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[ Ling seems to be... cautiously tasting his fingertips. Where one might think this is weird/bad table manners, something odd is about. ]

... Is that mango?

[ Mingle post! For this post, your character has a flavor. Cannibalism not encouraged. ]
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[ Someone just hopped into the Lava world! Fuck yeah.

That person is also diligently rolling the log to get to the star-- wait no, he's running on it while it's out of control, also possibly wondering HOW A FUCKING WOODEN LOG CAN FLOAT IN LAVA

yeah he's not going anywhere

send help ]
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Ah, look! An area where we've all somehow gathered together during an event where close proximity can only end badly!

Well, I've got something to watch for the next few hours.

[ ooc; Ignore the Ling, here is your spam post for the event! ]
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[ You are going about your average TYL day when SOMEONE is opening your door/suddenly stepping in front of you/generally interrupting you-- with adorable waifu in tow! ]

Oh, good afternoon! I've got a fascinating bit of news for you.

I'm going to be a father!

-- That's all, really! You can carry on with whatever you were doing!

[ ooc; Ling and Hime will both be tagging! HE IS JUST FEELING EXTRA OBNOXIOUS TODAY. :'( ]
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[ What a beautiful night! The snow is ~*sparkling in the light of the moon*~ and ~*may be covered in blood*~

... not as beautiful. It comes from all the dingo carcasses lying around! And a man is shaking the blood off of what looks like a claw-hand ]

... Tche. That's what you get. I liked this coat, and now you've got blood all over it.

[ He also looks like a certain local mooch, but... something is very off. Approach, y/n? ]

[ooc; Reverse Fountain of Youth! Enjoy your Greedling. ]
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I know you're down there, I can sense you. You know, people are just going to keep avoiding this place if all you do is groan all the time. How do you expect to get to know people that way? Here all I wanted was a friendly chat.

-- There goes the groaning again. You can form words, can't you?

... 'go down there?' Hahaha, I'm sorry, but no can do! What kind of fool would do something like that?

[ ooc; chilling at Sadako's well. Harassing horror movie icons is always, always, always a smart idea. ]
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Hm, this is odd!

I can't really describe it though-- my face feels... stiff? Like I can't move it at all! Hahaha! Aside from talking, of course. You'd tell me if something looks wrong, right?

... You know, your face looks really strange too!

[ooc; for the entire duration of this post, your character's face is stuck like one icon. Let the horror begin and threadhop threadhop threadhop. ]
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[ In your place of residence, you realize something is amiss. No, nothing is missing, even though your front door may be wide open. But from your kitchen area, the unmistakable sounds of OM NOM NOM are hard to ignore.

In it, you may find one (1) Ling, and he is eating your foods.

Do you shoo him out? Yell at him? Throw a shoe? Attempt to maim? The choice is yours! Though he has not noticed you yet, but whether that's good for him or you is yet to be determined. ]
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You almost did it! Hahaha, you almost did it! I'm impressed, this is a great trick! I still don't know how you pulled it off, but you did that much. And you almost made me believe you. When I'm emperor, I'll have this down as the greatest attempt to sweep the throne in Xing's history, cross my heart.

But I need to go home, to finish what I started. And there is no clan here that will stop me, no matter what I have to do.

[your character is getting a sword pointed at them!]

Start talking.

[ooc; Ling has come to the paranoid conclusion that he was brought to the island to get him out of the race to the throne! And he is going to see every single person as a member of one of Xing's clans, so he is not gonna be nice. He's kinda bloody like in the icons--but that's because he's probably killed a few dingos out of paranoia--but your character doesn't know that \:D/ He's not unhinged enough to kill anyone he's shaking for answers yet, but that can change as the thread progresses (especially if your character doesn't take well to getting a sword pointed at them. ):]
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There really are trees for everything! This is a really interesting fortune teller, don't you think? I've gotten plenty of satisfactory answers from it so far, so it might have some ring of truth to it after all!

Alright, one more prediction couldn't hurt--! Tell me my future, won't you?

"You're going to die in a week."

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So, who enjoyed that little party the other day? Aside from the people who embarrassed themselves, of course! I wonder where my singing vassal ran off to? Let's do that again sometime. The games you people play here are hilarious!

--Speaking of which, did I already finish all of those candies? Haha, that's too bad...Guess I'll have to go back to the inn and get some more if there's any left!

[ooc; Ling has eaten a whole box of those kissing chocolates and a fuckton of these left over from the party, and the combination is potent. Your character will either be kissed or Cullen'd at, be warned!]
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... ... ...

[ooc; bbl, will get back to tags in a few hours! durr back.]
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I caught too much fish. Does anyone want some? Perhaps for something other than fish?

So... this mongoose. It has no name. Does anyone have any ideas. It should be royal and distinguished, like Ling. Only not that, because it's my name.

Ed~ Where did you go~? You still haven't told me about the Philosopher's Stone.

*pets mongoose and gets bitten* Y_Y

Private to Ran Fan.

The mongoose is restless. Let's go out and follow the shorty~ Like good times. ^^ I'll even let you hold Nameless Mongoose.
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I found this lurking in my coat yesterday. I think I'll keep it. It's almost too cute for me to want to eat it.

I think I should venture out from these dens from time to time. I don't think Ran Fan likes it when I smell like dingos
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I got lost again! But I found my way back to the place Ran Fan and I were staying.

Something smells a little... off. Is that you, Ed?

Ranfan. Did you put something in my coat? It feels heavier.
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It's a relief to know that just because I'm on an island, I don't have to give up on my objective! Or at least part of it... I imagine the ruling Xing part involves finding my country again.

Ran Fan found me again. She's getting good at it. Perhaps I should find a place for us to stay, so it won't be as difficult next time. But what would the fun in that be?

I caught some fish! It's not so hard when the fish don't expect you to be swimming right up to them and catching them in your mouth. I have them outwitted.

Apparently not all of the animals on this island are what they seem, or the people, for that matter. Even Ed fell prey to an evil hot spring. u__u So I'm trying to avoid where ever that palce is.

So Ed. Where are you staying? Or should I just follow you more? :D

Private to Ran Fan:

Watch out for the hot springs. And I hope you don't mind the island doggies... :DD
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Wow... I don't usually dream after I pass out. So hungry.

OW! Dreams aren't painful! This isn't a dream! That's a dog and it's biting me and what the hell are these trees!?

Hmmm... doggie doesn't seem to like it when I grin so much. I bet it's tasty~

I've never seen the ocean before... Did Ran Fan drag me here?

Someone come feed meee!


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