Jan. 7th, 2009


Jan. 7th, 2009 09:04 am
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Really, it's kind of rude to steal a lady's clothes while she's sleeping, don't you think? It's a bit of an inconvenience, but at least the snow's gone, so I won't have to worry about that!

Still, if anyone has seen my clothes, I'd appreciate it. I'm sure not everyone wants to see me running around like this, after all.

((the best part of waking up is semi-naked Judith saying sup--))
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Mmn, not usually up this early...th' hell'd I wake up for again?...right, right. Shouldn't be too hard to find something dece--

...wait, what the hell--?! Oh, this is just--damnit. And another tally on the list of embarrassing moments of my life. Another day of hanging out in the cave, then.

((Ed is out in the forest around his cave looking for food...or at least he was, until he realized he was lacking in the pants and shirt he was wearing last night. Kid doesn't wake up very well.))
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While everyone goes off in a frenzy about their missing clothes, I'll just stay here and work on the library, da ze~ I'll just keep the cameras all over the island on with the Anti-Barrier, da ze~ And I'll just keep mine on too. This goes in this and that goes in that and those go in the trash~ Ku ku kuuuu~ Oh right, better take these too, no one likes old doujinshi in a library, da ze~ Not that anyone here does, but who cares about that. Should also trash that no good doujinshi guy's stuff that he left in here~ Ku ku kuuu~ With all of this crap, I could probably have enough to make half a mini-planet for Taichou. Maybe it'd end up crashing down on the island like the moon, da ze~

Nyo nyonyo~ I might have to redo the entire catalogue, da ze~ Dewey is getting very old fashioned. Maybe if I feel like translating the system to Keron Standard and then redo the order of the books it could be done~ The anti-barrier will be much handier in that case. At least anyone walking by would probably freak out.

Bleh-- Love stories. Trash~!

Cut for decently long OOC comment )


Jan. 7th, 2009 02:33 pm
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If I'm quiet enough, maybe I can hide before anyone notices...

.........Why do I have a feeling the chances of that successfully happening are low...?

((Currently trying to hide before anyone notices state of undress, sob. Please note that this post will most likely contain slight Persona 4 spoilers! 8|b))
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Ugh... mmm... huh?

... why am I outside?

... No wait, where are my clothes?

... ... What the hell is going on here? Did I get thrown out or something...? But why were my clothes taken?
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.   .   .

E-Er.  The circumstances concerning my attire is in itself a frustration; my lack of equipment and weaponry is especially troubling  Even so, I could overcome those obstacles with little difficulty.

However, this situation is now far more compromising.  If I had my knife, this would be simple, and...hngh.  This knot has been expertly executed; escaping through my own efforts may be an impossibility.


((Sousuke is magically
hanging upside-down from a tree branch by a rope tied around his ankles.  Help!  Or, uh, not.  Your call, really.))

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Why, I dare say I feel a draft! Yes, yes. In fact, I feel such a brisk wind blowing through my nether regions I may even go so far as to say I very well may be naked! But wait, what is that, you say? I am?! Hahahahaha! Why, if that is not the most convenient happening in quite some time!

So, come one, come all! Join me in our gathering of "au naturale"!

That is, unless those here are so insecure they would not be caught dead in such a predicament! Which, if that happens to be the case, I would be more than happy to deal a swift blow to a vital organ so you would be far more concerned with your well being than that of your state of dress! Hahahaha!
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... w-why is the hut so far away? Maybe I can just stay behind these trees until it gets dark.

[sob she has the cutest underwear TAT;;]
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I don't see why so many people seem so embarrassed~ It's only a little skin, after all. Actually, I think this feels quite nice~ the temperature is perfect, there's a lovely breeze, and even the moon looks nice tonight. I almost feel like howling at it!

... Mm, maybe after I've cleaned my tail.

((Guess who goes commando.))
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... ... ...

Wh... What is the meaning of this!?! I-I demand that my clothes be returned this instant!!

((Sexy sexy Mitsuru has awesome timing for getting swept up onto Island :( so yes she is in her undies trying to cover herself and BEWARE-- she has this username for a reason D8 And speaking of which, this is Anna using our old Mitsuru's journal!))
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I've looked everywhere... I even looked around Russia's house in case there were any clues... but I can't find our pants anywhere, so guys...

Hey guys~~! Come on! It's time for another expedition! Bring the boat around! Whoever finds the Motherload of Pants is the WINNER! Let's go!

((fear not for he's at least keeping himself covered))
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Can this island get any more humiliating? Really? I'm shocked they gave us the mercy of undergarments at all.


At least there are some far worse off than I am.

[ooc; UK, being the epitome of sexy dressing that he is, is in boxers, a white tank top, and garter socks.]
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Ah. I got it. It's to be worn like this as such. To proudly display what is rightfully mine to everyone else... of course, I don't need such a thing to say what is already known. And a mongrel like yourself should know that by now too that wearing this cloth is proof enough that she belongs to me.

That's enough. You're wrong, King of Heroes. I won't let you let disgrace Saber any longer! That's why I'll be wearing it like SO!

W-what the-- Wearing it like that shows a more intimate relations... dammit! Why didn't I think of that first?! That filthy mongrel! A brave move, I'll admit that.

((Adult!Gil and Shirou post and will be tagging separately, the two of them found moe bath towels of Saber on them and well... they are pretty much doingthis. Yeah, enjoy that.))
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KYAAAAH!!! This is horrible! It looks like a lot of people have lost their clothes! Oh and I just HAD to be coming out from taking a bath in the hot springs! Where could the rest of my clothes be? I don't have anything else except...


...Wow. The fig leaves really ARE coming in handy after all. Better yet, maybe I could wear that thing I got last Valentine's Day if I can't find my clothes by then.

[ooc: Hiding behind trees-- and yes the fig leaves are covering the womanly parts. Tags might be slow.]


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