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[So out in front of the item shop that both he and Nagi owns that remains on the shopping strip, Blue will be minding his on business and trying to perfect more magic skills like any other respectable magician. But since he has been observing other inhabitants of this island since he arrived here, he decided to do something different for a change. So you know that one interesting magic skill that you know of or perhaps seen someone else do it? He is attempting to do that very same thing as well, only the results are either it being a grade or two weaker than the actual spell itself or the spell is successful but for the first three seconds before completely turning into nothing.]

Hm. That's not quite exactly it either... was my timing off? Then perhaps I should try a different method then. Apply magical energy this much and focus on the intended result-- Geh!

Tch. That's not the exact same result either! What is it that I'm not doing right? There's got to be something that I'm missing. A requirement or a catalyst, perhaps? If that is the case then that would only make mastering this art only more troublesome... perhaps I should invest in a grimore or better amplifiers.
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[There will be a blond magician firing blue glowing chains out from his hands and having them wrapping on wooden posts around his tent with the exception of one gap for an entrance and exit.] There. That should suffice for a low grade fence barrier for the time being.

I was wondering where that man had went all this time. So he went a warning about not blinking when near these 'lonely assassins' that likes to cover their eyes... and here I had thought there was no way possible for any sort of communication was able to be contacted to this island.

[looking down at the laptop just sitting neatly next to the tent's entrance.] 'Blink and you're dead', is it? And here I was under the assumption that angels were more of a benevolent sort of species. No matter, rock may not be able to die but it can be broken and damaged. We'll just see how things go if it gets to that. And did he have to say wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey? I'm not sure to either be amused or insulted by it.

Hm. Now that this place is secure for now, I suppose I could lend some service to others if they need it.
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"In his essay 'Magic, Science and Religion,' Bronislaw Malinowski contends that every person, no matter how primitive, uses both magic and science. To make this distinction he breaks up this category into the 'sacred' and the 'profane' or rather 'magic along with religion' and science. He theorizes that feelings of reverence and awe rely on observation of nature and a dependence on its regularity. This observation and reasoning about nature is a type of science. Magic and science both have definite aims to help 'human instincts, needs and pursuits.' Both magic and science develop procedures that must be followed to accomplish specific goals. Magic and science are both based on knowledge; magic is knowledge of the self and of emotion, while science is knowledge of nature."

... so with this man's ideal, anyone is capable of performing magic abilities no matter how primitive they are whether it be mentally or physically obvious. Although it does also explain how Mecs are incapable of learning the gifts of Magic yet they are considered to be at the same level as magic, as they are a product of science.

So with this can, a product of both science and possibly magic, one must wonder what sort of effects it can bestow upon the world once released of it's container. I suppose there will be no harm done if I could apply this to myself if there won't be any other volunteers. I should keep this book to the side somewhere. I still need to learn more about this island's origins... there should be a tome or grimore somewhere that would explain things further. I suppose a test around the area would suffice for now.

... hm. How odd. Nothing noticeable yet.

((Reading a book with one hand and spraying the can around himself and everything else. For the pursuit of knowledge, really.))
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[Somewhere along the riverside, there is a blond magician is lying down down on his back and staring at the sky blankly up at it. And obviously in not in any good shape at all.]

Why... did they lie to me? RegionMap. Must get to the RegionMap... I have to know why. Hnnnnn--guh. I can barely move at all... ha. Ha ha. Rouge was more cunning with Shadow and Space Magic than I thought. Ngh. I'm starting to feel light-headed... perhaps it's best if I should rest now.

Ah. A wild dog. What a familiar and unwanted sign you are.

((canon updated to post magic fight with his brother and obviously in a daze due to blood loss and sudden return to the island.))
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*There will be a decent sized shack right along the strip where other shops in process of being built or had finished also.

There well be two magic users sitting on chairs on the wooden porch on the front of the shack and inside was a wide selection of many magic items, charms, stones, cards, talismans and the like.*

Alright, I'll admit it. This is impressive for a joint work effort in physical labor. Although I can hardly imagine us getting much customers here, I suppose it's better than doing nothing. Shall I assume you have everything that you've brought that you're willing to part with?

... ah, looks like someone is coming over already.

((Blue and Nagi's magic shop is now open. For a list of Blue's items on what he is selling with the exception of the RegionMap, it is all here /o/ also both characters will be tagging separately.))
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You know, handcuffs might be some kind of kinky thing, but I honestly wouldn't mind being handcuffed to somebody...


Why did I have to be handcuffed to Mr. Serious Business here and not to some cute hot hunk of a guy? Hell, a girl would be better than you! I might even put up with Mutsumoto if he-- okay I can't say that without wanting to puke, never mind.


((Blue and Izuna handcuff post, you know the drill. Both will be tagging separately))
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So going towards the volcano is this 'first mission' that is entrusted to us, is it? Very well, the sooner this is all over and dealt with is when this revival process will be hastened.

This is disappointing that none of my own magic works with the exception of these four pins, however if that is all that is given to me then so be it. I'll find a way to make use of them somehow... no matter how useless they are as summoning magic.

Arisato, are you prepared? I want to end this quickly.

((A magic-less magician that not only lost his pony tail but also his drywall as a fee. So he might show some emotions other than annoyance and :| with others during this event o/))
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I don't recall ever a lesson being taught in a tropical location, so most likely the instructor must have planned this to surprise the rest of the class. It doesn't feel like we're in the kingdom so that must mean I'm... in a foreign region? No. I'm sure if that were the case, there would be someone here for me to meet with.

I don't see any other beginner class mages around and this is not like Rouge's pranks either, I don't think he would go that far to use a teleportation scroll on anyone at this high level. I guess in a time like this, a RegionMap would be useful. I guess I'll have to find the nearest region port here... wherever 'here' is.

((Because Gilgamesh fails at keeping the Fountain of Youth protected, have a young apprentice magician walking around the island aimlessly.))


Jun. 19th, 2009 12:50 am
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From the start, I should have known. No form of escape and little methods to advance in my magecraft... you all were supporting him. Of course, it had to be him. He shown his face to me only once on this damn island and retreated before even words were exchanged. I see. I can see everything more clearly now. You all were delaying me from accomplishing my mission.

So... what else has that twin brother of mine instructed you to do as well besides spying on me? Reporting my agonizing stay on this rock as each and every second of time that I waste here, he continues to go a head of me and best me over when the time has come for us to kill one another? No matter. Rouge will eventually fall by my hands, but I will not allow any of you to hinder me any further. Stand down or show me proof that you have no connection to him if you wish to leave unharmed.

((Welp, magician here now charging his magics and placing a barrier around his tent and himself via MagiSphere aka the floating diamond things while glaring harshly at anyone who approaches. :|b Take caution if you wish to aggravate him and all list of spells that he is able to cast is in his journal with whatever status effects they might cause.))
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I've seen odd things on since I've been on this island. Things that I continue to try to accept to this very day as nothing more than bizarre mysteries that are better off not thought of too deeply. I do my best to not lower my guard and even increase my detecting skills to trace any other form of magic should anything like this were to happen... yet again, this unexplained situation occurs.

So I'll ask you this once... do any of you remember how you all have arrived to this place?
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Of course. The only day I manage to accept the quietness of this island and it is to be ruined by the sudden mass of invaders coming for whatever reason they want. If the majority of you are planning to stay here, then answer me these now:

If you possess a gift of magic, name them to me and how to learn it.

Tell me the way you had arrived to this island and how you plan to leave in full detail.

And lastly, if you know of a platinum blond haired magician in red that answers to the name of 'Rouge', tell of his last known whereabouts. That is all.
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How nice. It has finally gotten a lot more quieter for me suddenly, despite the annoying volcanic activity. I had not seen that girl for a while... perhaps that's why I feel less of a migraine than I usually do.

At any case, to that ninja girl with the pink hair. I have finished my first attempt with these talismans of yours. Experiment with them as much as you like, just do not attempt to destroy my belongings and lodging. Seeing how similar they are with Arcane cards, they hardly did nothing for me besides pass time, so do appreciate that you have something out of that deal between us.

... I have just came to the conclusion that looking for an exit is pointless from here on out. Either you will wait and be trapped here for a long time or are given that slim and rare chance of escape granted by whatever luck you have been granted to you. What exactly was with that? I can hardly believe it. Really... that many years past for me or has Time Magic began to take it's toll upon me?
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Time is strange, isn't it? To master the gift of time magic since my arrival, I have yet to actually fully use it's complete power and understand it's meaning. I suppose that Mystic's gift of granting me the title of TimeLord and the gift has actually given me more things to think about and solve such mysterious puzzles before passing away, as well as how to view life after the events with my brother and the Magic Kingdom back home.

Hmhmhm, how strange. Many years ago, I wouldn't have bothered to ponder about such things as the past and personal reflection... so hotheaded, cold and stubborn at the same time and yet, here I am now. I guess that's what happens when you mature over the years and surround yourself with nothing but memories and dreams.

Ah, enough reminiscing out of me. I am beginning to start teaching the basics of magic if any of those whom are curious of the art or need help in advancing from what intermediate level magus, magician and priest and what you already know if interested. Would anyone care to try it out?
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*After the good minute of getting it finally tied and staked down, this magician will nod his head in approval and stand in front of his completed mage's tent*

It took longer than what I expected it to be completed on my own, but it's finally done. Although due to it being out in the elements, the wood had became more flexable but more space was granted to me. Perhaps I should raise a barrier around for the snow not to fall on it.

At any other case, I want to speak with the person named Renton. If you are that person, come to me immediately so I can give you this gift.
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*there will be several long, thick and straight branches all being standing up and leaning against each other in a circular fashion as such and having several knots tied to keep them sturdy and ropes being pinned in by pegged rocks via magic. However only one problem remains for this magician*

... now where to find sheets and thick layers of insulation at is the main problem now. I should have thought about that first before starting this. A mage's tent should not be this difficult to complete...

((brb, building a tipi/teepee/wtfever you spell it but looking for the parts to cover the skeletal parts of it *A*b))
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Of all the things I am taken to. It seems Trinity has became less reliable for me to mark down this region in the RegionMap properly. I am more than confidant that this is not the place for my brother and I to duel. Nusakan... as a Mystic, your eyes can not be fooled compared to the rest of us. Is this an illusion or something el-- ... Nusakan isn't here. Neither are the others if the party.... hn. My RegionMap is blank too? When did this island appear on it in place of the other regions? How odd.

... and to you all who are screaming for no reason: Ocean water is sapphire. Coast water is light green with blue tint. Water contacting landmasses like a beach is brown. A seasoned tide of water is red. Sea water is aquamarine. River water is clear. Lake water is ice blue. Spring water is seafoam blue. Polluted water is black. Water in it's purest form is light blue. The majority of you are being loud and annoying like children over something stupid. Now someone tell me where to locate the nearest port to leave this region.

((Blue intro post! o/ If your character was around the ellipses part, you would see a blond magician appearing out of thin air and very very annoyed. And the second part is the constant shouting and yelling of the dark blue and navy blue debate. You can prove him wrong if you want, but most likely he'll ignore you or blow you off.))


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