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[ Beatrice, who has been antisocial to an extreme, is finally enjoying some tea beneath her gazebo, out in the garden of the golden manor.

Today is a special day, but only people who really know her know why. ]


To think I'll wake up tomorrow, and it'll be October Sixth...

[ Her butterflies are out and covering the entire garden, lighting it up like tiny floating lanterns. Do you join the witch for her private tea party? ]
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[ There's a little girl making a mad dash from some springs to the mansion who doesn't look like a certain witch at all no way. ]

Dammiiiit... lost my pipe and now this. I can't even change myself back!


If he sees this, I'll never hear the end of it!

[ ooc; Fell into the fountain of youth but retained her present memories! Delicious cruel irony. ]

17th Sense

May. 30th, 2010 07:40 pm
pedokinesis: (He'll stick it in your pooper.)
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*It's yet another rainy day on the island. And if you are walking within the general vicinity of a certain mansion, you may find yourself suddenly being surrounded by golden butterflies and whisked away to the inside of said mansion by a combination of teleportation and butterflies blocking your view!*

*Whether you end up in the library or the parlor, you are now out of the rain and seated in a rather comfy chair with a towel landing on your face!*

*Welcome to the Not So Humble Abode*

(( Anyone else who lives in the mansion is more than welcome to jump anyone who replies to this, btw. ))
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[ Hey, see that on the ground? It's two tickets to that thing you love-- no, wait. It is that thing you love. Or that precious thing you thought went missing a month ago. Or something really valuable that you like or want, like money, or if you're a sensible islander, like soap. Let's just say it's something your character may really want.

WHATEVER IT IS, it moves slightly out of reach when you go to grab it.

And again.

And again.

What do you do? ]
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[ Pretend this post takes place just as it's turning night! Man, it's beautiful out, isn't it? Especially since the island's decorated the path you're walking through with hundreds upon hundreds of glowing, golden butterflies.


Who, if you're paying attention, seem to be following you. Or just happen to be going the same direction as you. Which is it? ]

[ ooc; People with soul/person sensing abilities will be able to tell the butterflies are in fact a person! Otherwise, enjoy your general eerie feeling. Beato'll take on her usual appearance in the thread eventually. ]


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