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Um, this might sound like a weird question, but... Aha, considering what happened recently, I was wondering, and--


What does love mean to you?
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I... I'm dead? I don't understand, the Doctor said that if they get you they-- they kill you. Why am I still here? This... this...

Waaah, why is everything sunny again?

[ ooc: Okay! Everyone who got caught by the angels, this is where you go. Just put in the subject line how far back in time you were sent. It could be a few weeks, months, years-- whatever.

For people who reply to you, this can work in two ways! One: The person can also have been caught by an angel and were sent to the same time. Two: The person replying is from the past. So I could have angel'd!Riku run into Mikuru and they could freak out together, or I can have past!Riku run into Mikuru and he'd have no idea what is going in since he is from one year in Island's past. YOU CAN ALSO REPLY WITH CHARACTERS THAT YOU HAVE DROPPED.

Like stated in the ooc info post, the past characters' memories of this event will be wiped to stop paradoxes from happening. ]
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[On the beach near the Titanic, you may notice a girl building sandcastles. A lot of sandcastles. At this point it's kind of hard to reach her without toppling at least one over.

It has been an awkward week okay.]

Haaaa, do I really give off that impression...?
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... ...

Aaaah... aaaaahhhhh... AAAHCHOO!!

I should have seen this coming. Time to go find the coats, I guess.

[she is in this because lol. Also! For the memory event, please choose any of the ones from here! Yes I am aware that I need to finish filling the ones out for my other characters shut up.]
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Hey, guys? The chances of someone coming back here a third time is pretty low, isn't it? At least, coming back and still remembering everything from their first two stays? It's just a random thought, aha...

I-- this isn't the time to worry about that. It's going to be a very busy night, I hope Kyon-kun and the others won't mind if I don't get to make dinner tonight. I wonder if I can clean it all today?

[she is armed with a lot of cleaning supplies, and is about to go clean the Devil Bats' HQ aka where the Eyeshield people used to live]
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From appearance fees and royalties
Our Herc had cash to burn ♪
Now nou-- nouvia--

... I said that wrong. Hm, alright, from the top. Piro-pin, where are you going? Did I sound that bad?

[she is practicing for the musical TAT;]
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Um, Ryoji-san...? I really don't think heading to the volcano is a good idea. I-I mean, the island told us to, but it also killed everyone so I'm not sure if it's in the right state of mind right now.

... or ever. But, ah-- did you hear that? I think something ran by us.

Why couldn't it just be boats again...?
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Aaaah, the island has been really busy lately, hm? I haven't seen much people walking around since that wedding event though. But I guess that makes this the perfect time for a bath! Everyone must be very busy doing other things.

Mmhm, there doesn't seem to be anyone at the hot springs yet. This is a very lucky day!

... huh? Is someone there?

[taking a bath in the hot springs, feel free to bother]
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Hmm, it's been around two weeks or so and I haven't seen him. I guess he really is gone then, huh? Oh... oh well! That's really good then, right? His team needs him, so now he can play football with them every day. Aha.


Right! So, what's everyone's favorite sport? Or if you're horrible at them like I am, what's your least favorite? Beating people up doesn't count as one though! But um, if you can beat people up using supernatural powers or anything, then feel free to join the SOS Brigade.

[calling it a night, will tag tomorrow sob back but might be slow since sob studying]
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Aaah, if I point it this way then-- no, there's nothing there. I wonder if I can see other planets like Venus and Mars with this thing. Or ahahaha, maybe the worlds that people here are from? Although probably not, that might be way too convenient. It's a nice thought though.

... !

How pretty! The stars are so bright tonight.

[just chillin' on a hill, looking at the sky through a telescope she found \o/ feel free to join her]
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... w-why is the hut so far away? Maybe I can just stay behind these trees until it gets dark.

[sob she has the cutest underwear TAT;;]
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Ahahaha, you look really cute! I can't believe it gave you those antlers and not me! You can almost pass off as a reindeer, you just need um, fur. And a nose. And... hooves. And-- er, okay, maybe not. But it's still really cute.

Piro-pin, the reindeer-heartless... Ah, rein-heartless? Reinless? Heartdeer?

... Just Piro-pin is fine, I suppose.
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Aaah, let's see. For this one you have to... pass the ball to the receiver and do... this. That doesn't seem too hard. Although a real ball would be better than a coconut.

Okay--! One, two... wait, set, hut!

... I threw it too far! Did it hit something? I think it hit something. Someone? S... something! It was a tree, right? Not a person? I think it was a tree.

... ... N-next play.

[Looking through a book of football plays and trying to mimic them badly.]
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This... this is bad. I-I guess I can just keep my eyes closed until this is all over. But that might get hard, um. Okay, I'll just stay here.



Wah, I want to open them.

[So. Whenever she opens her eyes this happens. :| Or something like that. You know what I mean.]
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... ... ...

Three days! Yuki hasn't come back for three days now. And Tsuruya-san's gone, too.

... Hmph.

((ITP Haruhi is sulking because their numbers are thinning but she's being very tsuntsun about it sigh. Mikuru will also be tagging this post!))
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M-maybe I should have done a return trip back? I'm not even sure if I'll be able to make all of them here... I could just turn around and bring some of them back-- aaah, but I'm halfway back to the hut now. I think? Um...

Oh, I dropped on-- two. Thr... please stop falling, books! You're all heavy and this is not working.

[She's carrying a large stack of recipe books from the library]


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