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[ there is a maid who is looking as confused as she'll... allow herself to be, as she stares at a giant cake, and then up at a... Gundam pinata, which is also emblazoned with HAPPY BIRTHDAY HISUI.

And then, perhaps remembering past cakes, she TURNS TO GO BACK INSIDE. ]

I don't believe the risk is a necessary one.

((ooc: ... Ikki is inside the pinata and will also be tagging! The cake is totally safe (for once) and delicious.))
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[ there is a usually drywall maid looking... unusually distressed. And vaguely depressed if you know her very well, but right now, it's more distress than anything. The fact that she's out with the risk of mistletoe and interaction speaks volumes. ]

I thought it might have been my imagination, but the number truly is incorrect, and a thorough search has revealed nothing...

Ah, if anyone by any chance has seen... any stray items of clothing, I would be appreciative if you were to inform me of them.

((Victim of panty-snatching, gd you Eitarou. Her memories are here, although she will freak out if you touch her and you're a boy :| ALSO tags will probably be slow for a few hours, depending on how chaotic work gets--))
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[ ooc; MOST SOCIALLY AWKWARD HANDCUFF POST EVER. Neku and Hisui are just standing around looking uncomfortable and will be tagging separately! Otherwise there will be no conversation whatsoever. ): ]
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[ if you're out for some reason, you might just happen to notice that there is someone in your living area. Your now REMARKABLY CLEAN living area.

... Something does not seem right here. ]

((Soooo Hisui is going to be seeing you all as her masters/mistresses/whatever, meaning your living space is now nice and clean and she'll be addressing you respectfully aaaaaand she'll be following any orders you give her! Yes, we call this MAID FOR A DAY.))
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Sagara-san. Neku-san and Shiki-san, if you are still willing to collaborate. Our options are limited, meaning that we will have to act swiftly.

... In other words, we...

... ...

We will have to completely destroy that ship.

((Hisui can't stand structure destruction or messes, so this is killing her. :|))
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Shiki-chan, be careful! You shouldn't be running too-- oof!

O-owwww... Makihisa-sama was just telling us not to run too much, too. See, that's why you... shouldn't...

... Shiki-chan? SHIKI-chan, Akiha-chan? This-- is this that place again? But Nee-chan said it was probably a dream.


((Hisui has been chibified to nine years old and vaguely remembers being here. One of the few times she won't be afraid of affection or men. ... And also has a scraped knee. :|))


Apr. 20th, 2009 05:52 pm
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If the wind does not disrupt it again, this time I should be able to-- ah!

... ... Recovering the clothing takes priority over my... ... I will retrieve it, without fail.

((Rain interrupted laundry finishing, so the clothes are scattered. Also still kind of upset over YAY MOE NOTE, but you won't know that unless you know her. :( Yaaay soaking wet maid trying to get clothes from branches and bushes!))
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I had completely forgotten.

((So there's a bunch of ballons and an awesome cake that says STOP CLEANING AND ENJOY YOUR BIRTHDAY-- five days after her birthday.))
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At least...

... Nothing more will be broken and the blankets will not go up in flames. I am certain Nee-san is happy to have been returned as well.

((Yeah, she's depressed and missing her twin, but like you'll know that. :|))


Jan. 31st, 2009 02:20 pm
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This ought to be the last of my duties for the day if the sun dries the sheets quickly-- ah, no, I should also dust the curtains, and there may be enough laundry to take care of by now. Sewing repairs if Shiki-sama or anyone requires them...

... Oh, the pie should be nearly finished as well. This is the fifth attempt... perhaps I did it correctly this time.

((Of course she would still be doing this ten years later, yay sweeping off the porch and hanging up sheets and stuff. :( Buuut less socially awkward and can actually sort of touch guys now /o/ ALSO the pie is actually edible for... once.))


Dec. 30th, 2008 07:24 pm
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Something seems... unusual. But it does not appear to be physical, and my mental capabilities are the same. Perhaps after I finish with Shiki-chan's--

... Eh?

((There will be no samas or sans because Hisui will be addressing people with either affectionate honorifics or terms of endearment. Witness the horror.))


Dec. 11th, 2008 06:57 pm
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... ...

This has become problematic. I should at least locate a Tamama-san...

((Yeah years of staying inside + unclean tropical environment means the meido is finlly not doing so hot and is, in fact, leaning very heavily against a tree. But she also has presents for everyone she knows, so fuck yes early gift-giving when she can stand up straight--))


Nov. 22nd, 2008 10:03 am
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[[ITP: There is a maid peering very diligently into treetops and combing through bushes, and she has been doing so for quite some time now. Yet her efforts appear to be fruitless, for she is only beginning to look concerned! What could possibly be troubling her??]]

They do not seem to be located in this area, either.

((Oh panties where art thou.))
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This isn't the Tohno Mansion, is it?

I have never... I have not been outside... does Makihisa-sama have this many animals?

*...Okay so have some LOLITWINS, aka FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH'D Hisui and Kohaku. Posting order will go Character -> Hisui -> Kohaku, rinse wash repeat. :Db*


Oct. 27th, 2008 11:33 am
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That should be all of it. But what to do with it...? The red and black ones, at least, should be disposed of, but the remaining pieces...

((Your not-so-friendly neighborhood meido has swept up all of the candy left from broken pinatas-- and I do mean ALL, so she has a giant pile of candy that is taller than she is and another pile of... pinata pieces. Feel free to help yourselves. Class in a bit, so tags may come later.))


Oct. 8th, 2008 07:06 pm
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A-Arcueid-sama! T-this isn't--! She's almost unnaturally fast... Please, I--

Please return my clothing!!

((Arcueid jumped Hisui and stole her clothes, so to keep from chasing after her naked, clothing switch GET. Arc will also be tagging!))


Sep. 29th, 2008 12:41 pm
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[[There is a maid under a tree situated not very far from Casa de Colorblind. She is surrounded by piles of neatly folded clothing and not only has something in her lap, but also appears to be fast asleep! You...

1. Investigate
2. Let her sleep
3. Wake her up
5. Attempt to JAM IT IN]]


((Hisui had a rough and sleepless week so conked out in the middle of chores, oops.))


Sep. 18th, 2008 08:25 pm
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[Should one, by any chance, happen to be walking by a particularly colorblind colorful shack, one might then hear a yelp of pain and several loud crashes coming from inside. Has there been a burglary? An attack of some sort?]

... As I thought, it's impossible.

[No, tis only the maid losing a battle against cooking. Feel free to carry on and watch the sunset. Or witness her fail. Either works.]

((ooc: Muse won't shut up, so. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, THE HOUSE ITSELF other than the disaster zone IS NOW INCREDIBLY CLEAN.))


Sep. 10th, 2008 11:58 am
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I'm... quite certain we didn't redecorate... and I don't think Akiha-sama would have selected such a tropical motif if we had. That, and this would seem to be too realistic.

... ...

Shiki-sama, forgive me. I may not be present to wake you up today.

((Have yourselves a very confused maid with an armful of clean laundry. :Db))


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