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Alright, I'll admit it. This ice stuff is really ain't that bad. Sure, it's cold to walk on, but what isn't around this time, hu? And this skating business! Why didn't anyone tell me about this sooner? It's actually pretty fun! Not to mention all the mooks you get to see slip on the stuff every now and then. Ha haaa!

What I wanna know though, is if this stuff is really just water, shouldn't I be able to drink- er, eat it? I remember Ol' Berg used to say not to but what difference would it make if it's just frozen? Water is water, right? I mean, it's not like it tastes any different or anything, right?

... Does it?

H-huh? Hay! Hay, mah tongue! I ink ith uck! ... !!! Ith eh uck!! Ahgo, ahgo you upid-*@%$^&! HAAAAAAALP! AAAAAAAAAAAH! UUUUNUUUUDY!

[ooc: Guess who was dumb enough to get their tongue stuck to a patch of ice.]
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Attention good and bad people of the island! Mostly good, we don’t want any trouble so you schemesters move along now. Go on, nothing to see here.

As for the rest of you, it has recently come to my attention that during my considerable years as a, uh, Islander that we have gone without a leader. That is why, because of my excellent leadership qualities and vast intellect, it is abundantly clear that I should be your leader. Naturally, I’m honoured and accept the position. And do you know why? Because I’ll do anything to help my fellow Islanders out. Yup! But to tell the truth I can’t say I’m all that surprised. It was only a matter of time before someone recognized true greatness when they saw it.

Now as your royal person and leader, and, ah, C.E.O – oh, and good old fashion emperor I have but a few simple demands. First, I would like to peace and harmony amongst all the tribes of the Island. Yeah, that’s good. And second, I’d like a million dollars. Or pearls, or clams, diamonds… Something expensive. Actually, why don’t you give me the million clams first and then we’ll do all the peace and harmony amongst the tribes second. That works out better. Oh yeah, and third I want a full body fur brushing every morning with a nice stiff bristled brush. Oooh, that sounds good.

You know, now that I think about it, why don’t you give me the clams and fur brushing first because those are easy ones and then third we’ll to the peace and harmony amongst the tribes stuff.

Alright, let’s review, shall we? Grab a pencil. First we have a million clams, then the morning fur brushing, the life time supply of grubs, the solid gold kayak, conga drum lessons, the bamboo hut with the whirlpool bath and… Ah, what was that last one again? Oh, I remember now. The peace and harmony hoo-ha.
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M-m-my face! How! When! WHO?! No, this can’t be happening, this is just a dream. This can’t be happening! I couldn’t… I’m not really… Just pinch yourself and you’ll wake up.


That hurt! Geez, how is that supposed to help? Okay, Timon. Calm down. It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s nothing. Be cool. It’s not like this is *gulp* permanent. It’s gotta be the Island, it’s gotta be. What other explanation could there be?

Uh, hey, Island? You know that expression “better late than never”? In this case, never would have been better. Really, I don’t need this to remind me how old I am. I mean, I’m flattered you remembered my birthday and all, but this… I can’t decide if this is degrading, terrifying or just out right disturbing. No one in their right mind would EVER ask for this. What are were you thinking, that this was funny?! ‘Cause lemme tell you, no one’s laughing. If anything, they’ll be screaming and running as far as possible ta avoid Max’s ugly mug. So please, if you could… You know, work with the magic and fix this?

… Like, now?


How could you do this to my beautiful face?! My healthy coat, untamed hair, and rugged good looks only that of the past. Ugh, and my voice! How did Max live like this? And who knew Uncle Max itched in such strange places – or actually wants to know? I’d of been better off without. On the bright side, I don’t think anyone will recognize me. BUT THAT’S NO EXCUSE!

[ooc: Happy Late Birthday, Timon. You get to look as old and ugly as your uncle :| ]
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Why that miserable, conniving, two-faced monkey! If I ever see ‘em again I’ll… I’ll…! I’ll know what I’ll do to him by then! He planned this all along, didn’t he? DIDN’T HE?! And I had to choose the purple soap. “Oh, it smells nice.” Yeah, I bet it does – with a vicious bite! Forgot to include that tidbit, didn’t he? Hmpf! I should have followed my conscious and gone with the red stuff… No pun intended.

If this is supposed ta teach me some sort of lesson it worked; I’ll never trust that monkey again. I'm tellin' you, this doesn’t even go to code! As far as I remember, the saying went “a lie keeps growing till it’s as plain as the nose on your face”, not the tail on your rump! Besides, I haven’t told a lie all day. I’m as honest as they come and got nothin' to worry about... Well, maybe a little.

Now where is that masked baboon? I need to find him before anyone finds me.

[ooc: Every time Timon tells a lie his tail grows longer. It’s currently three times his body length, dragging behind him as he walks DX]
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Well, this is familiar. I remember the beach bein' pretty popular last year but nothing like this. I wonder what gives. The Island hasn't been renovating, has it? ... I did not just ask that. Oy, I'm actually starting to get used to this place.

- Hey, watch where you're goin', pal! You almost stepped on me! Oof! I'm talkin' here! That's my tail! Oi, I never was a fan of public beaches. You never know who you'll be swimmin' with - if I even make it to the water. At this rate I'm gunna be trampled before I even get half way there, or worse! Yeesh! You'd think they'd show a guy a little respect, being guests and all. Someone's gotta show 'em how things work around here, and I guess that someone'll have ta be me.

! That gives me an idea!


Ta Da! This should do it! A little wood n' a few nails go a long way. If I planned this right, which I know I did, this will a) take me off the menu by b) converting any potential predators to insectivores, and lastly c) scare off anyone else making the beach all mine! Ha ha ha! Ah, Timon you're a genius. ... I knew that.

Come one and come all! Don't be shy! Taste the finest in Island dinning! Get it while it's hot, folks! FREE SAMPLES ONLY WHILE THEY LAST! And trust me, they'll go fast.

[ooc: Totally the best food stand on the island, hands down.]
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Hm, it doesn't look like anyones around... Good! I haven't updated my profile in weeks. Now I can finally add that new profile picture. The last one made my nose look big. Say hello to 'Hulakat', ladies! Complete with lei and skirt. If this ain't a knock out, I don't know what is. Take it away, Aleksandr.

Hm, I should check if there are any matches in my inbox while I'm on here. - Well, look at that, I've got ten! Let's take a little look, shall we? Yogakat, Paintkat, Handykat, Partykat, Knitkat... Oh, Balletkat, she looks cute. Her hobbies include... Ballet? Gee, who would have guessed?

'Balletkat is little clumsy round the house but when on stage and in tutu, there is transform into most graceful and elegant creature. Very flexible and able to leap large distances - useful when queuing.' Ah heh heh. 'This meerkat can often be found on Miami Beach perfecting squat thrust technique or discussing sunglasses straps with training partner.' Oh ho ho ho~! Squat trusting, hu? Maybe she'd interested in finding a more experienced partner who knows a lot more than about sunglasses straps.

Timon's Profile Under The Cut )

[ooc: Trying to be secretive and surf comparethemeerkat(dot)com for men ladies on his laptop XD]
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Hmm, everything looks right, so I don't think I'm forgetting anything... Better check the instructions to make sure. 'For best results be sure to follow instructions precisely'. Yeah, yeah, I know. 'Put on gloves to protect your hands from dye -pffft, right- mix colour accordingly then apply immediately. Apply to dry hair, massaging from roots to ends, yadda, yadda, yadda. Be sure that colour reaches all the short hairs around the face, around ears, and nape of neck.' Done, done, and done.

Looks like I just have to wait for the dye to set then. That shouldn't take too long. I'll just sit- eh stand and wait. Ah, well. Tis but a small price to pay for a full youthful looking coat of colour. Well, that and bare the smell. This stuff reeks! I'd rather bare the smell of a hot warthog in a warm barn for a few minutes than look like Uncle Max for the rest of my life.

This stuff kind of itches... I wonder if I put too much in. I got a lot left over though, so that couldn’t- Oh no, wait, don't tell me I... I did. I forgot to do my back. Maybe I can use the waters reflection to... No, that doesn't help, not at all! And I still can't reach. So much for that! GREAT! Now I'm gunna walk around lookin' like a skunk! I'm gunna smell like one too if this oder doesn't come out. Ugh, Horo was right, I can't do this by myself.

Ugh, does anyone know anything about hair colouring?

[ooc: Trying to dye his fur... But fails epicly DX]
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Aaaaah~ After a long day of doing nothing, it sure feels good to kick back. This is a lovely spot, lovely. A wide open space, beautiful view... Kinda reminds me of home. Then again, with that being the case it sure does feel a little weird being in one place so long. The young and the restless was always on his feet, making us move for weeks on end. So much for home being where your rump rest, his rump was 'a roaming nonstop!

*sigh* Maybe Simba was right... Maybe I really am turning into an old fart.

What am I talking about?! Geez, Timon, just because he’s got Pumbaa pegged that don't mean he's got you too. That was such a long time ago too! He was frustrated, he didn't mean it. I'm as youthful and lively as ever! Why, if he saw me now he’d see that he was the one who turned into some old fart, not me.

Hm... You know, on a quiet night like this, Simba once said that those sparking dots up there were kings of the past, watching over us. He tried convincing me plenty of times later of this, but I personally have a hard time believing there’s a bunch of royal dead guys just sitting up there watchin’ me. I mean, it’s a little creepy, ain’t it? You’d think they’d have better things to do than watch a guy down here twenty four seven.

To each his own, I guess. What do you think those things are? And I better not hear anything ‘bout balls of gas burning billions of miles away.
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So that's it? Seriously? Wow, that had to be the fastest winter yet. I didn't even realize I had slept that long! I don't know why I didn't try the whole 'hibernation' thing sooner. Aside from the rare occasion that had me up like those fireworks and the whole Secret Santa exchange, I think I had a pretty good thing going. I'll definitely be doing this again next year.

Aaaaaahhh, smell that fresh spring air! Nothing wakes a guy up more than that. It's so welcoming, so exciting! The snow is gone, the flowers are in bloom, and everyone is coming out again. Of course, that's not my favourite part of the season. *chuckle* Oh no, not even close. I'm sure you all know what spring means, especially to me.

I don't know where to start, I've got so much to prepare! Hopefully I haven't lost my touch... Do I want to potray rough, or gental? Beetle Kabobs or Hot Worm on a leaf with Mango Relish? There are so many choices! I don't know what to eat first!

[ooc: Because it's all about the bugs being back! =D]
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Geez, all this construction work is wearin' me out. This was all a lot easier in my head. At least I finished painting inside, though. That didn't take half as long as I had expected. Why, I might even be ahead of schedule, now that I think about it. Good thing I started yesterday, that took a lot of coats. Let's see... There was build a new nest, check. Paint interior? Oh yeah, a warm sandy brown and deep jungle green does nothin' but a 'kat feel right at home. Another check. Was I supposed to gather blankets too? That'd be a check.

Now, have I got enough food stored for the winter? I do go through a lot. Maybe I should have more of a variety, Ma always did go on about maintaining a proper diet. I gotta have more than enough bugs, though. If I still have time after I finish painting I could probably gather some dried fruit or somethin'.

Hm, still feels like I'm forgetting something. Oh well, if it's important it'll come back to me later. Eh, anyone wanna lend a hand? Otherwise this could take me all day, and I gotta say, I don't think I could paint for that long.

[ooc: Finger painting his little meerkat sized house which totally isn't a doll house, what are you talking about? =D]
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This was not my fault, these tunnels were not built to code. I touched nothing... Look at these paws, you see any dirt on 'em? This was like this when I got here and... When you got here too? Huh. Must have been one of those humans digging around for treasure again somethin'. I wouldn't worry 'bout it too much though, they don't do it very often. Just put up a sign, something that'll let folks know you're livin' here... Well, I know, but... I guess that's true too, but... Oy, never mind. You guys just do your thing and I'll, eh, watch.

While we're sorting things out here, I was just wondering, where did you all come from, anyway? And why do you look so familiar? Dusty, Hadiya, Fred?! I've gotta be seeing things here.

[ooc: Bitch, meerkats diggin' up your Island right now! Shoot 'em in the head!]
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If this is supposed to be some sort of joke, it's not funny. You hear me laughing here? No, I didn't think so. That's just the crickets chirping... Crickets I'd of eaten by now if I could actually get out of this... Thing! I can barely move in here to begin with. It's packed with rocks or somethin'.

I'm gunna take a wild guess here n' say that the Island is behind this, considering. If it isn't though, whoever did do this, you better hope I don't find out. 'Cause if I do, I WILL let you have it. I've been stuck in this stupid thing all day. I'm hungry!

[ooc: Instead of turning into a piñata, he's just been stuffed into one. So, where the head would normally be you'll find his substitute. He's just hanging from a tree :3 Edit: BEING KIDNAPPED, TAG BACK TOMORROW!]

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We outta trick someone into going into one of those cursed springs. Everyone comes out as some runt, anyway. What's some puny little puppy gunna do to you, bark? Common... Or, even better, why don't you get them to eat some of those famous Island berries? 

Timon would never want to do something like that. Inside he's truly a kind meerkat whose only intention is to spread good. For that reason, he should go around helping others today.

That's a stupid idea! I mean, Timon spreading good? You don't know him at all. It's about REVENGE! Everyone whose ever called him a rat, he'll MAKE a rat!

I know him better than you, and I assure you that is not his intention.

WOULD YOU TWO LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY?! You're giving me a headache.

[ooc: Your character can see his shoulder angel and devil arguing, if you'd like.]

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He fakes a left, a right, and a bad cough. The defense looks concerned. They ask if he's alright and should be playing under such conditions, but he springs back to life and cuts around them. They catch on and follow him closely after ball. They're gaining on 'em. He throws the ball!

It sails to number thirty four who, I must say, had a great season last year. Hopefully we'll be seeing more from- Wait, it's an interception! Timon has the ball. He breaks from the pack! He's going... GOING!

Can anyone catch this 'kat? I just don't know, Bob. The defense is fighting to catch up, Timon far ahead. We just might see a touchdown, ladies and gentleman. He's just- OOF!

[ooc: Just playing some football (a bug as the ball) before he ran into a tree -or your character, if you want XD]
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That wasn't such a bright idea after all.

[ooc: He figured he'd try eating fireflies again for a midnight snack... They still make him glow XD]
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I can see what's happening
And they don't have a clue
The lakes dried up and here's the bottom line
This survival thing is through

Ze refreshing taste of water
Which without we're in a scare
And within this chaotic atmosphere
Disaster's in the air

And if we don't find water soon
It can be assumed
Our carefree days in the sun are history

In short, we all are doooooooooooomed~!

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week. Please leave all fowers, cash, and other gifts in the hat. We got any requests out there?

[ooc: Back from work, agsafasg sorry about that ^^']
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You know, I've never felt like this for any other meerkat before. Maybe it's your beautiful brown eyes, or your cute little nose...? Your smile that could light up the entire Pride Lands? You're not tired, are you? 'Cause you've been runnin' through my mind all day.

*sigh~ ♥* I haven't been this happy in a long time. Not since arriving here, anyway. Where are you from? I don't know why, but I get the feeling we've met before.

[ooc: After accidentally eating some bad island berries, Timon has fallen in love... With himself. You can thank this poll XD He's been admiring his reflection all day.]
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Hu. Looks like that school phase is finally over. 's 'bout time too, it was startin' to get boring 'round here with everybody in school 'learning'. That doesn't sound like much fun either though. Geez, it must have been pretty boring in there too. Oh well, better you lot than me. -Eh?

D-did this tree just get taller? I don't remember it being this tall. No, it wasn't. I couldn't of climbed up this high that fast anyway, could I? Hu... Better move down before I -Whoa! Wow... Almost lost my footing there. Ah heh heh, I should be more careful. J-just don't look down, Timon.

... Maybe I climbed just a wee too high.

[ooc: Stuck up in a tall tree :\ ]
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I don't know much 'bout this Mother's Day that I keep hearin' about, but I do know it's got some people wearin' some pretty long faces. I mean, not that ain't normal or anything, bein' stuck here n' all. But some of yeah really outta cheer up.

Tell yeah what, on a day like this, I'll make yeah anything you want. My treat. I've been meanin' to have a cook out and introduce you all to some real food, but that snow we had got in the way. Now with all the fruits n' everything comin' out I can finally have one. I'm hardly the cook Pumbaa is, but I'll give it a try. 'S 'bout time somebody whipped up some of his recipes.

... This looks just about done.

So! Anyone interested in trying some new, exciting, and colourful dishes? The finest and all time jungle favorites. Free of charge n' guaranteed to have you lickin' your lips and beggin' for more.

[ooc: Attempt three at convincing your character to eat bugs... At least it smells good?]
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It's not fair. I wasn't even doing anything wrong. He started the fight, not me! I wouldn't have even been in that part of the tunnel if they hadn't pushed me down there. It was his fist that made the crack in the wall... And, I guess, my head when he hit it against the wall. But that's just it; he still caused it, he's still to blame for the North Tunnel flooding. Why does he n' the rest of his dumb gang get off the hook while... Ugh.

Talk about dignity... They just worm their way outta everything n' make me take the blame for it. Everything's gotta be my fault. 'Who broke the tunnel supports? Who broke the South Tunnel? What are all these holes in the ground?'. -no, not even that. They don't even gimme a chance. They see something is broken n' just yell 'TIMOOON!'. How do they know somebody else didn't do it? I'm not the greatest digger in the tunnel -actually I'm the worst- but that doesn't mean I always did it.

Sometimes, I just wanna run away from this place. Go somewhere where there's no hyena's, where I don't have to hide all the time and get to eat desert first!

[ooc: Breaking in the new journal with a young Timon. He'd love to make some real friends instead of sitting there all day talking to himself.] 


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