Mar. 7th, 2009


Mar. 7th, 2009 10:09 am
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Well, it looks as though the island felt a little lonely! Best to lay low for awhile, Ba'ul. I can't say I've ever seen it bring so many people at once, though. Or is the island spared from blame this time?

Hmm... it would be nice if Karol and Repede tagged along, but nonetheless, I suppose I should say welcome on the behalf of Brave Vesperia! Also please watch your step, the wildlife probably won't take kindly to so many visitors.
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[have a loli pointing at some dingos dear islanders; and beside her a midget in blue /o/] Lag! What are those?

Uwaaa... It's so bright out here--Oh, they're dingos--

--! But there aren't any other Letter Bees around...!

A-aah, they're not that type of d--

It's inexcusable for a dingo to be parted from her Letter Bee! They aren't fit to be dingos!

N, Niche, calm down... they're growling at us...||||||

They're disgraceful, and if they want to attack us, Niche will show them how a true dingo protects her Letter Bee!

N-Niche, that's not...!

((ooc: double intro post for Lag and Niche /o/ Pink is Niche and blue is obviously Lag :> so you'll see one loli with crazy hair going after a bunch of dingos; also they'll be tagged separately so one thread for Niche/your character and one for Lag/etc etc))
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Now then. Come to me, alternate version platoon. I know you're out there, da ze~ Come to me, my pretties~

Prier, I'm taking over your home for a bit, leave me alone.
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Ehehe~! There's suddenly a lot more people~ Aah, it's going to get crowded if this keeps up...It's so nice to see so many people together in one place, though. I hope no fights break out~... I wonder if any comrades of mine are here...Ehehe~ Or maybe Lithuania finally showed up~ He's really, really late...That's not very nice of him.

Ah, hello everyone~ Добрый день! I hope you enjoy your stay here~.
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I understand that there are events and happenings that certainly cannot be helped, here, but have some dignity about the manner in which you handle things.

To wit, it's almost as noisy as it can be when those infernally bothersome tabloids are released. Deal with the trouble and return to your former quiet--others are working and prefer to continue doing so undisturbed.

And to the island, the same goes for you. There is a limit to how annoying you're allowed to be. Either blow up that blasted mountain and rain your goods, or return to dormancy and allow us the humidity needed to--ow. Blast this traitorous blade, I have half a mind to chuck it to sea!

Anyway, if anyone intends to eat at the hut, tonight, its best they bring in their contributions. Preferably pre-cooked should it be meat. Vegetation is my limit. If you do not, then I'll take this to mean you wanted only salads for dinner. Now, the next instructions on this laptop say--say.... What the devil is this? Where'd my cooking instructions go--you infernal laptop!

((Hahaha long time no post. She's cranky because Cooking Meido is gone and job kept me from replying this week but IT PRINTED MONEY~, and because island's suddenly hot and noisy. If you have a laptop and look up "cooking", Anyway HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BAR OF SAND THAT AUSTRALIA STILL WON'T CALL BACK. I'll be in and out all weekend. ♥

ETA: Dragged out to movies, back later x_x))
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Geez, I get lost for a few days and suddenly it's a lot more crowded around here. Oh well, more people means more friends. Maybe I'll even run into some of my friends of the Academy.

Anyway, everyone who just showed up today, my name is Raspberyl, but please call me Beryl. I'm a freshman and the number one delinquent of Nether Institute Evil Academy and a current resident of the island. I'm sorry to say this but you'll be stuck here for awhile. Luckily, I'm here to help you all get accustomed to this place like any badass would. Any questions would be appreciated.

((Still pretty much on hiatus, but there's no way I'd miss this.))
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Well, as long as it's they don't step on the gardens, it's not too bad...Boys, be on good behavior! And you know who I'm talking to!

Now then...for all of our sudden new residents, I've made a big welcome banquet! Come and enjoy our island's delicious bounty! And don't worry about running out, I'll just cook up some more. me a favor, and don't go near the coconuts if you're underage, okay? And don't make fun of the boys near the hut. Really. For your own good.

((OOC: A large banquet table has been set up for 4th Wall Day! Tropical fruits, sandwhiches, curry, chocolates, cake, and other island oddities.))

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Attention! I request that any and all people who go by the name of 'Lancer' or 'Caster' or people with similar names, as well as the people behind them, to identify themselves and to not act upon any urge to attack during their time here. It will only cause unnecessary worry and stress.

There. That should be enough to get some attention.

((I CALL FOR A LARGE ASS TYPE-MOON POST! Even if Saber called out for F/SN people, if you have anyone else from Nasuworks, feel free to join in.))
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Well, well, just in time! Today's the perfect day for some great fun, don't you think? We've got this whole island all to ourselves-- it's like a beach paradise! Where's the fun, the action, the party of a lifetime?

So I'll tell you what-- Risette's gonna show you that even though we're stuck on this totally crazy island, we can still liven it up and we can enjoy this place! That goes for everybody, whether you've been here forever or just got here two minutes ago! C'mon, I promise I won't let you down! Okay? ♥

[ooc; ololol ~*beach party post*~, of course. that means get in your bikinis bathing suits and get in the damn water or make sand castles or get drunk off of coconuts etc. also there is music and food (including watermelon GO BREAK THEM) and. whatever you kids want at this thing okay now go crazy and I expect lots of mingling from you people GO GO GO. eta: okay I am taking a short break to like, eat and shower and stuff, but after I'm done with that I'll get back to tags. Keep mingling though!]
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Tch. Figures it gets even more crowded.

[[Taking refuge from the crowds in a tree. Bother at will. o/; Tags will be off and on because I am doing housework.]]
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Of course. The only day I manage to accept the quietness of this island and it is to be ruined by the sudden mass of invaders coming for whatever reason they want. If the majority of you are planning to stay here, then answer me these now:

If you possess a gift of magic, name them to me and how to learn it.

Tell me the way you had arrived to this island and how you plan to leave in full detail.

And lastly, if you know of a platinum blond haired magician in red that answers to the name of 'Rouge', tell of his last known whereabouts. That is all.
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....... many people. Startling the ducks.
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Whooooa, look at all these people coming outta nowhere! This is just like last time too when Mir came around the first time.

Oh hey, Lady Shurelia, you think we should prepare some things ready like very one else is? I know there are like two places giving out food and other stuff already but never hurts to grathmeld a couple more things in case we might see some new or familiar faces.

I wonder if Aurica, Misha and the others are here too somewhere? Oh yeah, speaking of grathmelding, I think I got this finally done! Hey Roxis, you still around? I've made some improvements on the [Electro-Protecto Gloves] so we can test them out!
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Haha, wooooow, so many people! Didn't something like this happen last year, too? It would've been nice if I knew who was coming; I already miss the guys back home. Maybe I could find a copy of me like I did last time, haha. Hm, I wonder what it would be like to play baseball with myself, or have a match. Would be interesting, yeah?

Ouch, that crack didn't sound too good. I think I'm getting a little rusty.

((One Yamamoto randomly jogging and saying hi to anyone he meets. Feel free to stop him for a chat!))
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...[You would think, with all the years I've been here and gone through this day, that I'd lock myself up in the cave and not come out for a long time.]

This is where a lot of people from home show up for a day, right? [Along with a lot of other strange people...] Anyway, nice to meet you all. Enjoy your stay, because you're all the lucky ones that are pretty much guaranteed to only be here for a few days at most.

If there's anyone from my world in that big crowd, I wouldn't mind saying hello.
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Geez, there's a lot of people around today, what's up?

Wait a minute... Heeeey, it's like that time last year, isn't it?

Alright! Finally some excitement!

I wonder how many me's will show up this time~? Maybe I can do better than last year!
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If any of you people see me running around with short hair, that is actually NOT ME. Well, okay, I guess it is me since it's me, but it's not me me so... Ergh this is making my head hurt...

ANYWAY. Short haired me's should be avoided at all costs for they are made of the stuff that makes baby rappigs cry. ... or something. I don't know but the point is they should be ignored. I'm the original Luke who has always been here so OTHERS ARE IMPOSTERS.

And uh, that's it. Move along. But don't move along to talk to a short hair me. That's not cool.


Mar. 7th, 2009 07:50 pm
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....okay, I don't know if the island got REALLY bored or what, but wherever the hell all of you newbies came from gotta scram. NOW. I'm not in the best moods today, and IF ANYONE MESSES UP THE HUT, THERE'S A SPIRIT BULLET UP YOUR ASS IN STORE. And NO, I don't care if Makoto made that banquet or not, it's still my turf.


...though if there's any extra mes out there, you gotta pay up for a face-sharing fee. There can't be this many good-looking guys on the rock, after all~

Other than that, BUZZ OFF. A certain blabbermouth is about to get their ass kicked, and it could get ugly.

((SO. A certain someone told another certain someone about a certain someone else back in YYH land and yeah :( GDIT KURAMA XO But feel free to bother/talk/harass anyway *A*b))
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All of you new arrivals, I want you to split yourselves into two groups.  On my left, anyone who thinks themself to be a potent fighter.  On my right, everybody else.  Got it?


...if you're on my right at this point, piss off and get out of my sight.  I'm not wasting my time with you.

The rest of you, line up and fight me.  There has to be someone who's competent enough to be more than just a damn punching bag.

((ooc: Just an FYI, you can poke him even if you're not a fighter.  He'll just be very annoyed ;; ))

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Damn, it's getting crowded around here.

Okay, listen up. Anyone who needs a drink, come by the bar. I think there's still some stuff that doesn't grow on the trees. Or you can bring your own coconuts and mix yourself some fancy drink. Just don't ask for one of those stupid paper umbrellas.

And just 'cause I'm tending bar doesn't mean I want to hear about your problems. I couldn't care less.

((Tag, mingle, start a bar fight, whatever. XD))
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Wow, it's like there's pizza in a weight watchers convention. It just exploded in here! H-hey, nobody go in the ruins, I called them, all the stuff in there is mine! if there are any more stuff to loot anyway.

Huh, if there's a ton of new people here, then maybe Shino-Sis is around!


HEY! If anyone's seen a girl with super black hair and wearing a ninja outfit like mine only violet or purple or whatever, tell her Izuna's looking for her! I'll... give whoever finds her... something nice. yeah, just a nice things, we all could use nice things, right?
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Kuhahahahaha!! A masterpiece if there ever was one! Don't you agree?

Oi... How can you say that seriously?

Who asked you!?

Eh!? You did! Right, Cecil-san!?

Well, actually, I agree with her. It does look good considering how fast we threw it together, but... Why am I helping you guys again?

Because of we're neighbors!

GAH! S-Stay away from me!

... But why am I helping?

Both of you! Stop talking and hand out the flyers!!

((SUDDENLY. THERE IS A GIANT BANNER ON THE BEACH with a small group of people giving out flyers that just say MORITA TRAVEL AGENCY WELCOMES YOU. Green font is Mion, orange is Guy, and red is Kiyomaro! But any of Shadow, Cierra, Mion, Simon, Saya, Kiyo, Ruby, and Guy will be tagging, among others! Since I am on hiatus and all this is sort of a placeholder for my threads BUT feel free to threadhop amongst yourselves whilst I am away!!!))
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[[HELLO, here is the "official post announcing the start of the island birthday celebration"! Morita is back and broke the fourth wall using his trusty steed 8)! COME SPAM THIS POST and the other island posts too. ALSO, read the rules/guidelines! Don't expect Morita to reply to every single thread in this post btw because gd that would be hard :(]]


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