Mar. 27th, 2009

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Mar. 27th, 2009 12:34 pm
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It looks like Rita went back... which means returning is possible, just unlikely. Still, she must be relieved to be back home, and she's capable of handling herself, so there's no point in worrying.

But this is a surprise! Ahahaha, I must be out of practice after all this time! And my cooking skills needed work, too; that must have given the island the idea. Well, then I guess I should humor it.

Welcome, sir! My name is Judith and I'll be serving you today! It's rather hot out, so would you like to cool off with some refreshing raspberry sorbet, or perhaps tomato soup and sandwiches would more suit your fancy?

... Hm. The chest area is a little tight. If this costume stays, I'll have to do some readjustments.

((Judith has been put into her waitress/maid outfit for the day and has done a whole bunch of cooking so stop on by. PROTIP: IT'S EDIBLE AND DELICIOUS.))
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Hmmm, let's see here... I suppose this is the part of the game where I stand around in an open area and ask something like "Has anyone seen my submarine?", right? While I'm sure that would let me meet many wonderful people, I'm afraid that's not an option for me. I already know the answer, and I'd hate to make a spectacle of myself on my very first day.

... Oh well, since it is some sort of tradition here to get all the attention you can when you first arrive, and since I am on a forced vacation now, I'll play along. It might be fun. Now how to go about it and get her attention all at the same time... I've got it!

You there. Yes, you by the fire! Which way to the hot springs?

((Hao intro! Please read over and reply to THIS POST if you haven't already. Also there is mysteriously a very large fire that somehow just randomly appeared on the beach. What a twist!))
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... ... ... That's strange, I was certain this was the way to the library. It was through the forest, if I'm not mistaken. Maybe I should have... taken a left turn at that large tree instead of a right. Well okay, so this direction leads to the cliffs. I'll just go back.

... ... ... The volcano? I wonder how I wound up here. This way was supposed to go back to the house... I think. I'm pretty sure I came from this direction. ... Mm, I got it now. Go back to the large tree in the forest and then go south west. Right, I got it this time!

... ... ...

...The island... has a lake? Don't tell me I'm completely lost...

((master of getting lost, Shurelia :< She wound up at Kodama Lake after a few misturns Edit: Off to sleep, tags resume in the morning... or afternoon))
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Y-yeah... *hic* Tha's good. I didn't think I'd find all these drinks in the middle of the forest... I never heard'a these. Moun... Moun'n Mojo? Wha... I dunno.

Heeey! *wave wave* Want some?

(Lucia is drunk off Mountain Mojo, the Island-brand pop. Mermaid biology is messed up that way.)


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