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[Under the light of the moon, you may be walking past the flower fields-- and you'll see Arcueid dressed elegantly in an elaborate gown. It gives her a different look somehow. Like maybe she's actually a princess.]

I almost forgot I had this. Not sure why I feel like wearing it now, but... I remembered he said he liked it when I wore it.
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[Your local vampire is just hanging out at the sadly empty Casa de Colorblind hut. Although she doesn't seem to be there for resting, but rather to pace back and forth outside muttering to herself.]

Stupid, just stupid...!! Getting trapped like that AGAIN, but...

... You know, as far as I'm concerned, I don't believe there's any other vampire on the island aside from me. Well, except that other man. Can't recall seeing him around lately either though. Sion and Satsuki are both gone... Well, not my problem anymore. It was a bit tiresome keeping an eye on those two.

Shiki, do you want the hut to yourself? I'm willing to find a new place since Satsuki's gone so I don't have a reason to stay with you.
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[While a certain vampire is resting under the shade of a tree to try and sleep off the heat, she looks up with an inscrutable expression at the sign that has suddenly appeared on said tree.]

Aren't I the least appropriate person for this sort of job? )

Well... I guess it's not like I can't answer some questions...
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I rarely question what this landmass does after being here for a long while. After all, one gets used to the crazy things that occur here. But... It won't stop me from asking this. I barely remember, but I somehow recall this happening to someone else.

Just why am I sparkling in the sun?

[OOC: This was bound to happen at some point. 8| Edit: As a bonus and because I'm cruel, your character might also start to sparkle :D]
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[Under the dark blue sky and the light of the full silvery moon you may or may not notice a little girl with long hair wearing a white dress, standing in the white flower field looking aimlessly up at the sky. She doesn't seem quite upset. Actually, it's rather hard to tell what her expression is saying at all. Approach, y/n?]


... It's this place again. But it's quiet this time.

... There's other people here isn't there?

[ooc: Arcueid got FOY'ed so have a very young drywall Arc! Vaguely remembers being here before so :B]
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Ahhh, the island was beginning to sound a bit too quiet even with the trouble that arose! It's that time of year again isn't it? How inconvenient for this living landmass to let everyone in so easily and yet it never lets anyone leave. And it would be too much to hope if I said I don't want to see certain people appearing here.

... Although I wouldn't mind if he showed up.

Also, whoever provided this drink was rather... Creative.

The hand inside the punch bowl is rather disconcerting though! )

I guess the drinks are for the guests if I'm assuming correctly... I wonder if it's trying to make a statement about something?

Anyways, you new people can help yourself to the punch if you feel like it.

[COME TO ME MY TYPE-MOON BRETHREN AS WE DRINK THE BLOOD PUNCH OF INNOCENTS Uhh, tables set up with weird looking punch that is quite normal no worries! Have a drink, threadhop, and keep breaking that fourth wall!]
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I wonder if I accidentally overslept again like I did for that one month? It seems possible except it wasn't as long. And... I wonder if I had some unfinished business? Well, I shouldn't over think it.

Too bad it's getting late. I wonder if everyone is still sleeping?

And it's not normal to eat ice cream at night is it? But it seems to be a shame not to pick any of these.

[ooc: Arc is hanging out in the ice cream flower field at night and sampling some of the flavors, being contemplative.]
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[If you happen to be in the inn, you might pass by the kitchen and see a non-blood sucking vampire mulling over a cookbook, rice, and various other ingredients! Will you come join in and help or mooch?

Hm... This is a bit harder than I thought. What does the cookbook say about this? "Wet your hands and cover them in salt and start molding." Okay, I take that back. Overall, the technique is quite simple with some practice! It's just been a while since I've made anything in the kitchen. Let's start making onigiri!

Gah! The rice is really sticky!

[ooc: Protip: She ISN'T a bad cook :B]
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Well, Christmas has passed... And so has my birthday! The island was pretty nice with my gift this year. I guess it counts as both my Christmas AND birthday present! The clothes I got look a bit strange though, but I should be grateful that they fit. Speaking of birthdays, I've been here for about two years now haven't I? Hm, I wonder how many people have come and gone by now? A lot of people have done so I bet, but it's a wonder I'm still here.

Anyways... This birthday cake smells rather strange. Ugh, the scent is overwhelming. I thought they were supposed to be sweet! And hopefully Ikki isn't hiding inside of it! ♥

Oh, Shiki you still haven't cooked for me yet! Since it was my birthday you should do that as a gift for me!

[Island gave her winter clothes yay". Also, it is Boxing Day, so feel free to punch Arcueid. She'll punch back harder 8|]
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Hm... I actually feel like eating some human food today if you know what I mean! It's been a while since I've had my fill. I wonder if I should try my hand at cooking something if you know what I mean.

... Huh. Is the island doing this if you know what I mean? I've been saying the last part every other sentence. Oh, I guess not every line. That's a relief if you know what I mean.


How awkward. If you know what I mean.

[The 'if you know what I mean' fragment will be transferred from her to your character whether you like it or not 8| IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN Threadhop if you want o/]
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... Ah, it's no good is it? I knew it, but denied it for the longest time. Why couldn't I just get over it quickly? Sooner or later, one of us would have... Now it's my own fault that I dragged this out and in the end the result is still no good. All there is left to do now is just wait and hope.

Eheh...! I feel a little bit of pain. That's so silly. I'm not even hurt anywhere. Is this the first time...? Yes. That's right. That time I said I had so many wishes, but this time? I don't think I've ever hoped so hard for just one wish.

[ooc: Arcueid is just... Yeah. ;____; OOPS BRB REAL QUICKGuess who's back, back again]
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[Private//Hackable only if you want]

That was the first time I actually ever 'died' on this island. Actually, that was the first time I've ever died at all. Hope it doesn't happen again.

... It'd hurt to leave and make people sad. If that's how they really feel anyways.

[/end Private]

Sheesh, you'd think if the island was going to give you a mirror, it'd actually work normally. Is that really asking too much? Maybe I can give this to someone else.

[Arc is standing in front of a seemingly normal mirror that does not show her reflection-- lol vampire myths-- but for anyone who looks into it, it'll be like a funhouse mirror, giving off a warped reflection.]
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Ah, the movies were such a nice treat! I hope I get to watch some more later on.

Mmm... It's way too sunny. I wonder if I could ask the island for some different clothing for the summer. Speaking of the sun, I haven't seen him around. Or that other girl. That means... Yup! Only three of us. In this case, the less there is, the easier it is for me.

And Akiha's recently gone. Shame, I liked having the little sister around even though she acted so stiff. The cabin's a lot more quiet now. I could really use a fan here.

[Underneath a tree to avoid the heat of the sun. Hax or not, a vampire is still a vampire. |D]
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[A blond woman is currently on her knees and bending over, arms around her stomach as if in pain-- In fact she IS in pain no mistake about that. Besides keeling over, she is panting rather heavily. ]

A-Ah...! Nnnnnnngh! N-No, I can't-...! I can't let this get to me now! Why now!? T-This pain is so unbearable!

I-I've got to move somewhere else. Nnnn. Can't... Move...

[So Arcueid has not been feeling A-Okay! At all! So all her inner hunger instinct has been building up and now it prone to make her attack anyone-- Wont' kill anyone of course, but you will most likely get hurt! D:]
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I've been awake for so long. It's been over a year hasn't it? I thought it would be okay since time isn't supposed to change back there, but... Things aren't going to get any better if I don't finish what I started. I'm getting so irritated just thinking about it though especially when I'm in no state to face him.

...It's getting worse. But I can't give up.

[So. So. Weak. Used up a lot of power from this battle against Gilgamesh. Don't be surprised if she acts freaky towards you :(]
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*If you'll see somewhere down near the the beach, you'll see a large red torrent blast just materializing from nowhere with the shout "ELISH!" being heard, upon further inspection you'll see a man wearing gold armor and a woman wearing a white sweater and purple dress all... beaten up but pausing in confusion after noticing the surrounding area and surprise appearances from the shadows what were destroyed by the blast behind the woman.*

"Those things... what the hell?! It's like in those shadows that over ran that town... did I manage to get off that island? This isn't the Fuyuki that I'm familiar with. Vampire! Is this all your doing with that closed spaced of yours?!"

"No! As much as I'd rather be ripping your throat out right now with my own hands, but these things are in my way and not even in my control."

"Pah! Shut your mouth, woman. As soon as I'm done dealing with these, we'll finish where we left off... Gate of Babylon."

"As if you're in any condition to have at me!"

"And you think you can best me with your condition-- GET OUT OF MY SIGHT MONGREL!" *A stomp made and multiple stabbing from the floating treasury to attack a near by shadow* "A vampire like you cannot best the King of Heroes. You do not have that right, as no one ever has and will."

"You'll be eating your words if these creatures take you down!"

((Right after this thread, there is a very hurt and weak Arcueid and Gilgamesh both fending off the shadows right after Arc's Marble Phantasm faded out, so their fight has been interrupted to fight whatever comes at their direction and helping each other out for the time being against a conveniently placed swarm of shadows surrounding them. And uh... this will be heard with the two around fighting against the shadows. Tags will be separated. Feel free to help them or attack them while they're weak, but keep in mind if you start a fight with either Gil or Arc, then the other will come to their aid.))
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There's a lot of different people on this island aren't there? Well, then again some of us aren't even human... But I started to wonder how many of us actually look our age! There are some of us that don't age normally after all. That or you ARE aging normally, but you don't fit the image of your age group.

So guys, how old are you?
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Nnnn... Did I sleep a bit more than I meant to...? Feels like I haven't been as active as I planned. And it's evening already huh? Guess I'll just get up then. No use wasting away the time I'm awake.

... Ah. Better find my clothes. Did Hisui put them outside to dry? Gotta do this quickly then!

[officially breaking hiatus~ Arc is sort of lacking full clothing :( EDIT: Okay, time to sleep. Tags may or may not continue tomorrow]
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... I had this weird feeling when I went to sleep a few of days ago. Was that... A dream?

Mm. No, that can't be possible. It was still a strange feeling though. I try to think back on it and it seems to make my chest hurt. Just a little.

Oh, and that reminds me. I still haven't found the person who could open up this locket. Somehow, I don't think he has it.
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Ah... Oops.

And all I wanted was to take a walk. I didn't expect to have trouble with the weather, considering it was rather "normal" up until now. Now how am I going to get back without getting chocolate all over me...?

[Standing under a tree b/c oops surpraiz chocolate rain. Tags will be sporadic]


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