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[So, all of you islanders have been recovering from the horrors of the Zombie Island Mish-Mash of Nuclear AWESOME, doing your island-y things. That's cool, so has Ed, off being his usual slightly-reclusive self and blowing things up in his Gilligan-lab to pass the time. Life returns to what passes for normal here, right?

...and then there's the note. Of course your first thought is 'Oh God, another event?' as would be the logical train of thought--

Wait a minute. Wedding invitation? Of the island and--WHAT?! And on top of that you're free to leave for home or wherever you like?]

...there's no way. This has to be a trick.

(( MINGLE POST HO!!! Are you skeptical of this ~*gift from the heavens*~ as Edward is? Are you one of the insanely hopeful that shall plan for where you'll go? Need to start making tearful goodbyes to your long-time buddies? Shanghai some fellow islanders to your homeworld for nefarious purposes? Get pissed at being brought here recently just to leave? Flip out and go find some Black Materia to call down Mete--wait.

So yeah. Post, mingle, have fun! And assume this is the day of the note-arrival, obvs. Mods, if this is out of line, feel free to stake me out for the vultures. *A*b ))
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[So while all you crazy people are kicking around and generally cluttering up this wonderful island, there is a short blonde bulldozer plowing his way past everyone in quite a rush! It might be best to try and dodge, seeing as he's not really caring if he knocks people over in his rush. He does seem quite intent on finding something--whatever could it be?]

Al? AL! Damnit, you've gotta be here somewhere...ALPHONSE!!

[...oh, right. That.]

((Come, be knocked over and bitch at him and shatter his hopes and dreams. *A*

EDIT: Off to sleep now, when the hell did it turn into early morning aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh))
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[Out on the beach where the few shops have been erected, one of the ones that's been finished and in business for a while his getting some changes to it's sign.]

Elric Repairs
Alchemic Repairs and Crafting
Dropbox inside, leave requests for either Edward or Alphonse Elric

[A certain red-coated shrimp stands back and nods.]

Alright, I think that'll do it.

((P-pretend this shop has been open for a while, I fail at posting. D| But anyway, have a repair shop! Ed has a miniature lab set up in the back of the shop, so he's around in there a decent amount of the time, and he has bits of paper and a pencil next to a dropbox for when he's out. He can do most kinds of repairs or creation of new materials or goods if he has the materials on hand--for example, the sand on the beach can be used to make panes of glass. (Obviously anything big/game breakish would need to be cleared with the mods first.) Requests for his services can be directed here, or you can contact me by AIM or G-Talk. ))
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Haven't seen him anywhere, no sign he's been around...damnit, he wouldn't just take off without letting me know, right? He can't have...

...maybe he got lost somehow. Just gotta take another look around. He can't be gone again.

(( So Ed has figured out that his tin can disappeared again, b'awwwww. :( And he has basically been running all over the island trying to find him. Help him, bug him, laugh in his face? ))
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Okay, I think I can forgive the island for a lot of junk if these cabins get to STAY. Man, how long's it been since I didn't have to MAKE soap to use? Might as well use this as a chance to clean my arm and leg too--

...I really have left this for a while, haven't I?

(( There is a one (1) Edward Elric hogging a bathroom attempting to dig all the grime out of his automail. Sob where's some 409 when you need it.

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Mmn...Al, quit poking me, I'm not in the mood for--

What the--HEY, get offa me! I haven't got shit for you, you little...monkey? ...damn, guess I'm stuck here again. Wonder if Al's back yet.

Well, first things first. OI, who all's still around here? You better not have gone and vanished on me!

((C-canon update tiem?! Ed is now just after the whole mess with Wrath on Yock Island, so now he actually knows stuff! He just woke up in the middle of the forest, and has been gone a couple of hours tops. o/

Also currently at work, so tags will be slow until I get home.))
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Huh...interesting thing. It's like one of those projector movies back home except smaller. Good thing Winry's not around, or I'd never get it back.

Hey, something came up on the search! Maybe now I can find out what everyone back home's been up to...


Whu--who the hell has been writing this bullshit?! I wouldn't ever say that to--AGH!

((Guess who found FF.Net? :D Also has his key hanging around his neck, go go multitask post--probably going to be slow with replies, sorry!))
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Mmn, not usually up this early...th' hell'd I wake up for again?...right, right. Shouldn't be too hard to find something dece--

...wait, what the hell--?! Oh, this is just--damnit. And another tally on the list of embarrassing moments of my life. Another day of hanging out in the cave, then.

((Ed is out in the forest around his cave looking for food...or at least he was, until he realized he was lacking in the pants and shirt he was wearing last night. Kid doesn't wake up very well.))
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Hmn...I've got stone and wood enough to work with already, but I still need some sand for the glass. Still need to figure out what to MAKE, though. Shit, this Christmas stuff is more annoying than I thought it would be. Wonder if I can find extra fiber to make cloth out of...

Ah well, first thing's first.

((There is one (1) Edward Elric carrying a wood bucket fashioned from driftwood to go collecting sand for his crazy gifts. Fuck yeah using alchemy to cheat limited resources--! Also totally doesn't notice the mistletoe above his head FEEL FREE TO POINT THAT OUT.

EDIT: sob surpraiz foot doctoring was surpraiz -A- Back now and here for the rest of the night! /o/;;))
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Ghh--! Damnit, snow again?! I don't need this...just go get some firewood and keep us a little warmer--

GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Just what the fuck are these doing here flsajflkjsdl!!

((HEY YOU KNOW HOW BEANS HATE MILK, RIGHT. S-so there's a ton of milk cartons all around the cave and Ed's little room...thing, thank you so much, Kyo. Will probably be slow to tag because oooooooorz A QUARTER OF MY GRADE WRITTEN IN ONE NIGHT FUCK YOU SCHEDULE.))
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[ filter // AL AL AL AL AL and close friends ]

Another year...another year gone by since that day and I still haven't fixed things. I'm even stuck on this stupid rock, for fuck's sake! Even though here's here and whole and alive, he's not--...not the one from home.

I promise...I promise I'll make things right again. Somehow.

[ /filter ]

...oh, very funny. Can't even go outside now. Damn island.

(( HAPPY ELRIC ANGST DAY. Ed is being very mopey and curled up just inside the FMA cave, and there's a cloud raining outside the cave, which WILL follow him if you get him to leave. Also, may or may not have to disappear for reason of sick grandpa, but I will get back to any replies if that's the case! ))
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ALRIGHT, FESS UP! Who put me in this damn thing?! When I find you out, you are gonna be feelin' it for weeks!! Damn, I can't figure out where the knot is on this...the hell are these things, anyway?

Anyone laughs, they get a metal fist to the face, got it?

(( So Ed woke up wearing this, except in red and it says 'AMESTRIS' lawl. The pom-poms are tied onto his hands and the outfit won't come off/be changed by any means. Feel free to mock/fail at helping?!

Edit: And once again life tops me hard. Off to class, and net is down at home tonight, but I will reply tommorrow! ))
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Ahhh...that took way longer than it should have. And I've still got to find enough wood for the doors, but that shouldn't be hard. Fuck, the forest is right there...

Shit, it should not be legal for it to be this damn hot out!

((HERE HAVE SOME SERVICE FOR YOUR FOURTH. Edward just got finished lugging a huge pile of rocks from lord only knows where to make fancy home revovationness, and is now taking a breatherwith everything but pants and shoes stripped off. :9b Come bug him about the mini-mountain by his cave or something?!

Edit: late notice, but gonna be kinda slow tagging since I'm running around the house a bit. |D;; Don't worry, I'm not poofed yet--!

Okay sleeping now, be back in the morning~))
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Brrrr...cold. Bad wet!



(( sob Spring of Drowned Bean get??? Have a six-inch tall Edward soaking wet staring at all you crazy tall people. :< HAY ALFONS WE MATCH NAO

Also, so sorry to anyone that I was trying to thread with the past week or so--my 'net's been out and I've only had a chance to get on consistantly just recently. D: *should have said something sooner, but...oops?*

Ohhhhh man, time for me to sleep. But I shall be back~ I retuuuuurn! ))
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Gah...what the hell kind of dream was that? I'm glad it wasn't like I usually have, but...like hell I'll be stuck here that long. No BLOODY damn way. I musta ate something rotten.

[Semi-private, kinda; can hack if you're close enough]
Although...w-with Alfons...did we really...


((Ed's only got fuzzy memories of TYL, mostly vague ideas of conversations that happened. He's hanging out around Havoc and Alfons's cave, where he's been staying does that make it the Blondecave again?, pacing around and muttering. I'll be slow to tag sadly--damn you, educatioooooon!

Edit: and RL strikes again. I'll be back later in the evening!))
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Alright, maybe if I change the electrons here...no, wait, that's not gonna work for very long. Stupid boat can't get through that fast...maybe if I...shit, I tried that last time. Augh, I keep going around in circles on this! It shouldn't be this hard to...


[So very private, hackable if you know him well]

((Derp derp, so Ed's still trying to get off the island with his bff Kyo or whatever. :|b He's scribbling formulas and stuff onto a hueg leaf or something. Come bug/make fun of him as you will; he's also got a jacket-full of fruit and food things. Mood reads 'irritated' if not hacked.))
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Zzz...mmn, Al, quit poking me. No way we can be to the station yet...

...s' fucking hot...

((Have sum alchemist sleeping on your beach? \o_0/ His suitcase is currently acting as a pillow, feel free to try and steal it or poke him awake~ He's kinda attracting a pack of dingoes, though. >:))

((EDIT: Hodamn, it is bedtime. XD;; I'll tag again after school tommorrow~))
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........Kitty ears and tail??? W-What happened?!
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Fuck it!!! Goddamn fuck it!!! It's all my fucking fault...Roy...

Please, can somebody help Roy? Please?! He's injured..badly! He needs medical help or he'll die!!

Private ; Hackable to those close to him )

((Strike-out illegible. This after Ed and Roy fight Natsuo and Youji. Roy's sorta..half-dead..>> And Ed feels it's his fault. WHICH SORTA IS so he's emo. LIKE..REAL EMO...And boderline hysterical.. O_O Oops?))
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I NEVER want to be kid-fied, EVER AGAIN.

((Ed turned back to 15!))


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