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[ITP: A girl is polishing and fixing up some guns she got from long, long ago. Just two or three pistols actually.]

It's October isn't it? Nothing really strange has happened in the last few weeks. Makes me think back about when I first came here, it seemed like something crazy kept happening at least once a day. A lot of things do change in only a few years though...

... Could be just me, but... I think we better get prepared for danger just in case. I mean, Halloween IS coming up soon. Hmm, what am I gonna do with the rest of these Vaccine bullets though? I don't need them anymore to be honest.
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[Another nice day of monster extermination! Hopefully all of you are watching your backs. Cause if it isn't the monsters that are out to get you and your partner, it's going to be another pair. At least not intentionally-- Cause something akin to a gunshot might shoot past right you!]

Eeek! Sorry, There was a monster ahead of you! Anyways, I think it's gone now.

Leo-san, how are you holding up?

[OOC: Leo and Sumire will be tagging separately! Let's make this last day of the event action packed everyone \o/]
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[Have one girl wearing this weird outfit sitting on her knees as if in a daze.]

... Ah... Where did everyone go?

Wait! This is the island isn't it? And if I'm here that means my world wasn't destroyed after all! But since I'm here... I'll have to wait to see how everything turns out in the end. Nnn... I'm sure everyone will make it out fine. Even Nahashi-san I hope...

I can't believe I was about to... It doesn't look like anything has changed though. That's good I guess!

[OOC: Canon-updated Sumire near the end of her series! She just got back from SAVING THE WORLD which ironically she was about to destroy to make a new one, but DETAILS. Best bonus, she can use her powers freely now eff yeah.]
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It's about time I started cleaning out the hut! I've been rather careless lately haven't I? I'll attend to that before tending the flowers. Although I might as well move to the inn since no one's staying with me... Hm? That chest wasn't in that corner before. Did it belong to Yukina or Nuriko-san before they left?

... I have this rather ominous feeling.... As if I shouldn't keep it around. Probably should follow that instinct then. I'll just lug it outside and... GAAAAAH!!!

O-Oh! It's just playing a song! I was scared for nothing! But it's just a box right? I wonder what's inside to make it play like that??

[ooc: If you manage to open the box, a dingo or monkey jumps out at you, but none of you know that yet *_*]
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[Near a certain hut in a certain snow covered garden, you may hear sounds of sniffling if you happen to be passing by!]

She's really not anywhere is she? I've been looking for a while, but still no sign. Notgonnacrynotgonnacrynotgonnacry-- Nnnn, I'm so BAD at this! But seriously, why is it every time I get a roommate, they always end up going home? Lucia-san, Aoko-san, Yukina-san, and now even Nuriko-san. Maybe I'm cursed or something.

I've got a lot of room for myself... Again. I should try planting more flowers in the garden so there's something nice to look at after the snow is gone. I haven't been very careful with it lately.

... I hope Snake-san is okay.
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[Near a certain hut, Sumire has gathered a bunch of wood and sticks and WHY ARE HER HANDS BURNING-- er, she's actually started a fire using her magic and man does it feel toasty and warm!]

Whoo! This is one of the few moments where I'm really grateful for my powers! And if I maintain the fire, I shouldn't have to relight it unless it completely goes out.

I hope spring comes soon. I miss the flowers already.

Oh, I could just go gather more kindling, but... Mmm, this feels really nice.
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A-Ah! It's back! Menacing as ever I see...

Oh, come on now, I shouldn't be shivering like this! I've been on this island for pretty much two years and I'm still acting like a scaredy-cat! I've grown up since then! And I survived this house last year so I can take anything it throws at me, especially since I've gotten stronger since then!

... Still looks really frightening though.

But I can't help, but wonder if there's anything new that's even more dangerous than last year... It makes me want to go check it out just in case.
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[Your young strapping American, Terry Bogard is standing in front of a hut with a handcuff chain link trailing out from the entrance-- You may hear a voice coming from said hut!]

Are you SURE there's no one out there?

Kid, it'll be fine. If anyone tries anything you know I'll give 'em a few good words and they'll be on their way.

Oh, this is so much harder than I thought! At least the chain is long enough to let me change privately.

Hey kid, are you done yet?

Sorry, I just need to put on this shirt and I'll be done-- now just get the sleeve in this arm and... oh dear.

[ooc: Terry and Sumire will be tagging separately o/]
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Whoo! The past two weeks were so full of activity that it seems unreal that we're having a slow day today. Jumping into volcanoes, turning into children... That's Island-san for you. Still, it's good to appreciate being able to do a relaxing activity.

Hmm... I wonder, pink or red for my nails? I could try making a flowery design too, but...

Oh, darn it! I don't have nail polish remover. Guess it'll just have to chip off.

[Has a lot of nail polish yaaaaaay nail painting. Come join, watch, or get your nails painted. even if you are a guy.]
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I wonder what I should make for supper tonight? I did tell Joshua-san that I would try finding ramen ingredients, but it doesn't look like that's happening soon. Better not push my luck.

[And then suddenly, from the bushes-...!!]

...? Oh! Ping-chan it's you! You've grown so much since I've last seen you! I'm glad you look so well ever since you had to leave the hut. Eh? What's this? Oh! Where did you get all these boxes?? Wow, this smells great! Maybe there's actually-...

... Eheheh. There's only green onions in here. Why do I have a feeling the rest of these don't have any real Chinese food in them?

[Sumire's old pet panda has delivered a huge basket full of Panda Express boxes. Except most of them are only filled with green onions, peanuts, or carrots. If you're lucky though, they're MIGHT be an island special of Orange Dingo. Or something like that. Munching any of these will compel you to say 'Nihao.']
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[Outside of Sumire's hut, there is a table not so far away that has a very large layered cake on its surface. Sumire herself has emerged wearing a new dress looking quite perplexed.]

This new dress island must have given me sure is nice, but it's not something I can wear everyday. Is it a special occasion or...? W-Whoa! That cake it's...!

It's my birthday today isn't it? I'm sixteen now!

[And as if on cue, this song suddenly plays in the background.]

Wow... I didn't expect to get anything this year, but this is very nice! Music's a bit strange though...

[Sumire is now sixteen *___* Feel free to help yourself to cake]
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You know, I find it sort of strange. In a lot of stories where there's a hero or heroine, the villain they're trying to defeat wants to either destroy the world or take over the world.

... I wonder why destroying the world is something anyone wants though? Sure, our worlds can be messed up. It seems no matter where we come from, there's always something rotten and dirty to be found. Is it really worth obliteration though?

... I hope it won't come to that. There's too many precious things to give up on. I'll find you when I come back Yoshiki-san. That's a promise. Better go find Terry-san and see if he's all right too.

[Contemplating aloud while picking flowers. Sumire is canon updated-- not much of a change except she's probably a bit more mature and more aware of her situation.]
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Oh my god... Oh god...! L-Leave me alone you MONSTERS! W-Why wasn't I able to tell before? You're a Virus aren't you?

[and now pointing her pistol at her head]

S-S-Stay away from me! If I have to take you all out, I'll do it! I'll kill every single one of you so you can never hurt anyone again!

[Sumire is in level four status headed for level five when she goes into Berserker mode. She thinks that she was captured and everyone around her are Viruses who want to eat her or she'll have hallucinations of Viruses killing her friends. Hence if/when she goes into Berserker mode, she'll be crazy and might hurt your character. Badly. But only it's permissible for your character so please tell me yes or no :O]
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I-I don't want to do this, but... It's over. I've been playing pretend for too long now. It's about time I stop playing games and get the job done. You all think I'm just a young innocent girl? ... Well, I AM young, but... But you're all wrong. So very, very, very wrong.

Ikki-san, I'm taking you down. I hate to do this, especially since we had such a good friendship, but I've got to do this and take you... Dead or alive.

[THE BIG TWIST- Sumire's a BOUNTY HUNTER and she may or may not be looking for your character to hunt down for a bounty +A+ Ikki being the first target. But as in any soap opera, THERE WILL BE UNEXPECTED TWISTS]
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[[A delicious sweet smell is coming from the inn kitchen! If you dare to investigate, you will find 1) Sumire looking doubtfully inside the oven and 2) A very badly burnt and deflated cake and yet... It smells GOOD.]]

Huh! I could have sworn I followed all the directions correctly. This is the third cake I tried to bake already... It shouldn't look this bad since I set the timer right. If I didn't know any better though, the way it smells tells me that it's okay to eat.

[ooc: The crappy looking cakes are actually delicious, they just look horrible b/c of island trickery :< Might have to go in an hour or two so tags will slow down]
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... There's GOT to be a better way to fight these things off. Ew... My arm's covered in blood. Looks like the Vaccine's wearing off now too. At least I'm getting better at controlling this. Not that it's a really good idea to depend on it too much, but I'll be using up ammo either way.

Better clean off in the hut. Now that Yukina-san is gone, I need to make sure her garden stays nice. She'd like that at least. It could be just me, but I don't seem to stay with a roommate for very long... I hope she's okay...

[ooc: Just finished off a rabid dingo using Berserker powers. Bloody arm yay :(]


Jan. 31st, 2009 03:27 pm
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Oh, dear I sure am going to be busy! Martha-sensei, I'll start inventory now so we're not short on anything when we least expect it. So we'll need some more bandages, some of those medicinal herbs... All right that should be it. Then I'll need to plan a time when I can make some lunch for me and Terry-san.

Agito-kun? If it's not too troublesome, want to come along with me to one of the other islands to help collect some things?

...Hm. I better bring along some extra Vaccine bullets too. I sense a troublesome one.

[TYL, Sumire is a nurse-in-training at the clinic under Martha /o Still a Virus hunter though!]
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KYAAAAH!!! This is horrible! It looks like a lot of people have lost their clothes! Oh and I just HAD to be coming out from taking a bath in the hot springs! Where could the rest of my clothes be? I don't have anything else except...


...Wow. The fig leaves really ARE coming in handy after all. Better yet, maybe I could wear that thing I got last Valentine's Day if I can't find my clothes by then.

[ooc: Hiding behind trees-- and yes the fig leaves are covering the womanly parts. Tags might be slow.]
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I knew I left something back in my old place! I had a feeling I dropped my ring here and--.... Yoshiki-san!?

... Wait a minute ... Are these all... Posters?

Where did all these come from!? )

I can't say this is really a BAD thing. It's been so long since I've seen him! /// There's something weird with the way he's smiling though. Maybe it's just the island messing around as usual.

[A bunch of posters of Yoshiki aka the guy she likes from her world all over her old cave :>]
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Ah... I left pretty quickly and I took this little guy along without really thinking about it. There, there, don't be sad. We never could find your mommy or daddy huh? Hmmm... I didn't give him... Or her a name yet. Better choose something that probably suits your personality best! You're kind of a stubborn cub. Still, I can't believe I'm taking in a panda. What was I thinking? Too late now. It'd be horrible of me to leave you all by yourself.

Yukina-san, you don't mind if we have a panda in the hut right? I'll take care of it by myself. On the other hand, I better start thinking about what to do once it gets bigger...


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