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[So one week ago from this day was moe note.]

[Since then, a certain detective has been gone from the room he shares with others from his world. (As well as the other detective, a certain witch, and the witch detective from their homes.) But right now, it's the tiny one.]

[He's suddenly back in his room, in his bed, in bloodstained clothes with pretty big holes in the front and back. Like something had run him through.]

[And his eyes snap open and he jerks up. He looks around frantically. It's still early, just past dawn.] This isn't.... [And he's scrambling for the calendar, looking at the date.] It's been a WEEK?!

[Sorry roommates. That's a rather rude wake up call for you. And probably anyone in the inn. He's kind of distressed.]
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[Being the proper detectives they are, Hakuba and Conan did not return right away from the camp event, instead choosing to remain at the other Island for a short time to investigate the disappearance of Leonidas because the awesome exit was far too suspicious NOT to investigate.]

[....of course, since they lost any REGULAR clothing to parts unknown thanks to culprit unknown, they were left in certain outfits until their return on Tuesday. They're a bit worse for wear and there's some left over paint and dirt, but the outfits are what they are.]

[Which is right now, as the boys are return via broomstick by Belldandy, who, being Belldandy, didn't think they might like different outfits. Thus are now just touching down in front of the inn in those special outfits.]

Thanks, Belldandy-san!

It was no trouble. I have to go start dinner now. [And thus she's off to go do that.]

[But the boys are still there to be gawked at before they can make it back to their rooms for proper clothes.]

((OOC: Hakuba and Conan will both be replying. And just so you know, Conan is in cute outfit and Hakuba is in sexy one.))
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[It's early on Day Three, before a certain camp counselor wakes everyone up. Inside the WITCHTECTIVE cabin, the campers are all asleep. Not...really peacefully, but peacefully enough.]

[That's not gonna last long.]

[Conan had gotten maybe a few hours of sleep that wasn't interrupted. Of course, he should have known that was too suspicious. He jerked awake suddenly, not for any particular reason. Probably just the wind through the trees. However, he was awake now, but still laying down. Sitting up was too much of a give away to anyone he might have been worried about, after all.]

[He's listening for any movement, but of course there is none. However, something is...strange. Something felt different about the world around him. Namely....]

[His clothes?]

[His eyes snapped open and he sat up, looking at his clothes.]


[And that is the loud yell of a very distressed notlittle boy.] WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY CLOTHES?!

((OOC: http://community.livejournal.com/i_s_l_a_n_d_rp/5704811.html?thread=550070123#t550070123 Subthread for people not in their cabin.))
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Guess I get to feel vindicated.

[There is a kidlet climbing a tree, muttering to himself.]

People freaking out about the trees vanishing. If they just didn't trust those tree to begin with, there wouldn't be a problem.

[And collecting food!] At least now it shouldn't be that bothersome for the others I do this.

[Seriously, nothing's really changed for him for survival week.]
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[To those who knew Conan well may be due to a disturbing sight. Conan was happy. Not just 'in a good mood,' but absolutely beaming. Suffice to say, should people meet Conan like this more often, any suspicions as to his true nature would not exist as he looked just like any other happy little kid.]

[Then again, who couldn't be giddy upon seeing the love of their life after months of not seeing them?]

[At present he was walking around the island, bouncing a soccer ball off various limb as he went, carrying a bag of what he deemed 'normal' food in a bag on his back. No, he still didn't trust the weird food that should grow from trees. But since he was a picky eater, he made sure to help in gathering that 'normal' food at least. If it wasn't for the fact he wasn't musically inclined, he might have even been humming. with how cheerful he was.]
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[This is a journal post on the laptops.]

Aw, man. I went to see Shinichi-niichan today, but Beatrice-obaasan said he left the other day.

I wanted to hang out with him more while he was here, but now it looks like I'll have to wait until I go home to see him again.

He needs to stop only having short visits. :(
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[There's a kid wandering around, taking notes about various features of the island in a little notebook.

...he's also yawning a lot.

Someone hasn't been sleeping all that well for the past few weeks.]
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[Conan is standing, by a tree, holding a laptop that's playing this lovely video. However, he's not looking at the screen. Instead, he's focused on a Weeping Angel statue standing in front of him. He's staring at it, looking a bit disturbed, but he's not looking away.]

You moved...I saw it. You were farther away before, but then you weren't.

[Slowly stepping backwards.]

In only a second, a statue your size, it shouldn't be possible...
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Oi, how is anyone supposed to do anything when it's always raining like this?

[There's a rather serious young man walking around the island right now, with an umbrella, and looking a bit annoyed. Judging by his clothes, it took a bit before he managed to get that umbrella out.

And he seems like a new arrival, earliest being possibly the high school event for those who remember it.]

I can't investigate if any of the real secretive places are unsafe due to the rain. How annoying.

((OOC: Due to high school event, Conan has now started to make an illusion of 'Kudo Shinichi' being on the island. He found an age up cold hotspring and jumped in, so now he looks like Shinichi~!

For those who live in Beatrice's mansion, you might have heard that this is your new roommate. This is a few days after this talk, which was relatively soon after HS event.))
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Damn crazy people. I solve the case. If the facts weren't there, I wouldn't say it!

[At present, Shinichi is on the roof after school. Why? Because one of the hazards of being a detective is having friends and family of someone you found out coming after you to tell you you're wrong.

Being stubborn enough to do so means it's usually better, especially for his health, if he leaves. Right away. Which he did. Of course, this leaves the problem of leaving the school grounds.]

If I leave in ten minutes, I should be able to get out the front door and off the school grounds before they see me and be on my way home.
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I feel like...I'm forgetting something...

[Conan is walking around the island, murmuring this to himself.]

Today is important...why?

((OOC: It's his birthday. He just can't remember that on his own. Ever. =| He needs some sort of prompt to trigger that little tidbit.

I have also just made my journal name inaccurate. Woot~!))
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[He still thinks most everyone on the island is insane. No, he still doesn't believe in all the magic. And yes, he's still trying to find some way to logically explain everything.

But even detective maniac Edogawa Conan needs a break. Which was why today he was taking a break. At present, he was sitting under a tree with a stack of comic books on top of his jacket laying on the ground.

They were Sherlock Holmes comics. He wanted to see if they were any good since he hadn't gotten the chance to read them back home. For the moment, he seems more than content.

...now, really, he's just asking for someone to bug him.]
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[There's a notlittle boy standing outside the Labyrinth. He seems to be seriously debating whether or not to go in.]

If I keep my hand on one wall, I should be able to make my way out, even if I lose track somehow. And if there's dangers, I should be able to handle it. How bad can a maze be? Not like a large predator would be able to find all it's food in there unless there's a lot of animals...

[He's mostly talking to himself in this debate. He hasn't really talked to anyone that day. Too bad or he might have realized what's going on.]
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[Not the best wake up, reaching for your glasses and instead hitting some body spray that covers you in a far too strong smelling cloud. Not even a shower could seem to get rid of the smell.

However, with the lack of sleep Conan has been getting trying to figure out just what the heck is going on, he didn't really care anymore after the shower failed.

Instead, he was now staring at the coffee maker in the inn's kitchen, debating if he wanted coffee enough to risk it.


He decided he did.

Unbeknownst to the coffee making false child, he didn't know he was already part of an 'event.' One where he will seem like the cutest little kid EVER should anyone come across him. But all he really cared about was getting coffee.]

((OOC: Because he appears seven, the body spray does not make people want to jump him. Instead, he will just be adorable and like a little puppy you want to glomp and hug him and squeeze him and call him Georgejust take care of the little cutie sort of instincts.))
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[Hello island. There is another smart ass teenkid on the island! Though at the moment, he's looking very bewildered and maybe just a bit traumatized. He's not far from the beach and standing under one of the cake trees.

And he has a piece of cake.

And he's holding it like it might be a bomb.]

This was...actually growing out of the tree. That's not possible. It's a dream. It's gotta be some weird dream from eating leftover curry.


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