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She is gloriously analyzing your fights, taking note of abilities, and most annoyingly; yelling at people as to what move is coming next. But her words always come out a bit too late to be of much help. Don't you want to sock her face in for that? Still, she's got a comment for a few fights]

Minami Itsuki! Stop acting as if you are the tank of the party! Use speed! Speed! All the power in the world would not matter if you cannot be hit by it!

Stop toying around, Arcueid! You complain about wasting power and this is all you can give? You are being hypocritical at best and a spoilsport at worst!

Stop talking Yusuke and start fighting! I want to see blood!

[Micromanagement. ._.b]
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[Remember that part of the Island with the theater setup? Sion has been chilling there for...a very long time with a video game system hooked up to the projector. With glorious HI DEF graphics and Devil May Cry gameplay, this sort of balls to the wall action isn't all that common.

Funny thing is, Sion is playing as herself.

And she keeps losing.]

This is idiotic! Why would someone make a game that is nearly impossible to beat! Why I would neve-

[She cuts herself off with a bite of a sandwich...and offers up a controller to YOU who may be passing by.]


I require a second player.
Just do not let it get to your head!

[Plug it in and watch yourself appear on screen.]
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[When the sun sets at night, that's when all the weird things begin to happen. But not all that often do you feel to oppressing weight of two vampires hanging out in one place.

Huddled up around a small campfire is Sion and Satsuki. It looks normal minus any palette swaps but if you approach, that nasty feeling grows and you might notice a two pairs of red eyes glaring at you. Do you

A. Approach
B. Leave
C. Offer all your blood to the beautiful ladies

The two will be tagging separately.]
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[The sand. The sun. The hangover. It all really wants to make you feel sick.]

--ugh. Last night was...? What was last night anyway?

[Aftermath of party post. Threadhop like a mofo or else Lambda will eat your Blades. And nothing of value was lost.]
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The level of education here has gone from terrible to downright pathetic! That is why you are all here, to weed the intelligent from the moronic! You have only four subjects and fifty multiple choice questions. I expect you to be done within two hours. Now go!

[You've been sucked into the library to take a mandatory Island final exam. It's ridiculously difficult, even for smart people, but cheating is allowed if you're not caught. Passing at least two subjects (math, science, history, language) will grant you a Neco Arc plushie. Failing will give you a giant red "F" on your forehead. The test also says "courtesy of Tohno Shiki" on it, so yeah.

Comment around post-test, complain, turn in your test, beat up Shiki, or yell at Sion.]
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[Sun has set a while ago but now something even heavier weighs in the air. If you make your way to the top of the cliffs, you'll discover that everything ranks of blood but not a drop is in sight. Leaning against a tree with her eyes closed is Sion who has undergone a palette swap looks like she's in pain. Whether it's real or faked, you can't really tell but-

-you get the feeling you're surrounded by death.]

[And you know the drill. Defeat/revert Sion = event over]
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The famous 'stork baby' is it? I am unsure if I should be glad that there is an obvious lack of animation from this... baggage.

I don't imagine Miss Sion will be very pleased.

((Good eveniiiiing, ladies and gents. You'll find one bored-looking Methuselah staring down at a sack of flour. Both will be tagging, I assume.))
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Um... Sion? I know you said that you'd be keeping an eye on me, but don't you think this is a bit...

[Familiar scene. Two people, one pair of handcuffs, and plenty of tsundere-brand abuse to go around]

((Sion's out but Shiki's still around~ You know, in case anyone wants to tag.'Kay I'm out. Will try to pick up tomorrow~ o/))

Party Post

Sep. 5th, 2009 08:07 pm
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[Island has opened up a sexy party-! Your unwilling super genius alchemist is the host, nicely dressed up in a swimsuit. Aside from the normal condiments, arrayed in the area is games of Twister, water guns for wet combat, and other proper sexy party material.]

Ugh...why do I have this script. If you w-will, please enjoy yourselves and let the games begin.



[uhh, thread hop at will!!]
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[In an unoccupied hut, you hear a muffled explosion. If you go to check it out, you'll see green smoke flowing from the windows before Sion comes running out the door coughing.

Do you A. Trip her B. Question her C. Ignore her?]
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[A large box is sitting on the beach with one inquisitive alchemist looking over a letter.]

"To Sion Eltnam Atlasia. Happy Birthday from the Island and Atlas Academy." I believe that would be a load of rubbish. Not only would the other alchemists be unaware of the situation I am in but they would also hesitate to send me a gift in the first place. Many of them could care less about where I may have vanished too.


[Regardless, she opens the box and stares at the contents in horror.]

Ik- What is the meaning of this?

(ooc; double post for Ikki and Sion so-! Also, link mildly not work safe BUT I'M LOOKING AT IT AT WORK.)
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Well we have a bit of time until we need to start dinner, how about we go try on some clothes~! That uniform looks so stuffy! *rummage rummage in the closet* Oh! What about something like this?

Why would I wear something that could be considered pajamas as an every day clothing item? What practical purpose would such an outfit have beyond emphasizing breast size and body curvature?

You need reasons other than that? Plus, you're a girl! Girls always like to dress up, especially for the man they like~ Do you have anyone like that, miss Sion?

Never. I would not harbor f-feelings for any man!

That sounds awwwwfully defensive~! What about something like this? You have long legs!

I am not being defensive! And if possible, I prefer skirts.

What kind of skirts, then?

Like the kind I am wearing now.

*rummaging in the duffel bag of hastily-chosen clothes. She emerges looking victorious!!* I don't have a whole lot, but maybe this! Try it on, here!

...The color is acceptable.

You really should get away from purple though, it's just too much! White would look really pretty on you-- try this one?


Now are you going to try it on, or do I have to do it myself?

I can handle it myself, thank you!!

If you aren't out in five minutes, I'm coming in!

*out EXACTLY five minutes later*

That looks so pretty! You really wear white well, miss Sion! You can keep it if you'd like, so you have something else to wear!

[[ ooc; Double-post for Tessa and Sion! \o/ The two girl geniuses were bonding over complicated math stuff until Tessa decided to share her wardrobe and brought some stuff out. Dress-up party outside the Danaan! ]]
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Once proper thought is put in process, the concept behind how this island works can easily be put into a theory. Yes, it is a convoluted theory but it can be explained by the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics. Or a variation of such a thing.

Let us say that you put a gun to your head. The gun is loaded and works properly. When you pull the trigger, instantly you are sent into two separate universes. In one, you die. In the other, the gun fails to fire even though there are no problems. As a matter of fact, according to this theory, no matter what you do, you are constantly spawning multiple worlds where you do something completely different. However, all the worlds exist simultaneously which never allow you to see the result of these other worlds.

I believe this island takes every single world that exists and compresses it into one world. Much like if you attempt to compress too much information on a computer, this process causes many errors. Food growing on trees, random raining chocolate, falling stars; these are all the result of conflicting information being forced together from an unlimited number of worlds. This also explains why citizens here will randomly leave or arrive. The "you" that exists in the unlimited number of worlds was improperly compressed, leaving "you" as a functioning being on this island. As for those who leave or do not arrive, "they" have been lined up in all their worlds, allowing for zero errors in their compression. Such a thing leaves "them" functioning normally in their own world.

Also, just as important is the barrier that exists around this island. It seems to be a constant in the every changing environment of this world. I actually believe the barrier is not a barrier at all but the physical end of this world. Despite the looks, there is nothing beyond it and interaction with the edge of the universe could potentially cause the effects you have seen countless times.

Of course, this is all but a theory and can be disproven on multiple accounts not to mention anything as to why such a compression is taking place at all. More research will be required and I think an answer can be found.

[ooc; Er....yeah. She also has a bump on her head so draw your own conclusions]
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Inevitability is a curious concept. The effects it has on the mind or, shall we say, the way the mind copes with the concept is interesting. Confusion, frustration, anger, determination; all these spawn from the same thing. Yet, in the end, the final process is to default to complacency. Do many of you just wait for the next "event" to happen or do you prepare yourself for whatever may come your way? Study your past actions as the answer may surprise you. You may think of yourself as stalwart and ready for anything but for many, your mind has turned against you without your knowing of it. Yes, even I suffer from said effects.

For those who have trouble understanding the concept, imagine yourself participating in a video game. After a certain point, you realize that you have no possible chance of winning. Do you continue playing to the end? If yes, do you try your hardest knowing that you will still lose or do you barely push your way to the finish, hoping the final boss finishes you off quickly?

On the note of curious, pizza is an oddly good tasting blend of many food products. Perhaps I should start guiding myself away from the basics.
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Albert Einstein once said that "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration." Some may interpret that as saying that those who have achieved a high place in society due to their intelligence did it through hard work. I can certainly agree with this statement yet somehow, I do not feel that he meant it in a literal fashion.

A small setback but one that can be recovered from. Certainly the benefits of recording your work. I still have plenty of time ahead of me. Limited but plenty.

[ooc; Experiment explosion, charred face. Good jorb. Smells terrible though.]
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-ssuming that there stands to be a worst case scenario, something should stand out as an answer. It can be a simple process if done thoroughly and properly. No, these words aren't contradictory unless hard work is an unwanted variable for you.

Shiki. This game has lost its amusement a while ago and it's debatable if it was even amusing in the first place. Show yourself as I still require your presence. Time will not wait while you attempt to have fun in your own intractable definition.

Hmph. If one didn't know, you would be considered absolutely worthless in every fashion.


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