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*It is said that there are times and places for everything. Times that makes a subject either appropriate or more fitting, and places that let a subject have meaning or just enhance the mood. Let us assume, that one this rather odd island, that the correct time and place has been made. Yes, a clearing, deep in the... woods or rather, the closest thing possible. Surrounded by trees that you can barely peer through, a fire in the middle of the clearing and logs to sit on. Time? Night, the time when the lack of light alone can bring about terror from you. You may not have reason to be in this clearing, or even know that it exists. However, there are always those who feel like going for a walk and just end up coming across, those who may know of it already and want to be there or those who feel the urge to satisfy a newborn desire and enter this domain.

Here, how ever you may have come here, you will find a lady in blue robes, who carries an odd presence about her. Maybe it could do with the fact she is floating. No matter about that, as soon, the time to begin is near.*

Welcome. Tonight we will be telling ghost stories. Won't you join the fun? I'm sure everyone could tell something.

((ooc note: And of course, do feel free to threadhop for mass story funtimes.))
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*on the deck of the not entirely fully functional Tartarus, there is a girl looking rather deep in thought*

... This could end badly.

I lost my hat too.

((So, with having to make her live for the week, and knowing that Yuyuko supposedly looked somewhat different while alive, I decided to run with the idea and have some fun with it. Still sounds the same though.))
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It took me a solid week, but now I can finally ride my long tongued steed without falling off!

But this isn't enough. There needs to be something to do as well.

Ah, I got it! There should be races! Perhaps even duels! Everyone, if you have one of these, then tell me, you think that having a fun bit of competition wouldn't hurt, yes? There might have been a tournament of fighting recently, but I believe we could hold something ourselves! Are you for or against?

... ... Also, what exactly are these? Lizards?

((You remember that Mario event we had a while back, with how people who got 120 stars got a Yoshi? ... Yeah, probably should have done this earlier.))
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*In the land of clouds, rainbows, magic carpets and annoying floating platforms, there is also an Airship, flying via the wings on it's side. Upon this ship, there is a ghost. Trying to claim that ship for her own.*

This is your new captain speaking! We currently have the problem of not moving, however we are working very hard to fix this problem. There is also the issue that there is nothing to steer with, but I have concluded that I will have to use the power of my mind in place of that. Do not panic, we will soon be sailing through the clouds to a vast new world!

Or we may just crash horribly into the ground. That could happen too!

In the mean time, please enjoy the wonderful sky view.
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My, my, it really is quite hot here. But the view is nice enough here, so I'll bear with it for a bit.

Hmmm~, this place does look quite daunting, yet amazing. I wonder what could lurk on and under the waves of sand and water below?

((A simple intro. There is someone sitting ontop of a palm tree, looking about, guess who it is.))


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