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[ In front of the inn, there is a neat little table set up with a nice little boy in front of it. He's all smiles and good feelings and it looks like he would probably jump out of his seat to give you a hug if needed! ]

Um, excuse me? Hello there! Would you mind helping me with a project I'm working on? I want to keep a population list of the island-- yes, I know that's difficult with the frequent arrivals and disappearances, but I'm doing a little research on the rate of how people come and go.

Please just sign your name here, and then you can be on your way. I'd greatly appreciate it.

[ MOE NOTE POST. Kinda earlyish but I don't know if I am going out later. A few notes: For characters who are already used to how this works, there is no book. Jay ripped a few pages out, so right now it really does just look like there is nothing but harmless pieces of paper in front of him. Also, in most cases, he will already know your character's name because it's in his nature to go around and stalk to at least find that out. The asking them to sign is really just to keep up appearances, so if your character is one to not help with this type of research, he would just write their name down on his own.

Just reply to your partner's thread. If they haven't replied to the post yet, feel free to make it yourself. Jay won't be replying to anything except for Ling so assume that he thanked you afterward. You can say the effects of the Moe Note kicked in anytime you want. NOT SIGNED UP YET? Please continue to use the sign-up post for that. You can backtag as much as you want, etc. ]
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[ Jay can be found outside of the mansion, scanning the forest for anyone in the area. ]

[ It's more quiet than usual. ]

Is anyone around?

... What does it mean? By not blinking? Even if we try not to, I doubt we'll be able to for long.

Well, if someone wants, you can stay in the mansion for now. It's safer than those flimsy huts.
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[Near the mansions, there is one Jay who seems to be staring at something in his hands. On closer inspection, it seems to be this little critter.

He is very torn over it.]

You're definitely just a regular otter, but-- Why aren't you with your family?

... I can't keep this.

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[Yeah, you know Sadako's well? That one place that people tend to avoid because jesus fuck it's creepy.

Jay's there. And he's in the middle of dropping a fairly large rock down it.]

Well, let's see if this works.
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[On the beach, there is a rather large campfire! It looks cheery and normal enough, especially for such a nice night it is! However, if you examine closely, you would notice that there is an eye patch and red wig burning in the center of it.]


Last month was horrible. Think we can get a break for this one? Did anyone even figure out the whole murder mystery thing either?
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He's really not here, is he? There's no way the island would do that, right? There are billions it could choose to bring here, so why would...

Footsteps? Is it him? I'm going to have to move again and find... I'm sorry, please don't hurt anyone, I'm really sorry.

[he is hiding in the forest from his fear. ): He is very distressed right now sob.]
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If there was ever a time that I need to get hit by lightning in some freak accident, it would be right about now.

... which obviously means that it will probably happen the moment this event ends.

[... god why TAT;;]
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... ...

Tch, not even an inch? I've been here for over a year and I don't even get that much? I wonder if the water here is stunting it.

[... he is measuring his height next to a tree nearby Loki!mansion. ): It's tough being short.]
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Well, I suppose this might be a silly question to some, but I am rather curious to know. It's nice to know what the majority thinks in any case.

Are you happy here?
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Tch, it seems like I severely miscalculated. That's the last time that I won't use eres in a battle, I shouldn't have underestimated him. Logically, I should head for the mansion, but I don't know if the others are there and whether or not they have been affected. I'm sure that someone must have created a safe place somewhere, I should go find it.

... it might be getting to me, too. It feels like something is following me. Is this what that idiot felt when he attacked me?

[derp one [1] injured ninja who is bleeding quite a lot is slowly walking along]
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Jay... what are we wearing?

Shut up and just keep walking. If we get to the mansion before anyone sees us then we're good.

It's hard to walk with heels like this, you know.

[Jay is wearing this aaand this is Loki's...! Jay will be tagging too aaaaand stuff \o/]
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Ehh, no way...

Come on, Ai-kun! Get down from the tree... Please? Did you get scared by something? Or--ah, did I make you mad...? I'm really sorry, please come down now?

--Ah, wait, no, don't, you'll fall--! What do I do, Jay-kun?

... ... ...

Alright! I'll just get him down myself, so just wait there and don't move!

One, two, three, go!

Hnnngh... KYAAAA!



((Ai-kun is stuck in a tree and guess who just tried to climb it without success XO Jay is just watching all amused. Tagging order will be your character > Jay > Ranka!

EDIT: okay will have to resume tagging tomorrow, time for homework TAT; sorry guys!))
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... this is slightly irritating. I supposed this is another one of those Christmas things, like secret Santas?

... ... maybe I should just take it off. At least then I'll be able to hear myself think. Oh, right. Is there someone named Yamamoto here? I need to speak with you.

[Every time he moves, the bells on his neck thingy ring in the tune of jingle bells. D8]
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Oh dear.

It seems like a poor cat has somehow gotten stuck in that tree. Would someone mind helping me get it down? I'm having trouble climbing it, and I can't jump that high.

It looks like the branch may snap soon too, hm how terrible.
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Even though they're not Oresoren, it's so strange seeing them without clothes. Aren't they getting nauseous?

[He's... staring at some otters that are just spinning on the ground.]


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