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Hn. Worked well enough last year... since the island was generous enough to give me the same gear again, I may as well give it a go.

Wouldn't want to waste all of this snow, anyway. Heh.

[ So, as was the case last year, Snake's got his snow camo and face paint equipped, which... pretty much makes him invisible to the naked eye unless he's IN YOUR FACE. People who can sense others will be able to tell he's around, but his SUPER CAMO won't let you pinpoint him exactly, even if normally they could.

tl;dr characters who post here will be snuck up on and startled ]

(EDIT: oh god I can barely form sentences anymore so I'm going to crash for the night; tagging will resume tomorrow! )
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[ A portion of the island, quite suddenly, has lost all color. Everything is black, white, or any of the varying shades of gray in between. Those who venture deep enough into this grayness may happen upon a very famous vampire, and notice that he seems to be creeping towards something.

A box.

A cardboard box.

Which may or not be shaking slightly, for some reason. ]

((ooc: This is his truest fear come to life; Dracula, straight from the 1931 film, is coming for him. Help? Watch? PLEASE HELP IT'S SCARRRRRRRRRY))
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...whole Island's gone straight to hell. Billy Ray would have gotten a damn kick out of this.

Can't just sit this out, though. I don't know what's gotten into people, but if I'm not affected then others probably weren't, either. Which means there are a lot of people in danger right now.

Looks like I have a lot of supplies, though. Better get searching ASAP; time might be a factor for some people.

...never expected to be a field medic.

((ooc: Big Boss, un-paranoid because A SOLIDER MUST KEEP A LEVEL HEAD ON THE BATTLEFIELD or someting, is seeking out anyone who might have been attacked by a nutjob. Feel free to drop your hurt person here for him to patch up as best he can! Also feel free to put a dead person here so he can make a tally. ALSO ALSO seeking out other sane people who can join the effort!))

((SLEEP! Will be back for more tomorrow!))
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...huh?  Why would I get a cake now?  It's not my birthday or anything, and it's the beginning of April.  Well, Easter's coming up, I guess, but that's not really an explanation for this.



It's really been that long, hasn't it.

((HIATUS BROKEN.  And, additionally, Big Boss and myself have now been here at Island for a full year sweet god almighty.  There is now a cake.  It is not a lie but it is in fact
something else.))

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--NGH! Damnit, this thing's fast...! Just want to see what it tastes like, geeze.  Quit scuttling around! If you don't give that back, I'll--


What the hell, this crab knows CQC?!

You're not getting away with this. I'm going to see you ended and burning in hell.  Forget using guns on this thing, I'm going to show it who's boss no pun intended

((So, can you say
CRAB BATTLE?! Except it snatched his bandana, and just stole his knife right out of his hand, so he's going mano-a-mano with it barehanded.))

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I don't know what you're all complaining about.  Cockroaches don't taste too bad.  Lots of protein, too.

Now camel spiders...don't get me started on themBlegh.

...could use some salt, I guess.

((Yes.  He is eating cockroaches. =|))

Santa Boss

Dec. 14th, 2008 10:57 pm
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...hmm. Didn't expect to get a change of uniform any time soon. Guess I shouldn't be that surprised, given the recent change in weather.  Wonder how well this stuff works...one way to find out. 

Oh, uh.  I'm looking for Death.  Not the one in the pink kimono, and not the one who isn't a girl.  Why the hell are there so many death incarnations here, anyway?  Whatever, guess it doesn't matter too much.

...was that stuff real mistletoe?  Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

((Snake's been equipped with his snow camo and matching facepaint; with a 95% camo index rating, he's practically invisible while he's in snow and low to the ground.  And, for the sake of testing it out, he is.  Anyone who feels like getting snuck up on, hop in.  Ah; and he was being nagged by some mistletoe, but kind of ate it?  So that's nice too.))

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...Well don't this just beat all? I'm not quite sure how I feel about my depth perception bein' all screwed up, though. Weird as hell wakin' up and bein' half blind, lemme tell ya.

Somehow I got a feelin' this isn't gonna end well for me... oh well! Might as well make the most of it while I'm here.

I suppose there's a lot of folk-- er, people I haven't met around here. That doesn't seem fair, us bein' neighbors an' all. I think it's high time for some introductions.
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...twelve.  Not a bad count, and they're big, too.  Could probably throw together a pretty good meal, actually. 

So, anyone have any idea how the hell to prepare a turkey?  I've got a dozen of them dead right here, and it's the right time of year for this sort of thing, if my count's not off.  Guess we might need to figure out how to make some kind of stuffing, too.

...we'll skip on the cranberry sauce, for obvious reasons.

This island's made food appear before, and it's almost Thanksgiving; the holiday was pretty much made for food.  Anyone wanna help me throw together a Thanksgiving dinner?  I know it's not so easy to find things to be thankful for on this rock, but still.

EDIT: Alright, we've got the turkeys under control, but there's still a lot left to get ready.

((ooc: so while you were all off fighting dumb tigers and shit, Snake tracked down some wild turkeys.  Since he killed them beforehand, their bodies are still here, so...you know.  Someone help him with that. EDIT: Off to go eat some turkeys myself; be back way later in the evening.  Happy Turkey Day, y'all! BACK!))


Nov. 11th, 2008 09:05 am
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...son of a--

Ngh, that's one hell of a headache.  Can't believe I got so damn careless...need to keep in better shape.  This whole dying thing's something I'd rather not go through again. 

Someone tell me what's happened in the past...damnit, I don't even know how long it was.  Week, I guess.  Need some aspirin.

[Filtered from Billy-Ray]

Has anyone seen Billy-Ray recently?


((Snake's back from the dead after his showdown with Billy-Ray, slumped against a tree somewhere.  lol headache is cause he was shot in the head oops))
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...this feels strange.  Still, given what I'll hopefully learn from this, it'll be worth it.  If she backs out on the deal I'm not gonna be happy.

Maybe I should shorten the rest of my hair to match it.

Anyone around here have any scissors?

((ooc: Snake SHAVED HIS FACE, say hello to your less gristly soldier.  Currently on his way to Yuuko's place for Magic 101.  HEADING HOME NOW, will tag back when I make it there [ETA: 1 hour] Back!))
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...and what the hell...is that...song...?

...Snake Eater...?  You've gotta be...kidding me...

((So!  There is a ladder, a ladder which seems to extend infinitely into the sky.  Snake, by the powers that be, must climb this ladder.  At the same time,
this song is playing just loud enough for himself and anyone near the ladder to hear, on continuous loop.  Ah, and just so he doesn't get away or anything, the ladder moves down into the ground as he moves up, so he's kind of stuck in place about twenty-five feet off the ground.  He's been at it for...about an hour, now.))


Aug. 7th, 2008 09:12 pm
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[Filtered from Billy-Ray]

...damn, this wound's worse than I thought.  I expected to be able to rest it off, but it's definitely much more severe.

I can barely move my back at this point.  I don't like the idea of doing this, but I guess I'll have to have a bit of faith at this point.  It's either that or paralysis, and I've still got work to do.  No conventional surgery's going to regenerate lost tissue anyway.



Where can I find a healer?


((So, Snake got his back screwed over thanks to Billy-Ray, and even though he treated it as best he could, it's just not enough for a HOLE IN HIS BACK.  H-Help plz D| GOTTA SLEEP NOW, tagging will resume tomorrow. |D ))
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...98...99...100.  Guess that's normally where I'd stop, but I can't afford that luxury now, thanks to that stupid moon.

Time's running out.  That rock's not killing me without a fight.


((Snake's currently doing pull-ups on a tree branch, working out as hard as he can before the moon crashes.))
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...Billy-Ray is dead. 

I've got his razor.  How do we dispose of it?  I don't think just hiding it will be enough, it still presents the risk of him finding it one day.

((So thanks to an EPIC TRAP, Billy-Ray has been done in.  All involved parties look rather dogged, with Kaworu looking pretty bloody  and Snake having messy hands, had to recover the razor sob.  Kaworu and Snake will both be tagging this thread, though Snake's tags might be a bit delayed, need to hop off the comp for a bit. NVM LOL Going to bed, Kaworu should still be tagging for a while I think /o/;))
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I don't see her anywhere.  Was I just dreaming it?  I did only see her once, but it seemed pretty real.  Oh well, guess I'm on my own again.  Not a problem, I've been managing so far.


((So, Para-Medic has left the island.  Snake is lonely back to being a solo operative, and a lack of Duo lately has also been bugging him a bit. D|))


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