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[The former Queen can be found on the beach, practicing her sword skills with sword in hand, making thrusts forward, parrying with the air, and shrinking back every so often quickly, as if dodging a move. She has her long hair braided and once again her dress is lifted a little and pinned so that she can move more freely.

Feel free to go up and try to talk to her.

You just might come this close to the point on her sword if you take her by surprise.]
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[Arika's walking on the beach, a bit of her dress's skirt lifted and pinned so it won't get wet when she walks a little out to where the tide's coming in. The wet sand feels good between her toes, and the water's cool when it laps over her feet. It's...somewhat therapuetic.]
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[There is a lovely, mysterious woman walking about the island. She is wearing a form-fitting elegant-yet-simple dress, with a sheathed sword at her hip, with a cloak about her thin form, the cloak's hood pulled up to keep the sun out of her eyes as the woman looks at her surroundings.

What a very mysterious person.]



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