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[ once upon a time, there was a Kazuha, and this Kazuha showed up on this island a year and a few weeks ago.

And the island FINALLY saw fit to remind her of that by not only dumping a ONE YEAR KAZUHA YOU UNLUCKY SAP banner on her head, but also three books full of case articles she was involved with. Because clearly no one can try to beat the heat with some shade.

So at this moment in time, you just see the banner draped over someone. Who's ranting about stupid islands. ]

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[ it's a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the monkeys are screeching, there's free cake at the inn and a giant banner that says (more or less) HAPPY BELATED ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY TEAR AND HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY KAITO. Because with Kaito's luck with birthdays, Kazuha isn't taking any chances this time. ]

Okay, so that's two cakes and presents, and the food's done, so that should take care of everything! I'm definitely gonna make sure nothing goes wrong this time! No crazy events, no... love nesting, and no fish in sight! This'll be the best birthday ever!!

... Wait, if we're celebrating Kaito-kun's again, then-- I skipped mine, didn't I?

((Yeah, Tear's anniversary present sucked, and Kaito has the worst luck with birthdays, so Kazuha's combining things. Go ahead and threadhop whoever you so wish. Or just show up to snag some cake.))
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[ this is probably about as predatory as you will ever see Kazuha look.

But when it involves certain teenage boy detectives who - for once - aren't her childhood friend, it's probably understandable.

Never mind the fact that she's soaked, sacrifices must be made. ]

Kudo Shinichi. I don't know how long you've been hiding out here, but I'm gonna find you.


And then we're going to have a nice, long talk.
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[ not too far from the inn, Kazuha is taking inventory of... a bunch of omamori and various assorted charms. ]

Mmm... it feels like a lot more people need these than the last time I did this. But I didn't think I'd still have all of these from the trips and the time Heiji got sick and everything... I was going to give the innkeeper one, too, but... maybe Ai-chan will want one.

-- Aha, I remember these! They were supposed to be for good luck and keeping anything bad from happening, and this one was for getting lost, but I bought that one before I came here.

... Obviously didn't work.

((Just strolling through fuck-my-canon lane, but if you're a friend of hers and you haven't gotten an omamori yet or you just feel like chilling with her, feel free to hit her up.))
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Ugh, I didn't think I'd be back in here anytime soon... okay, that takes care of this section, and there hasn't been any luck with the other one on this side, so that leaves...

... Eleven more shelves. When did I start doing this again, last night? All right, I can do this! Just a little more to go, and then--

Wait a--

... Why's Tear on this cover? Why'm I on this cover? Who makes these things??

((Attempting to childproof the library's reading section and has been at it since last night. She's having limited success.))
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[ someone is not looking happy. In fact, someone is looking downright... pissy. And exhausted. And just NOT HAPPY in general. ]

Can we just get rid of those spray cans? All of them? They're kind of a hazard.

Besides, if you keep 'em, that just makes you a shameless creep.
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[ You've probably seen this ponytailed girl running around since yesterday, but she doesn't look as though she's found what she's been looking for yet. If anything, she just looks frustrated. ]

You'd think for being a detective, he'd at least be able to find his childhood friend-- and if he's lost, he really needs some work, but... are you seriously telling me that, out of all the worlds here, there isn't anyone else from mine besides me and Kaito-kun? I'm having better luck with guys who play card games...

Heiiiiijiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! If you're here, you'd better let me know!!!

((I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE, DETECTIVE CONAN/MAGIC KAITO PEEPS. Though really, anyone's welcome! Edit: Kaito-mun went to bed, so will resume tags at a later date. You guys are amazing. XD))
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[ If you are anywhere by the inn, you just might smell good smells! And if you follow said smells, you just might find one high-schooler in the kitchen with a ton of chocolate in all sorts of shapes and sizes and-- with smudges of it on her apron and her face. :( ]

Maaaaybe I overdid it a little, but I'm kind of running late with it as it is, so giving it a personal touch makes up for it! I hope.

That's the last batch, at least. If I'm lucky, it'll all turn out okay and then I can go give it out. After I clean up.

... At this rate, maybe I'd be better off handing them out tomorrow?

((If Kazuha knows you, you get chocolate! If she-- doesn't, you get it anyway because she made more than she needed.))

Tenth Case

Jan. 25th, 2010 12:54 pm
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[ There's a very panicked-looking girl who's been running around the majority of the day, combing over the inn, checking the library and-- now looking under bushes ]

I-it's not here, either! What'm I going to do if it really was stolen?? It could've been tossed into the sea o-or-- what if...

No way, I've gotta find it!!

((ooc: Kazuha's omamori went missing :( Needless to say, she's very very upset.))

Ninth Case

Jan. 3rd, 2010 03:45 pm
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[ Should you walk past, by anywhere near, or (God help you) in the library itself, you are going to hear something very unusual, followed by a loud yelp of surprise ]




[ and so on, quoting this ]

... He can have his detective novels, every single one of them, I don't even want to-- shut up, you stupid book-- WHOA?!

[ all of this cacophony is followed by another yelp, and some crash and thud sounds. Follow that and you'll find a high-schooler buried in a pile of books. ]

Eighth Case

Dec. 7th, 2009 04:54 pm
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[ one lone girl is standing in front of the... musically and light-inclined inn, dressed in this with a sack at her feet and-- not looking very happy ]

This could use a longer skirt and I could've used it a... lot earlier, but I guess this place wants me to get my gift-giving out of the way now. And besides, it's cute!

But-- hey, guys, can we please do something about the inn? I don't know about the rest of you, but I haven't been able to get a full night's sleep since this started up, and I'm usually just fine with keeping in the holiday spirit and everything!

((yes, this is the REAL Kazuha, so if you hung out with Kaitozuha, she has no idea what went on. Also she's got presents for friends since I will probably be deader than dead this weekend/next week o/))
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[ SOME LARGE AND VAST AMOUNT OF TIME after a certain event that people will cry over forever, one very tired and semi-frazzled girl is going to step back and survey her work. The inn seems to have been transformed into a magician's dream, with holographic magic things scattered around (thanks to Crow) and a bunch of other magic-related decorations, along with a table filled with all sorts of food and a very awesome cake. For the record, anyone who tries to steal some food who doesn't have a present for the birthday boy is going to get their asses kicked. ]

... It's five months late, but it's still something, right?

((ooc: birthday post for Kaito! Congratulate the birthday boy, threadhop, mingle, whatever. Kazuha won't be tagging all the threads unless you find a pressing need to jump her. Also, feel free to be... free of the Moe Note, or still under the influence, up to you.))

Sixth Case

Nov. 14th, 2009 03:22 pm
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I don't really wanna resort to having to throw dingoes, but it's not like I can just ask someone to be my partner for this. Crow-kun would just complain a lot anyway. I never thought I'd end up missing aikido practice this much.

... Oh, right! Hey, if anyone knows Kaito Kuroba, you're all invited to his birthday party on the 21st! It's... five months late, but it's still gotta be celebrated, so if you've got questions about it or you just want to show up, come talk to me!

And yeah, there'll be food. You have to bring a present to get it, though, so don't even try to steal any.

((aikido practice is hard without people to toss around willingly. ;-;))

Fifth Case

Oct. 10th, 2009 10:16 am
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[ on the off-chance that you are not currently running screaming from your fear and/or are anywhere near a cliff, you may notice five fingers tightly holding onto the edge for DEAR LIFE. ]

If he was here, he'd probably call me ten kinds of idiot for letting this happen again...


((When you're afraid of murderers/the supernatural, this is a horrible weekend.))
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... You've got exactly five seconds to get these cuffs off of me before you'll regret it for the rest of your really short life!

But officer, I don't know anything about the booster packs in my D-Wheel's trunk - honest I don't!

... I don't wanna know.

Oh yeah? Cause you sounded like you did a minute ago.

I wasn't talking about your stealing habits!

Yeah, yeah. But I didn't put these on here, so...



... Then this is BAD.

((Crow and Kazuha bonding time. \o/ Post order is You-Kazuha-Crow.))

Third Case

Aug. 24th, 2009 03:51 pm
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Luck in love is the last thing he needs... it'd be like unleashing him on all the poor girls out there. So maybe health...? And this one can be for-- ah, I guess luck in money wouldn't be useful here. But then maybe he wouldn't have to steal...

Speaking of luck, it was nice of the island to drop this stuff off-- especially since there are a lot of people who could use 'em. And I think that's it for now! Not bad for an afternoon!

((Kazuha's skilled at making charms that actually seem to work and currently has a pile for people she knows. She'll also make you a charm if you particularly need luck in anything, so o/))
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Even if this is the weirdest place ever, I shouldn't stop practicing. I've already had to use it a few times, and it'd be bad if I get too rusty while I'm stuck here. Mm! After this last bit of stretching, I'll be ready to go!

... Except I think I'm going to need to find some volunteers first.

((PROTIP: Volunteers for aikido practice, so if you DO volunteer, expect to spend most of your time on the ground.))

First Case

Jul. 3rd, 2009 01:14 pm
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You moron, I told you to stay on the road, but you just had to take the--

... I didn't think you could get us any more lost, but I guess I was wrong. Great, Heiji. Just great. So now what do we-- Heiji? Heijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii???

Okay, okay. Just stay calm, Kazuha. If that idiot can make deductions, so can you. There are... monkeys, and some kind of amusement park, and... pizza on trees. Based on that, I can safely deduce--

That I don't know where the hell I am!

((Say hello to Kazuha. :D))


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