu and Karin used to play house all over them.

And people say architecture is HARD. Pft.
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THANKS, TORNADO ISLANDINA they name tornadoes after girls, right? Or was that hurricanes? Typhoons, maybe? ANYWAY FOR DESTROYING PERSONAL PROPERTY. Yeah, I love getting whacked in the head by flying pieces of potential furniture that freaking piece of wood was my chair, screw you. And you know, flying monkeys in the air. Speechless.

Uh, I'll just apologize for any ... hut pieces that might've flown off and hit anyone. You know, TORNADO?

I swear this island does NOT want to see me building a GOD DAMN hut.

[[Ichigo built a fail-hut. Said fail hut is now flying a la Wizard of the Oz + tornado. May or may not land on someone]]
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You guys know water itself doesn't have color, right? It's just reflecting the sky there. So really, it's about what color the sky is.

Just saying.

[[not taking sides. YET. BANKAIIIIIIIIII]]
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[[See island frontpage/status thing. FUCK YES NO MORE WATER. And yes includes the ocean. And fuck yes threadhopping
Edit: will tag back later tomorrow/today since oops need to pass out.]]

...How can SIMPLE bathroom NECESSITIES be goddamn GONE on this island?! Gee, water is only kind of important to, I don't know, all of us? Seriously, what's the point of even having something half resembling a bathroom if the most important part isn't even there. Sadistic little bitchy island, I swear.

And the graffiti is not helping. The hell's a "REACH FOR YOUR RESOLVE!" Oh, my fist will show you my resolve. I've seen elementary school stalls done better than that.

Water and other things disappearing is NOT cool in the middle of showering, geez.
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Anybody who says anything about THIS, gets MY fist in YOUR face. Don't say I didn't warn you, because I just did, thanks. Got a problem with that? Well, TOO BAD. Life's not fair, get over it.

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The whole raining chocolate thing was pretty good. Not when it's raining lingerie. That's just...NO.

Anybody got a pair of scissors? Sharp knife things? I'd even go for rabid monkeys that might bite these things off.

Damn it! WHO THE HELL MAKES THINGS THIS SIZE?! STUPID hooks! They keep snagging my hair, and great. Now I can't see what the hell's going on, NO THANKS to whatever the hell this thing is. I DON'T WANT TO TOUCH IT. SOMEONE GET IT OFF.


EDIT: what are you people babbling about? floating apples?

((Ichigo = currently covered by garter belts, bras, panties, corsets, whatever XDD))
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Took care of the hollows, so I think this calls for a snack.

If anybody need me, too bad. I'm going to be chopping down those cocoa trees beans. Anybody who doesn't want to get whacked on the head by falling timber and all that shit should probably move out of the way.

...Zanpaktous work on trees, right? AH, WHATEVER. Finally, some decent food. About damn time that staying on this island is getting...not really better. Or something.

Hey guys! We could have hot chocolate tonight back at the shelter.

...Just a thought, but how about we call it something other than "shelter?" It makes us sound like some kind of weird-ass fugitives from some second-rate novel.

((Ichigo => canon = loves chocolate, so there you go))
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Yeah, just what I need, some guy that looks like my MOM wandering around topless. I don't know how many levels of wrong it is right there. That's just...THAT'S JUST NOT RIGHT! She's dead, for crying out loud. Leave her alone. ARGH, my freaking eyes!

I'm going to start hating this island more and more every day. Oh wait, I think I was already doing that.
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...Where the hell's Rukia this time? ...It wasn't anything I said yesterday, right? I mean, how the hell was I suppose to react to some secret question about DATING. Geez. Confusing midget. She couldn't have said that about me...right?


Having dingoes being the welcome wagon was not as bad as having toads trying to do...whatever the hell toads do ON MY HEAD when I was trying to get more bananas today. Freaking--And I had just come out of a freaking bath in those springs on that western island! Stupid slimy...

Besides that, been walking around yesterday. I've only been to the Northern islands, and those are pretty barren and nothing much's there. There's a bunch of trees and all sorts of stuff in the forests on the main island though. A little off to the west, I think. Where I got the bananas from, if you guys ever need them.

((BTW, the springs that he's referring to = bootleg springs a la Ranma 1/2. SOME of the springs are normal, some of them..well....if you go into them, when you come out, you might turn into say.....a one-legged chicken or something when in contact with cold/hot water XD; Feel free to mess around with that? XD))
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((OOC note: Yeah, okay. Was dead yesterday, so! Let's just say Ichigo was busy with hollow stuff on the northern islands and couldn't reach anyone, since they were all at the party anyway XDDD And Ichi just got back to the shelter this morning, okay? XD;;

If this post doesn't work for anyone mentioned in it, let me know.

And for the ref, see the Renji/Rukia log XD))

OI! Rukia! Renji! What the hell were you guys doing yesterday!? I tried contacting you guys, but no! NOBODY WAS PICKING UP, HUH?! Those "things" were everywhere up north. At least they were just kind of your typical dumb hungry bastards. But damn it, a little help would've been appreciated! At least I like my job. TEMEE, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS ANYWAY--



...Oh, forget it. Should've known.

Looks like a whole bunch of people's got hangovers today. Drink lots of water and quit complaining. That's not going to help anyway. You got yourselves drunk. Yeesh.

Edit: RUKIA! YOU WERE DOING WHAT AT THE PARTY?! How much did you drink?! Something could've happened, you know!
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Went fishing with Inoue yesterday, and caught a big one. Never fished before, but might as well learn it now. Not like we have a choice anyway. So you guys better not be complaining about food again! It was a damn good dinner last night.

AND WILL YOU PEOPLE QUIT IT WITH THE BETTING POOL ALREADY?! Geez, we're getting paired up with someone new every week or something?! This is like those stupid dating shows that Kon watches back home gone WRONG.

...Ahh shit. HERE TOO!?!?!? ...Damn it.

Filtered to Rukia, Byakuya, Renji, Orihime, Urahara, Rangiku, Hinamori, Hanatarou, Kira

Hey, just in case you guys haven't noticed, but there are hollows on the farthest north islands. Not a lot though, and I got one, but there might be more.
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All of you people are imagining strange things. And not to mention, too much free time. ESPECIALLY YOU, Rinrin, with that picture. Yeesh. FREELOADERS and LEECHERS don't go causing more trouble, oi.

YOSH! Going to get more bananas now. And maybe something else. Hey, I'm a growing boy, and I need food other than all that potassium from those bananas, okay?

...How the heck do you catch a fish? Damn slippery...come back here!
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Well, today sucked even more than usual.

OY, Rinrin! You better behave yourself, or I'll kick you out.

How many ways are you suppose to say "I'M NOT WITH RENJI" will you people get it?! Don't tell me I have to bankai kick all of your asses just to get a point across. Yeah, yeah, it's all my fault, blah blah blah. I'm used to getting blamed for all this shit anyway.

...I'm going to sleep.

...Okay, the damn coconuts just all fell on my head. OW.
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OI, RUKIA. Bringing back Rinrin and a freaking dingo to stay with us. YES, I KNOW, AND I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! I'll explain later or something.

...Oh look. We have Geta Boshi for a neighbor now.

At least I got a piece of chocolate out of it. >.>

Hey, where are you guys anyway? Are we out of bananas again?

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Good job, Ichigo. Who the hell did YOU piss off in your last life to deserve THIS?!

So more and more unfortunately familiar faces are showing up on this island. There's gotta be a way off, right?! I mean, we got here SOMEHOW. ...Where's Geta Boshi when you need him? What was that exit thing he did...? I don't suppose we can bankai our way out of this one...

Found bananas though, which is really not surprising since there is a freaking colony of monkeys here anyway.

And Aizen of all people just showed up too. Who knows what he wants from us. Not like he'll just tell us. And let's face it, I can't do anything about it either. GREAT. JUST GREAT.
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Guess we're really stuck. Here's to hoping everyone back home's okay. Though, I'm pretty sure Karin and Yuzu can handle Pops well enough. And there's always Chad there that I can count on...Geta boshi too. Kind of?

And besides weird-ass tennis players that keep flocking to this island (did everybody my age decide to join a sports team or something?), we've got those guys that's with Aizen here too. Just what I need. People that want to kill us. Oh yeah. And Renji. And Miss Violent-Marker-Happy.

...Here I thought Soul Society was messed up.
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...I'm pretty sure it wasn't suppose to do that. Er...Um...Anybody here? Old guy? Hollow dude?

Okay, and I couldn't have knocked myself out with this, right? So whoever did this as a joke, better come out, so I can kick your sorry ass.


I could've sworn that was that Gin guy I just saw. Well, my day just sucks like always, doesn't it?! First Pops decides to kick me in the head, and now this. I'll suffer brain damage from all the stupidity around me before the day's done. GREAT.

...Rukia's here too. Miss Shorty just likes to leech off of me so much. Joy. >.>


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