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[Once again, there's a disgruntled, bloodied Hakuba with bloody holes in his clothing grumping downstairs in the Inn.]

[Oh, he's got spare clothes that aren't mauled, he's just not going to worry about them at the moment.]

[If anyone saw him last time, it looks like his impalement this time was even MORE excessive.]

[Stupid Pyramid Head. Stupid angel.]
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[Being the proper detectives they are, Hakuba and Conan did not return right away from the camp event, instead choosing to remain at the other Island for a short time to investigate the disappearance of Leonidas because the awesome exit was far too suspicious NOT to investigate.]

[....of course, since they lost any REGULAR clothing to parts unknown thanks to culprit unknown, they were left in certain outfits until their return on Tuesday. They're a bit worse for wear and there's some left over paint and dirt, but the outfits are what they are.]

[Which is right now, as the boys are return via broomstick by Belldandy, who, being Belldandy, didn't think they might like different outfits. Thus are now just touching down in front of the inn in those special outfits.]

Thanks, Belldandy-san!

It was no trouble. I have to go start dinner now. [And thus she's off to go do that.]

[But the boys are still there to be gawked at before they can make it back to their rooms for proper clothes.]

((OOC: Hakuba and Conan will both be replying. And just so you know, Conan is in cute outfit and Hakuba is in sexy one.))
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[Saguru is sitting in a corner table of the inn, back to a wall, looking slightly morose and scrawling in a moleskin journal. It's flat on the table, so you could see what he's writing; it's nonlinear, with blocks of text scattered across the pages, bullet points and arrows... And in a gibberish-looking morass of English, French, and Japanese mixed-language sentence fragments.]

[He's pretty absorbed in it, and occasionally chewing on the pen.]

Mmmnnnnn... That might... But this would mean... And if this is wrong.... Bah. [frown, and yet another line is drawn from what he was just writing to the "RF,ED" written in one corner; there's a lot of random arrows pointing at it from different parts of the spread pages.]

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[And somewhere in the jungle, there is a wandering detective in a drab tan suit, currently following something that might be a path, and might be a game trail, but should at least go somewhere sooner or later. His current mission: See if there's signs of other human life!
He may have been wandering off the beaten path for a while now.]

[While he can do quite a bit if he finds tracks in the trail itself ... wilderness tracking is not his strong suit; city boy is a city boy.]

[Besides that, he's weathering it rather well, if coping via resigned indignation.]

[Disturb/flag down/attempt to stalk/get tracked, stumbled across, or found?]


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