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[ There's a large white mech kneeling on one knee at the beach, with a certain young drywall standing by its foot.  If you're close enough you'll realize he's talking; what's more, the mech seems to be talking back. ]

Al, all intel points to this being the same island as last time; if Miss Renge's testimony holds true, then that's the case.  Confirm.

{Affirmative, Sergeant.  The geographical layout is identical, as well as the undefined barrier surrounding the perimeter.  This would seem to be the "Island".}

I thought so.  Nearby familiar AS units?

{Negative.  No identified units in range.}

No surprise.  Very well, then.  We should begin a sweep of the island, to confirm whether any of our former allies are still present.  Do you still have visual data on those persons?

{Affirmative.  I can recognize them on sight.  In particular, if I find Miss Hisui, should I tell her you want to give her a handshake?}

You're not funny.  In any case, please advise if any such targets are located.

(( ooc: Sousuke's officially back!  Regular font is his speech, {Bold font is Al} (the Arbalest's artificial intelligence).  Come talk to the giant robot!  Or, you know, Sousuke.  I guess. ))

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[ Hey, what's that smoke? Holy crap, is someone's hut on fire? Given how black the smoke is, it would be safe to guess as much. But no, that's hardly the case.

In the middle of the beach is a campfire, set up by none other than Sousuke Sagara. On a sheet of metal above said fire is some fish... or, rather, what used to pass as fish. At this point the blaze has somehow managed to consume the fish and metal seriously how is metal on fire just don't ask it'll only hurt your head, and he's standing next to the blaze, staring at what was supposed to be his meal. His expression is somewhere between feeling lost and utterly defeated. ]

. . .

I do not believe this is proceeding as per average culinary standards.

(( EDIT: off to work, be back in a while! back... WITH A VENGEANCE And now off to sleep! Tags will resume in the morning /o/; ))
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.  .  .

[  SO.  There's a young boy (though he does look kind of like a girl, at this age) with a rifle that seems far too big for him, creeping through the woods ever-so-slowly.  Those who are privy to such things will find his eyes to be distinctly alluring!  Girls/really creepy guys may find them enamoring.  But regardless, he still has a gun, he still knows how to use it, and he doesn't trust anyone.  You've been warned. ]

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As was the case upon my initial arrival, I must again request assistance in the locating of one Kaname Chidori. After spending ten days searching this island thoroughly, I have been unable to ascertain her location.

This could be very bad. If she was captured by the enemy...

It is absolutely critical that she is found immediately. Any assistance in searching for her is highly appreciated.

[Private//hackable if you can tell that he's kind of mopey.]

...even after locating her, I was unable to prevent her capture once again. My incompetence in this aspect is unforgivable. If something happens to her while she is not under my protection...

Damn it.

I will find her. I must find her. There is no room for further failure.

Hold on just a little longer, Chidori. I will protect you.

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Hm.  Apparently the social interaction simulation has ceased to override the systems of my computer.  I suppose I should see what else it is capable of, in case there are any useful functions.  If I can access the internet, perhaps I--

Why is this video playing?

...erm.  I do not understand the point of this, but...this could be bad.  I should probably shut the device off before another video--

.    .    .


This is a problem  Containing such material, this computer must be destroyed immediately.  There is no telling what else it may choose to display--


((At this point Sousuke is setting C4 charges on his laptop to solve the problem in the best way he knows.))

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...do I want to go see a movie?  I suppose it could be educational, if the film is properly selected; very well. "Yes".


These movie options are unacceptable.  None of these movies appear to be informative in any fashion.  I will decline.  "Cancel".


Why is she crying now?  Is she harmed?  Where is the First Aid option?  I should call an ambulance.  "Call".


W-What?  Why is she offended that I am trying to make a phone call now?  I am trying to help you.  You are being perfectly irrational!  Please do not--

G-Game Over?!

Wait!  Do not leave!  I will see the pointless movie and partake in unhealthy beverages! 

Damn, another failure.  This does not make any sense.

((Sousuke's stumbled on a laptop which is good for nothing besides playing dating sims, a feat which he
fails miserably at.  Come coach him?  Watch him fail harder than you thought possible?  Or maybe take interest in the key he's tied around his neck, who knows. ARGH GOTTA SLEEP SO HARD--will continue tags on the morrow!))
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.   .   .

E-Er.  The circumstances concerning my attire is in itself a frustration; my lack of equipment and weaponry is especially troubling  Even so, I could overcome those obstacles with little difficulty.

However, this situation is now far more compromising.  If I had my knife, this would be simple, and...hngh.  This knot has been expertly executed; escaping through my own efforts may be an impossibility.


((Sousuke is magically
hanging upside-down from a tree branch by a rope tied around his ankles.  Help!  Or, uh, not.  Your call, really.))

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{The next track is entitled "Blue Christmas", Sergeant.}

Understood. Though I do not know why you chose to download this music without my permission; it is a highly inefficient use of memory. In any case, Proceed.

{...*kssh* 'I'll have a bluuuuuuuue Christmas...without youuuuuuu...'}

...considering the generally optimistic spirit of the season, this seems to be an oddly unfitting melody. Hm. Regardless, AL, have you made any successful contact with the Captain?

{Negative, Sergeant.}

Any confirmation on Miss Chidori's whereabouts?  Any potential leads of any sort?

{Negative, Sergeant.}

...I see.

{...are you having a blue Christmas without them, Sergeant?}

Please do not waste time saying foolish things and tell me if you have spotted any structural integrities. I would rather avoid causing anyone personal discomfort by allowing these mistletoe plants to trap me again.

{The foundation is secure. There is no feasible manner in which-- Negative. There is a breach.}

--then tell me where it is and begin corrective measures, immediately.

{Impossible, Sergeant. I do not detect any openings in the structure, but there is a breach.}

What do you--ah...this is problematic.

((Sousuke, as evidence that he does NOT spend 100% of his time stalking people, has constructed a surprisingly tall...well, box with a door, more than a building, really. It's pretty much just to keep the Arbalest (his robot) out of the weather, and he was chillin' inside when, out of nowhere, the entire top half of the building flooded with mistletoe. So! Watch out for that. Or not. Also, enjoy your Christmas music! It's not going to stop, and if you're one of his mistletoe-destined, you maaaaay get a special song as a warning. |D

Also, text {like this} is being spoken by AL, the AI in Sousuke's robot. You can chat with him too.))

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[Within the depths of the library, one Sergeant is in the process of, more or less, turning the place upside-down, none too quietly one might add.  He's so engrossed in his search for whatever it is that he doesn't even take note of what kind of material he is digging through; just that none of it is what he needs.  After his "date" with Izuna, he has become focused on the task of determining the source of the magazine.  The first step, of course, is to find copies of the other two issues.

He is very, very serious about this, and very, very GRRRR at the moment.  Strangers take heed; he'll probably calm down quickly for allies.]

...no...no...not this one, either.  They must be here somewhere...

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I apologize for interrupting your activities, but I appear to be lost. More importantly, however, I am searching for a high school student by the name of Kaname Chidori.

I believe I have a photo...yes. Here. )

Ah, the photo does not display it, but she often wears black socks and pink sneakers.

She is a sixteen year-old student at Jindai High School, serving as class representative and vice president, as well as being rather popular with the other students. Further investigation reveals that the males in the school find her rather attractive physically, but her attitude is considered to be tomboyish, which is as they put it 'a major turn-off'. I wonder if that was not too much information.

If anyone has information regarding her whereabouts, please step forward. I cannot promise any compensation, but your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

((Sup Island, have a Sousuke.  He's...not that concerned with where he is at the moment.))


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