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*In the lovely sand level of this fine castle there is a demon.

A demon that is currently barreling across the sand, while surfing on top of a Koopa Shell! Possibly in your general direction.*


*You might want to get out of the way*
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*If you happen to be out on the town tonight, you may notice there is a certain rich delinquent going from store to store, usually coming out with +1 bag each time! It's pretty obvious he's on a spending spree*

Hmhm... Where to next? I should go snatch up all the recent releases... Not to mention I've got a few other things I need to get-- Tch. I should have just brought along one of the servants. Dragging around all this stuff is going to turn into a pain.

(( Like the post says! Feel free to join in on him taking advantage of some civilization, be it stores or whatever. ))
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*It's a sugary sweet day on the island, chocolate bunnies hopping about, marshmallow birds making squishy chirping noises in the woods-- but for one demon, this just means something else entirely*

So, it's already here, huh? He might have got away the last time I encountered him, but not this time! I've been waiting a few years for this, so I'm definitely taking that furry bastard down a notch... Not even his little chocolate familiars are going to survive this!

Hmhmhm... It's rabbit season.
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Tch, yeah right! Like I'm going to fall for this. I bet as soon as you use this stuff, something absolutely ridiculous happens. Like you hair turns bright pink, or you turn bright green and smell like freshly baked cookies...! I'm getting rid of it now.

[Cue the lovely fireball + can of spray mixture! Which, naturally, blows up all over his face]

--why the hell did it explode?!
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Oi! Listen up, islanders! I have a very important topic to discuss that is more serious than that post a few down.

Some of you know this girl, since you foolishly replied to her request. So I'll make this straight and to the point! I have nothing to do with her and she out of her damn mind. Off her rocker! Around the experience curve with nowhere to grind! Also, lying to you all. Which is impressive, but not when it comes around to bite me in the ass.

My point is this! If she told you anything about me, forget it! Especially if she tried to recruit you for her ridiculous plan, whatever it is.
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*among the snow and chill there happens to be one (1) demon Overlord staring at the side of his hut, or to be specific, a side that was recently covered in flowers but is now covered in an abundance of snow-- along with one or two angry snowmen shuffling about*

Hmhmhm... That's one way to take care of the problem without her complaining about it. Gotta hand it to convenient weather changes. The whole snowman thing is new though, so I'll give the rock credit for that.
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Hmhmhm...! It's that time of the year, huh? I should see if I can loot anything good out of the place this time! Last year all I got was to hear a lot of screaming from everybody who wandered in. Heh! Was music to my ears.

Alright, time to form a party and head on in! I'd go it alone, but it's better to have someone who's actually easily spooked with me.

(( This is your obligatory 'spam/backthreading post'! Feel free to make use of it however you want. Or just harass Laharl ))
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Hey, look at it this way. We don't have to bother decorating ours like everyone else is, right?

-- no, don't break it. Just hand it over to me.

[ooc; Laharl and Ikuto's egg has kitty ears and a scarf fuck yeah 'A']
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*if you happen to be wandering about the northeastern part of the island today, you may happen to see a rather unusual sight! Even more so if you happen to read the sign they are trotting away from*

[under penalty of prinny bombing]

Oi, pick up the pace! We've still got more to set up so it's damn obvious where it's not allowed! I don't want to hear you complaining about the penalty either! I know you all like being thrown at stuff like that.
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... No. Nothing. Agidyne isn't still working. I was hoping I would be able to melt this, but it's not happening.

It looks like we're going to be stuck for a while. Let's try not to have anyone die during that time, okay?

((Laharl and Hiro handcuffings here!))
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... oh ha ha ha, very funny. I look like a kid let's censor everything for me you are so clever. Tch. At least this is actually useful for once. Spares me having to avoid all the stupid sexy half naked bodies running around at the moment.
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Alright, all of you, listen up! I'm looking for a missing Ang-- er... Fallen Angel! She'll answer to Flonne or Love Freak, has red eyes, red wings, red bunny ear ribbon and long blonde hair! She probably just tripped into a pit somewhere, or maybe got attacked by a group of monkeys riding dingoes and got combo chained for just enough damage to stun her momentarily! So it's not that big a deal...

But if you've seen her, let me know! Having another one of my vanish on me like this could prove problematic! Seriously! All I've got in the Prinny Squad now! They're good for the basics, but if I ever have to deploy onto a map, it'll be a pain!

Tch. How come those two get to leave before me?
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*boy this sure is a lovely ship below deck! Yes sir, lots of fancy rooms all well equipped and ideal for spending a nice peaceful afternoon in, free of all worry!*

Hmhmhm...! Or are they?

*KICKS OPEN YOUR DOOR* This is a looting! Outta my way, or I'll pillage you along with the room!
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Hmhmhm... I gotta admit, that was one of the better themes this place has thrown at us! Doubly so since I skipped out on all the real classes this time! Heh, I learned my lesson after the first time! Going to class is pointless! ... hey, that was a pretty good one!

Although I wouldn't mind having another chance to nail that muscle freak in the skull! That was high quality entertainment. Too bad it was all Alternate Universe on us, would of liked the chance to throw a flaming dodge ball or two around... Hell, maybe I'll toss a few fireball coconuts around instead!

Oh, right. Oi, Etna! What kind of pictures did you get out of that dance? I wanna see the good stuff!
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*it sure is a lovely night! Yes sir, the waves crashing silently against the beach, rainbow colored chick noises still coming from the distance... and a demon with a pair of bunny ears instead of his usual hair antennae angrily marching down the beach*

I hate this holiday.
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Hmhmhm... Alright, I'm going to give all you temporary residents a chance to be part of something great! That's right, I'm giving you the chance to possibly be one of my vassals! Just fill this out, and I'll see if you have what it takes!

Oh, right. And any of you who are here for real can take this as well! It'll be useful knowledge!

The Ultra Powerful Overlord Laharl's Survey!
1. Name goes here, dammit!
2. Where were you before showing up here? (If you were trapped somewhere else, be specific!)
3. What is your best skill? (If you have one, pick your best attack skill!)
4. On a power scale of girly slap to tactical nuke, where do you rank? (If any of you say over 9000, I'll punch you.)
5. What is the strongest enemy you've defeated? (If YOU are the strongest enemy defeated, just admit it!)

Overly righteous idiots and sexy women need not apply.

And for the record, I am the original Laharl here! Any other you see running around is just a poser, looking to edge in on my turf!
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You know... I think I am pretty damn lenient when it comes to what goes on in my castle here. People sneak in, people sneak out, Prinnies explode outside my room without warning, finding out someone screwed up cooking and there's a gelatinous monster roaming the halls... Or hell, even waking up to half the castle turned into candy because of a theme day-- and by the way, whoever ate my throne last time? You better pray I don't find out who you are.

But let me tell you all something, when I say I'm taking a nap? I mean a nap. As in a week to a month tops.

And when I wake up I do not want my room covered in junk you guys get put through while I'm asleep! I don't need to know one of the theme days while I was out involved womens underwear and a bunch of drug candy! What possible use would I have for rainbow hair dye and a shirt that says "Kick him he's shorter"?! That's something Riku would wear to piss me off, not something that I would wear!

... ... ...

Hmph. With that out of the way, let's get to the more important issue here... Which of you smartasses decided to tie the ribbons in my hair this time?

((ooc; awesome volcano castle is still quite awesome ))
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Tch... Anybody who says my hair even remotely resembles any of these bugs gets a boot to the face and or lit on fire in some manner.

No exceptions.

And if all the girls here aren't too busy freaking out over bugs, any of you that still have one of those lockets? Get over here so I can try jamming my damn key in.
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Tch. That time of the year, huh? The plants are starting to show up again. That just means staying inside as often as possible, right? It's the best damn solution for those things, far as I'm concerned. Unless fire actually works on them for once. The day I find one of them with a -50% resistance to fire is the day I cackle in triumph...!

Anyway, I want to get this the hell out of the way, so...

Oi! If one of you is named uh... "Saber", get the hell over here already! I don't want you taking a long time showing up leaving me with a giant target sign hovering over my head! But what the hell kind of name is Saber?


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