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[Somewhere in a convenient location with a vast space and a lone tree is one redhead doing violent things to a makeshift punching bag, which is tied around a sturdy branch. What kind of things? A jab with her left fist, a swing kick, a jab with her right fist, a roundhouse kick, a couple of alternating punches, some dodging and other self-defense moves.

And once she's done, she backs away and lets the bag sway from side to side.]

Hah... hah... There, that should do it! About time I get my body's strength up and going!

[... Oops, she's definitely not alone.]

Since when did I have spectators?
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[A few days after the Angels event was over, Kallen suddenly disappeared from the island. But now she's back, except she's completely disoriented. She's currently looking around for familiar spots at the moment.]

Wait, this definitely doesn't look like the Tokyo Settlement. Is this Kamine Island? It does look familiar... wait a second, could it be--?


Oh, you have got be kidding. This must be some kind of joke! I was on my way to school and suddenly... this?

[She pauses briefly to spot the inn right in front of her.]

Great. I'm stuck here again, aren't I?

'But at least this island seems peaceful for now like back home. I'm hopeful that everything continues to be all right.'

(OOC: Kallen has been canon updated to the end of R2 storyline! It's been more than a week since her disappearance even though she thinks a year has passed. Those who are friends with Kallen might notice some changes in her.)
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[Somewhere just a few feet away from the inn is one redhead lying down on a makeshift hammock, looking up at the sky. Right beside her are some balloons and decorations by the tree. Care to bother the belated birthday girl?]

Birthdays are supposed to be a joyful celebration, aren't they? It's the day when you were first born after all. Really, it's only natural to get excited if holidays are a big thing for you. And yet I don't feel like I've aged one bit. Funny how that works.

By the way, even though it's a day late I do appreciate all the party stuff.
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'Tch. It's bad enough having to deal with being "sick" the last couple of days, but a sudden influx of people too? This is ridiculous! Whatever, they'll be gone for good once the weekend is over. It's not like I'm expecting certain people to show up or anything; I need to be realistic.

Guess it's time to greet them. I might as well.

Wow... I never thought the island is that popular of a tourist attraction. If this many people show up, maybe I'll see anyone from Ashford Academy? I have to admit, it'd be really nice to see them all again.

I sincerely hope everyone is making themselves comfortable. Sorry for the inconvenience and all, I know this is a huge surprise to most of you being suddenly trapped in this place. You'll get used to it. At least the scenery is very beautiful, right?

But uh... don't mind the flag. I have no clue why that is doing here. I'll take it down and burn it later.

(OOC: Come and harass Kallen to your heart's content! Especially if you're from Geass or someone she knows. ♥ Anyone is invited! EDIT: Time to go to sleep; I'll tag back tomorrow morning!)
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[In this inn is one red-headed teenager standing inside, putting up the final touches to a certain innkeeper's party. There is plenty of food to be had, along with other things.]

There. All finished! Now the only thing that's missing is the guests. He'd better be happy that I'm willing to do this again even though it won't be as big of a surprise as the last one, or one at all really.

Hey, I better not see anyone eating the cake right now. Save that for later!

Anyway... happy birthday, Lelouch. Enjoy yourself as best as you can, alright?

(OOC: LULU PARTY @ THE INN, AAAW YEAH. Threadhopping is 100% encouraged. Say happy birthday to the CLAMP noodle as he tags you, too. :B)
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[Filtered to close friends/anyone interested | Unhackable to Lelouch]

Looks like I'm behind schedule, but if this gets done ahead of time, it'll all be in the past. Once again, I need the same people who helped me make Lelouch's party possible. New volunteers would be really nice, too. Assuming it'll snow again, the party will take place inside the inn and I need some room for games and stuff.

I already have someone take care of the cake and decorations, so there's no need to worry about them.


Listen, I have a problem with this friend of mine. I just can't help but be concerned about his, uh... body being way out of shape. Frankly, it worries me.

So. How do you convince someone that they need to exercise?
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Wow, what's with all the decorations here? I know Halloween is coming up real soon, but-- wait no, better not overthink things. At least with this, I can make the lobby festive for the occasion. But I have to say, it's pretty ironic seeing the ghost-shaped ones considering that one event from weeks ago.

-- Oh, ha ha ha. Very funny. Putting devil horns on my figurine, that's nice!

Anyway, I made some cookies and they came out pretty well for my first batch. Oh who am I kidding? I could do better than that! But just to be on the safe side, I need taste testers.

Of course there's a catch and I'm only giving you two options: trick or treat?

(OOC: In this inn is one Kallen with tiny figurines of the islanders in costume and Halloween decorations, but that's not the main thing. Say "trick" and she may ask you to do something for her in order to get the cookies; but if your character is a wuss and say "treat" she'll just give one to you :<)
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... Keiichi.

I know you've been wanting to know what my specific type is, but putting us together like this? Not exactly the most brilliant idea ever.

(OOC: Have the two K's in handcuffs. Thread order is you-Kallen-Keiichi. \o\)
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I didn't want to resort to this, but there is no other choice. I must express what I've been feeling all this time, not only as a simple girl that you all know and been fairly acquainted with, but as woman with complications. A woman with inner desires. A woman who will do whatever it takes to get what I truly want, even if I must walk down the path of sin and treachery.

... I'm dying of a wounded heart.

To think that all this time, I've been hiding my love for a world-class criminal without a face! To think that I've waited for him forever and a day, only for my loyalty to come into question, and to be led astray by blue-haired men! No, no, no! I must never let the pain inside me choke me to death!

I may be dying, but I'm a strong woman, dammit. I will overcome this. And as my friends, you will help me succeed!

Even if it means bringing the man I love back through sacrificing monkeys and dingoes. And even some green-haired women! So help me, I don't want to resort through some terrible tactics, but if I must do whatever it takes... then so be it.
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... Well, I honestly expected something outrageous coming out of the cake right now. Like say, someone jumping out of it with a huge "Happy Birthday!" sign with the letters made out of sparkles.

But this is unexpected, it's actually normal for once. I... kind of like it. Sure the shape of the cake is strange, and who knows what's in it really, but overall it's not that bad. Though I could do without that birthday song playing over and over.

I'm feeling generous today. Who wants to eat this cake with me? Because there's no way I'm eating this whole thing by myself.

(OOC: Kallen's birthday is today, so there will be a fishbowl-shaped cake with her along with the Japanese version of the birthday song playing in the background!)
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Two years of island, two years full of memories. Time sure flies fast, doesn't it? So far I have to say, the new year isn't too bad aside from the general creep factor this place emits. Plus, I've been spending more time with certain people.

Speaking of people, or men I should say-- ...

... Z-ZERO?!

W-why is he... wait, I can't look at this! And yet, I can't turn away... Oh my god, my eyes are on him and only on him!

(OOC: In celebration of Kallen's second anniversary on Island, she receives one giant fanservice-y poster of Zero. Because I'm a terrible person she's a faggot. >:)
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You know, I always thought that kissing underneath the mistletoe was such a silly tradition, and I'm not too crazy about drinking stuff made out of beaten eggs either. I don't know why such things exist but oh well.

Speaking of things that shouldn't exist... Go away, you pest.

Good thing I finished being Secret Santa for this week; I'm glad Yusuke liked my gift. Hmm... I wonder what my friends would like for Christmas.

(OOC: Have a Kallen wearing this with this on top as well as a mistletoe floating over her head. \o\ FYI: said mistletoe will only happily float over to whoever she's paired with.)
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Before I start with festivities, I would like to thank everyone who helped me make this event possible. All it took was a lot of hard work and planning, and it worked out in the end. Too bad for the snow or else it would've taken place outside. So much for that, huh?

With all of that being said, let's get this party started, shall we? Now who are we missing...? Oh yeah, now I remember!

Happy birthday, Lelouch. I hope you enjoy being a year older.

(ITP: Lelouch's surpraiz party at the inn, courtesy of Kallen! There's plenty of food and all that other good stuff for everyone. And since this is a party, THREADHOPPING IS ABSOLUTELY ENCOURAGED! Go mingle and say hello to the birthday noodle. \o/)
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[Filtered to friends (and anyone else interested \O_o/) // 100% UNHACKABLE to Lelouch]

Normally I don't ask for a lot of assistance in certain matters, but in this case, I do. You see, I'm been thinking of planning a surprise party for Lelouch... even though his birthday isn't until a few weeks from now, I might as well plan ahead, don't you think so? But to be honest, I've never hosted an actual party before.

Maybe someone with some expertise could help me with this? Or at least think of ideas for food and decorations. But whatever you do, don't tell Lelouch anything about this. Or else.

I can't believe I'm actually doing this... and for him of all people. Whatever.


Book reading? Done that. Chores? Done that, too. I guess that's all for now. Since I have some free time leftover, I could make myself something to eat. Perhaps curry rice? Heh, I can think of certain people who can afford to eat more, especially certain Britannians who need more meat in their body.

And speaking of Britannians... Lelouch, can I talk to you if you're not too busy? I believe you owe me something from a while ago.
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I'm aware that Halloween is coming up real soon and all, but is all of this really necessary? First the early trick-or-treating with all the candy minus the "trick" part, and now... this.

If I have to be festive for the occasion, at least give more freedom for my legs. I look ridiculously silly in this! So, uh... a little help here, if you please! The last thing I'd want is to fall on my face!

(OOC: Why yes, she's indeed wearing the grave/door costume in the link. Feel free to mock or help out accordingly. EDIT: Time for me to sleep; I'll tag back tomorrow! BACK \o\)
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Just a few questions before handing out these papers: has anyone visited that mansion from a few days back? And if you have, could you kindly tell me how was your experience? Kind of strange for a building to pop out of nowhere, but then again, this is the island. I have to say the dark atmosphere is very fitting since it's now October.

Anyway, I have these stack of papers... Well, I might as well hand them out. It's no good wasting trees if you have no productive use for them, don't you think so? I do wonder why they showed up, though...

A survey about the inn? This should be interesting. )

... I think I'll fill this out later and forget all about questions 11 and 12.

(OOC: IC survey for all! Feel free to have your characters fill it out if you want, regardless if they reside at the inn or not *A* EDIT: Gotta go to sleep; will tag back tomorrow! BACK!)
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Have you ever felt this impending sense of deja-vu? When you've done something a long time ago but for some strange reason, it'll happen again... or when you've seen someone in a similar situation as you were. One way or another, what happens to them will eventually happen to you.

It's as if karma is taking its grasp on me right about now.

There's a sign on my back, right? I can't take it off. And I'm not sure if I want to know exactly what it says...

(OOC: Kallen's sign says either "Tickle me!" or "Hug me!". Yes it switches and it'll be awkward. *A* EDIT: Oops forgot to mention that you'll be compelled to do either of those.
EDIT 2.0: Time for me to sleep; I'll tag back tomorrow! Back!)
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Let's see, if I can put a wall here and another room here, then the inside should have a bit more space... there! I finished my sketch. Now all I have to is show it to him to see what he thinks. With proper planning, the inn should be ready for more expansion in no time.

The song is very catchy, but it's getting pretty old now after hearing it 10 times in a row.

Seriously, if I have to listen to the first part one more time...

(OOC: Because Syao is a Geass fag, here's Kallen with the song "Colors" following everywhere she goes. \o\ Lyrics here)
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So many things were happening at the island and it's getting harder to keep track of time. How long has it been exactly? Last time I checked, it was a year and six months. No matter, I need to keep myself occupied. Maybe I could do some errands at the inn or even get a position. I have lived there for a long time; might as well give something back.

In the meantime, I'll simply take a small rest at this tree and-- wait... Is that what I think it is?! I haven't seen it since... forever! Either way, that is the last place I'd ever want to see his face again!

Seriously, he's vanilla-flavored now?!

(OOC: Sup y'all, Syao's officially back in RP-mode! And here is Kallen rediscovering the elusive Lelube tree. EDIT: I'll be going to sleep now; will catch up on tags tomorrow! Back!)


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