Oct. 12th, 2010 09:42 pm
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[You may be wandering about the island, enjoying your day or going about your daily business, when something might catch your eye! It could be a certain shonen dumbass who hasn't been seen around in a few days, wading through the ocean and trying to wring out his now soaked clothes.

...or it could be the massive blue phoenix-like creature who happens to be trailing after him as well!]

Dammit! Of all the holes I had to find that led me back here, it had to be the one in the stupid ocean! Could a dimensional distortion be in any place more inconvenient?! Hell, if I didn't know any better, I'd say someone up there hated me...

...oi, Puu, wouldja quit following me around? I know you're real happy I'm back and all, but you're gonna ruin the surprise if that old hag realizes you're not over in her little compound of terror.

Speaking of cranky old ladies...[He finally glances around, apparently just taking in the scenery now] ...when'd she do a tropical renovation? Knew she had a beach hidden around here, but those palm trees are definitely a new touch...


...and those dingoes too...

[And then the cogs begin to turn, as it slowly begins to dawn]


...oh you got to be kidding me.



--okay, but seriously, YUSUKE IS NOW CANON-UPDATED *A*b To almost-post-series, to be exact! Meaning he was pulled right before seeing his crew again on Genkai's beach, nearly three years after he went to Demon World :(b He doesn't look any different (save for being much cleaner and a few different scars), but for those who can sense energy--he will feel like a fucking tank. THANK YOU TRAINING WITH STRETCHY BALD MEN AWWW YEEEEEAAAHHH-- he's also a little less angry and more at ease with himself as a whole, so those who know him well enough will be able to pick up on that '3' AND HE DOES HAVE HIS MEMORIES they're just...slowly coming back at the moment is all :(]


Sep. 12th, 2010 09:55 pm
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So, while we're all on the trend of asking each other random questions...

... what do you do when you think about someone from home?


Aug. 17th, 2010 01:37 pm
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[Now here is someone who hasn't been seen around in a while--one (1) Yusuke Urameshi is making his way across the beach, jacket filled with various fruits slung over his shoulder to boot. There's nothing out of the ordinary about this picture (minus the fact he's actually doing work for once) but as he continues on, more and more things seem off. His gait is slightly sluggish, as if he'd just exhausted himself from a strenuous exercise, and every so often, he pauses his trek to put a hand over where his heart would be. Frowning as if he's distracted by something, he resumes his walk, only to repeat the process a few minutes later.]

Dammit...bad enough this place decided to go all tribal on us without warning, but now this? You'd think after years of having this thing ticking, it wouldn't feel so weird, but...sheesh.

[Care to interrupt his musings?]


May. 9th, 2010 08:12 pm
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[ Even though it's down-pouring like no tomorrow, amongst the loud thunder an even louder sound can be heard. Namely an old woman standing beside a large pit with an umbrella held over her head as glares up at her successor. ] --I don't care that this living rock decided to up and kidnap you before you could get to the Demon World. Just because you haven't been able to find Raizen doesn't mean you can slack off while you're here!

Dammit, Grandma, what did you expect me to do, fight the gorillas?! There's no one strong enough here!

I'm not asking you to defeat anybody! I'm telling you to keep up with your training even without any opponents around! It's called self-discipline, which is something you are severely lacking in!

Maybe I might have hit my head one too many times, but throwing me into a pit of wild animals doesn't seem to fall under that category!

Keeping your spirit energy under control is a significant part of your training! And that includes showing restraint when defending against other living beings! Now get in the pit!

Unless getting rabies is some new spirit energy technique I missed out on, there's no way in HELL I'm--HEY HEY DON'T PUSH GAAAHHH--!

[ With the umbrella held over head with her left arm still held out, she's staring down the pit. ] And don't come out until I say so, dimwit!

((GENKAI AND YUSUKE DOUBLE POST \O/ come and stare in horror, laugh at his pain, etc etc etc YOU ALL KNOW THE DRILL--also they'll be tagging separately!

EDIT-- both of us are out for the night but I'll get to them in the morning and Mae at work/break xOb))
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[So, you're going about your normal business during the festival; eating, chatting, getting harassed by the game stalls, or finding a very convenient corner to cry in after one of the more...special events.

SUDDENLY! A figure appears in front of you, spray paint in hand, with a rather...diabolical grin on their face]

Submit yourself, minion! Since I, Yusuke Urameshi, Overlord of evil and the zombie masses, will make you into my slaaaave!


[Do you:
a) surrender yourself over to the zombie army
b) make a break for it
c) ???

((Allllrighty, here be your Zombie Tag thread, guys *w*

Here's how it works: Tag with your character, and either Yusuke, Kukai or Oboro will attempt to "zombify" your character by spraying them with thankfully washable paint, to keep track of who was caught and who wasn't! Of course, since this IS a game of tag, feel free to have your character give them a run for their money/avoid being caught/be taken by surprise/etc etc.

Since this will span the entire festival, if you see any characters your character would like to tag and they've gotten caught in a previous thread, feel free to tag them! TIME PARADOXES ARE A-OKAY HERE. Threadhop to your heart's content, and have fun!))


Feb. 7th, 2010 08:16 pm
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--God dammit...second year in a row now? Really? Don't know what half this island is on, but if they keep voting me for that retarded category, I might just have to find out.

I don't even know where the hell to stick this other one now! Tch'...oh well. Might as well use it as a shiny doorstop or something.

...Oi! Miki, Maki, you can't be playin' around here! Daddy's got hot stuff boiling, and if you get burned, don't say I didn't warn you! MAKOOOO! Pick up the girls or something, I got a customer!

...so. What was it you wanted, again?

[whooo ramen/cake/flower shop a-gogo \o/ Yusuke and Makoto will both be tagging, and these runts will probably be bothering people too :( Order something, shoot the breeze, congratulate him on being most topped again, whatever -3-b]


Jan. 19th, 2010 07:56 pm
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[If you're cruising near the forest sometime during the day, you might spot your local shonen retard chillaxing against one of the trees! However, if you get a better look, you'll see that he's actually (GASP) deep in thought. Count this as one of your lucky days, since this doesn't happen quite often.]

...I don't get it. I thought I had this all figured out! I mean... okay, I wasn't an expert at it or anything, but at least I knew the basics... A little...

What the hell do girls really like, anyway?!


Dec. 5th, 2009 06:50 pm
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[If you happen to not be attending a certain noodle's birthday party today, you might be surprised to spot another birthday cake within the eastern vicinity of the island! A rather large cake, that is to say; one big enough to be roughly the size of a hut, all prettied up with pink icing and green rose detailing.

On the side of this cake, there's a note propped up against it.]

Dear Makoto!

Happy 18th birthday~! A big age requires an even bigger cake, so we hope you enjoy! ♥

--PS, you might have become a woman today, but don't wear out your gift too much, okay? ♥

[And, if on cue, one (1) shonen retard is now falling on his face, right out of it, clad in only these and a green ribbon tied around his neck.]

..... ..... ....

....OH MY GOD.

((OOC- SO. Once upon a time, Ikki told Yusuke he was gonna end up inside his girlfriend's birthday cake. GUESS WHAT TODAY IS. I regret nothing ;w; But! Both Yusuke and Makoto are going to tag, so feel free to stare in horror/provide comfort to the birthday girl/laugh at the spectacle/etc etc etc. AND THE CAKE IS EDIBLE MKAY 8[))
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[You're enjoying your mostly pleasant day on island: the monkeys aren't bothering you, the weather is beautiful, and everything is peachy keen.

...until a very un-lady like screech echoes across the island]

Shinku, I know we're friends and all, but this is NOT how I wanted to freakin' get to know you better!


Goddammit, I thought being stuck in Hiei was bad, but WHAT THE HELL?! Is the island paying me back in some messed up karmic form for making fun of his height or something?!

Yusuke, I--

And how the FUCK do you move in these ruffles, I swear, wearing a tablecloth would be ten times easier than wearing this excuse of an outfit! And don't even get me STARTED on this thing on your head!

Yusuke, for goodness sake, let me speak for a moment. It is of utmost importance if we are to endure our current situation.

Yeah? I'm not sure if I can stay CALM about being in YOUR body for Christ's... This feels so damn CREEPY. Anyways, what's so important?

As long as you're in my body... Don't ruin my hair.

. . . . . . . . . .

[ooc: Shinku and Yusuke are bodyswitch'ed! Both will be tagging separately, laugh, pity, stare whatever. EDIT: Yusuke-mun is out for tonight, Shinku will still be tagging]


Sep. 19th, 2009 07:10 pm
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[Meanwhile, in the middle of the forest, have one (1) oddly giddy shonen retard HANGING OFF GAIUS' ARM. Clearly someone has had one too many spikes of adrenaline to the head today.]

HAHAH--! Hell yeah, this is my kind of event! 'Bout time this damn place gives us some decent things to beat up! I was afraid I was gonna get rusty by just punching dingos...!

...hey, HEEEEY! Did I tell you to move yet?! Stay the fuck still so I know where to punch you, dammit! Sheesh!

((HOW COULD I NOT RESIST POSTING THIS 8( but feel free to gawk/join in/etc!))


Sep. 12th, 2009 07:22 pm
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[Oh, it's a lovely island afternoon, isn't it? The sky is blue, the temperature isn't killing you, and unless you're hindered by handcuffs, there's absolutely nothing to worry about! And even if you were unlucky enough to be evented today, at least you have some peace and quiet to sit and figure out a way to get them off, right?


Cue one incredibly loud, incredibly horrified scream echoing from the eastern end of the island, one that will probably not end any time soon.

It looks like someone found out who they were stuck to today!

Ohohohoho~! That's one way for a man to wake up! ♥

((RENGE AND YUSUKE HANDCUFFENS *3*b Keywords were never so relevant sob TAT Both will be tagging separately so have a ball!))


Aug. 14th, 2009 06:46 pm
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Hahahaha...Keiko, you slowpoke! I'm so gonna beat you to the river, just wat--


...huh? Hey, where'dja go? I wasn't running THAT fast... We're not playing hide and seek, y'know, you can't change games out of nowhere!

Wait...I kinda remember this place! When Ma was late to pick me up and there were those doggies and those cool superheroes and that really nice lady who gave me food! Yeah, I think that's it! Maybe they're still here too! There's more kids than last time, tho'.

...woooooah! What's that?! Is it a penguin or something...? Hey, where are you going?? Come back! Heeeeeey--!!

((THE RETURN OF THE MINIDETECTIVE IS UPON US :|b He's pretty much auraless/powerless since...derp derp pre-powers and all that, and he remembers a bit from the FOY stint to boot :( Currently chasing after a chibi'd!Puu so feel free to join/play/talk WHATEVER))


Jun. 19th, 2009 06:46 pm
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Ha...hahaha...goddamn, I can't believe this took me so fucking LONG.

This is a trap, isn't it? This is one, big, stupid, shitty TRAP. I can't believe I actually fell for that retarded joke of an excuse too! Oh, a crazy island that just happens to kidnap me, one of the major threats to the human realm, right before I jump into a portal THEY created to get me out of their hair.

Well, bravo, guys! You actually had me going for a while! Guess nothing's too big when you got KING ENMA pulling the strings! Hell, you even disguised some of your assassins to look like my friends, now isn't that nice.

But guess what. Game's fucking over. I don't know how long you all've been planning to settle in and off me when the moment's just right, but I'm not playing any longer.

Any of you assholes think of getting within ten feet of me is getting their spine made into a necklace, and that's being kind.

((SO YEAH GUESS WHO JUST GOT LEVEL 4'D :( I-I would have left it for Saturday but since I'll be scarce this weekend, I figured I should get this done now ;3;/ annnnnyway, thanks to paranoia, he...now thinks the island is some territory (YYH-speak for psychic mind-fuck fields) that the Spirit World set up to off him :( NEEDLESS TO SAY THERE WILL BE BLOODSHED. And...since he's not holding back, chances are your character could get killed, so just let me know in the thread if you want that to happen or not :(( b ))


Apr. 25th, 2009 10:04 pm
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Alright, this is it, you hear me? This time, you're going down!

Okay, so it was up, down, tap B and...

C'mon, c'mooooon....just one more, and...

...AUUUUUGHHH, DAMMIT! Whatever demon marketers did the controls for this game are gonna get their asses kicked! I mean, seriously, you can't make a fucking game where you can't even control YOURSELF! Not to mention when Kuwabara of all people is the easiest to control, sheesh!

Still, didn't think there was a game like THIS though. Guess those publicity guys behind the tournaments really wanted a keepsake, huh? Dunno how the island managed to get me this, but it sure as hell beats that girly stuff they dumped on me for my birthday last year. Huh, now that I think of it...did my birthday pass? Man, I don't even know, and that's kinda sad.

Well, I'll give it this; at least I can beat up Hiei to my heart's content. Even if it's getting really, REALLY stupid right about now.

((SO! Yusuke's birthday was on the 18th aaaaand the island stuck THIS GAME on his laptop as a gift ;w;b Along with the annoying combos and dorky voice acting and everything, yes. Aaaaaalso he's sporting a fist-shaped burn mark on his cheek since Hiei punched him once Moe Note wore off and it's still traumatizing DON'T MENTION IT Dx Soooo feel free to watch/bother/try the game/etc YOU KNOW THE DEAL. Also, as always, tags will be funky since I have sleep and work and all that :())


Mar. 26th, 2009 09:16 pm
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Fuck, that old man's bite took WAY too damn long to heal...this better not mean I'm getting weak being here or someth--

....the hell?



....it's been THAT long? Least the clothes aren't half bad, but GOD DAMN.

((DERP DERP GUESS WHO FORGOT THEIR CHARACTER'S ANNIVERSARY--anyway, Yusuke's been here a year now! WITHOUT DYING! so he got some new clothes and there's cake and everything \o/ That sign is hanging above his hut, soooo feel free to join in for some cake/hang out/bother/YOU KNOW THE DEAL. And as always, tagging will be slow since I get topped by stuff :())


Mar. 7th, 2009 07:50 pm
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....okay, I don't know if the island got REALLY bored or what, but wherever the hell all of you newbies came from gotta scram. NOW. I'm not in the best moods today, and IF ANYONE MESSES UP THE HUT, THERE'S A SPIRIT BULLET UP YOUR ASS IN STORE. And NO, I don't care if Makoto made that banquet or not, it's still my turf.


...though if there's any extra mes out there, you gotta pay up for a face-sharing fee. There can't be this many good-looking guys on the rock, after all~

Other than that, BUZZ OFF. A certain blabbermouth is about to get their ass kicked, and it could get ugly.

((SO. A certain someone told another certain someone about a certain someone else back in YYH land and yeah :( GDIT KURAMA XO But feel free to bother/talk/harass anyway *A*b))


Feb. 23rd, 2009 08:14 pm
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....right, you know, usually about this time I'd be complaining about this. You know, the whole "Island-jacking-all-of-my-shirts-out-of-nowhere" thing? Punishment because YOU didn't bother figuring out what that fucking key was?

But you know what? For once, I'll keep my mouth shut. You know why?


....because at least I'm not stuck in THAT, ahahah~


...shut up.

((Double post for Fakir and Yusuke--! why am I doing so many of these-- Siiiiince they both were stupid and failed to do the locket event, Yusuke gets gratuitous fanservice lost all his shirts and Fakir's in a tutu :( FEEL FREE TO GAWK/BOTHER/ETC \o/ also, as always, tags may be spotty due to work/sleep/etc on my end ;3;))
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Listen, I'm sorry, okay? Besides, it's one little kitten!

Which I'm going to wind up taking care of. Just like all the other pets.

Oh, hush. Go corral the kids while I open the store.


Yuuichiro,Maki,Miki, be good for daddy! Time for mommy to help out the island~!

((OOC: Here are pics of the kiddos.Double post with Yusuke! Separate threads! They run a convenient store, a.k.a ramen shop/flowery store/bakery. But we both have limited computer times, so expect slow tags ^^; ))


Jan. 15th, 2009 08:29 pm
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....you SURE you don't have the key for this thing?

I told you, I don't...though, now that I'm looking...have you gotten taller?

What...? Hahahah, looks like I have~! 'Bout damn time, I'll say. Looks like you'll have to catch up, Makoto~

...I said taller, not taller than me. Look!



Nope, looks like I'm winning. Hey, maybe I'm taller if I put my hair up higher...

Will you let me just win this for once??

((Yusuke and Makoto double post--! Just walking along the beach, so bother them if you like *A*// and Yusuke has a locket so you can tease him about that =A=b Tag order will be You --> Makoto --> Yusuke, btw /o/ Tags might lag on my end thanks to work and etc though =A=;;))


Dec. 16th, 2008 07:06 pm
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Oooookay, let's see...this pole goes here, and that one goes there and this one goes...? Ah dammit, how did Souji do this last time...?

...dammit, something's telling me trying to start that extra room with all this snow around ain't the best idea. I think having friends back here for the holidays wasn't the best idea island, you heard? Not complaining though, but fuck, this hut isn't gonna hold all of us at this rate...

Aaaaah, screw it, it can wait 'til later. Not bothering to get sick like last time we got snow, noooope. Holidays are for relaxation and stuff, and I don't wanna break the tradition~

...though are floating plants a new quirk here or have I been missing something? KNOW I've seen it before, but I can't put my tongue on it...hahaha, maybe this place will send in Kurama next and I'll get some expert advice!

Oi, and Phoenix Wrong or whatever your name is! Get your ass over here so I can finish this Secret Santa thing, alright?

((derp derp currently outside the YYH hut after attempting and so far failing to build an extra room (since yaaaaaaaay for Trunks and Kuwabara being here) and chillaxing *3*b P-Plus has some mistletoe floating near him so feel free to mistletoe-thread here /o/ aaaand as always slow tags may be slow thanks to work/sleep/etc |Da))


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