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[There is a human Dani sitting somewhere relatively in the open with some chairs around. There is also a banner tied between two reaches which reads 'Club: Daddy Issues Anonymous.']

[She is kind of staring at the banner.] I still don't get what that means. [R-really doesn't know the terms though she kind of suffers from them a lot.]
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So, you're the big threat, huh?

[And there's Dani, in ghost form, staring at an Angel.]

Hmm, as long as people are watching you, you're frozen. But...can you go through stuff?

[And that's when she puts a hand on the Angel and pushes it right into a tree intangibly until it's incased in the wood. She steps back and blinks and low and behold, Angel hasn't left the tree.]

...well, if that works, I guess I better get moving.

((OOC: Seriously, intangibility is cheating powers. She'll go on rescue missions, so feel free to make up dire situations!))
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[Someone's found a run down watchtower somewhere on the cliffs. Not that it's obvious at first. That is, not unless someone passes when something goes zipping past or something starts floating around the watch tower.

Pay enough attention and they might see what appears to be a young flying girl in a hazmat suit. Who seems to have found a project in making sure the watch tower isn't so run down. Why?

Cause she's a superhero and it'd be cool to have a watch tower.

Also, she's a ghost.

Of course, people could completely miss her as she carries stuff before it disappears into the watch tower. Flying inanimate objects are pretty attention grabbing too.]

((OOC: Because it's superhero logic, it might not be immediately apparent this is Dani to those who don't know she's something freaky.))
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[No, she doesn't go to this school. No one sure WHERE she goes or where she came from, but she seems to disappear anytime anyone tries to find out. She also uses this odd trait to sneak into various classes and take notes in the back hidden in some nook or behind a desk or something.

On the plus side, she does errands and finds stuff! For the right price. Which may or may not be cash, depends what you have to offer.]

((OOC: Want her to do something for a character, or just happen to see her somewhere, like in those classes, all is open. Just give some indication of location of where you found her.))
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[There's a little girl in the library. Specifically, she's in the library reading. Even more specifically, she's on top of a bookshelf reading.

For any seeking sanctuary from the rain are welcome to wonder how she got there with no ladder.]

Hmmm...so that's a birthday? Too bad all the cakes are soggy. Don't think there's any candles around either.

Probably already got a present being here too...

[Closes the book and places it on the shelf below her, grabbing another book from a stack.]

((OOC: My headcanon for her birthday for years has been May 6th. It's purely coincidence I have two characters with birthdays so close to each other. O_o))
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[There's a girl, about twelve or thirteen, standing at the bottom of a burger tree. She's holding one of the burgers and staring at it curiously.

And then....the biggest smile forms on her face.]

This place has food growing on trees! This is awesome! I don't know where this is, but it rocks!

[Apparently she wasn't too hard to please.]


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