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*And somewhere on the beach, a lone demon and a pretty boy keyblade wielder stand. Staring at the titanic as it sails off into the distance.*

... ... ...

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[ And so, the sun sets on another beautiful day on the island.

A large 'HAPPILY MARRIED' banner is draped across the end of the Titanic, sitting magnificently in the dock, good as new. The gorilla boat crew is quick and happy to reassure you there are no icebergs on the path of its maiden voyage.

You feel at ease, being in the hands of the good and talented captain. In the aftermath of it all, you are shore you're leaving the island a better person, the island might have been a beach at times, but altogether, maybe it wasn't so bad, even though it'll be enough weirdness to tide you over for a while, before you make waves back...

... But for now, you think you'll enjoy the buffet and the sandwhichisthere, and maybe bid some final, final goodbyes.

Happy sails ♥ ]
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[So, all of you islanders have been recovering from the horrors of the Zombie Island Mish-Mash of Nuclear AWESOME, doing your island-y things. That's cool, so has Ed, off being his usual slightly-reclusive self and blowing things up in his Gilligan-lab to pass the time. Life returns to what passes for normal here, right?

...and then there's the note. Of course your first thought is 'Oh God, another event?' as would be the logical train of thought--

Wait a minute. Wedding invitation? Of the island and--WHAT?! And on top of that you're free to leave for home or wherever you like?]

...there's no way. This has to be a trick.

(( MINGLE POST HO!!! Are you skeptical of this ~*gift from the heavens*~ as Edward is? Are you one of the insanely hopeful that shall plan for where you'll go? Need to start making tearful goodbyes to your long-time buddies? Shanghai some fellow islanders to your homeworld for nefarious purposes? Get pissed at being brought here recently just to leave? Flip out and go find some Black Materia to call down Mete--wait.

So yeah. Post, mingle, have fun! And assume this is the day of the note-arrival, obvs. Mods, if this is out of line, feel free to stake me out for the vultures. *A*b ))
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[Meanwhile over at the beach shores, there is a certain knight that was just washed up and holding onto what seems to be a box crate filled with who knows what and it's sealed tight.

Obviously his boat failed on him when he was riding home but he found some buried treasure. WHAT DO YOU DO?

1.) Check to see if he is alive
2.) Steal the loot
3.) Leave him alone
4.) Push him back into the ocean]

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[Once again, there's a disgruntled, bloodied Hakuba with bloody holes in his clothing grumping downstairs in the Inn.]

[Oh, he's got spare clothes that aren't mauled, he's just not going to worry about them at the moment.]

[If anyone saw him last time, it looks like his impalement this time was even MORE excessive.]

[Stupid Pyramid Head. Stupid angel.]
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[ There's a large white mech kneeling on one knee at the beach, with a certain young drywall standing by its foot.  If you're close enough you'll realize he's talking; what's more, the mech seems to be talking back. ]

Al, all intel points to this being the same island as last time; if Miss Renge's testimony holds true, then that's the case.  Confirm.

{Affirmative, Sergeant.  The geographical layout is identical, as well as the undefined barrier surrounding the perimeter.  This would seem to be the "Island".}

I thought so.  Nearby familiar AS units?

{Negative.  No identified units in range.}

No surprise.  Very well, then.  We should begin a sweep of the island, to confirm whether any of our former allies are still present.  Do you still have visual data on those persons?

{Affirmative.  I can recognize them on sight.  In particular, if I find Miss Hisui, should I tell her you want to give her a handshake?}

You're not funny.  In any case, please advise if any such targets are located.

(( ooc: Sousuke's officially back!  Regular font is his speech, {Bold font is Al} (the Arbalest's artificial intelligence).  Come talk to the giant robot!  Or, you know, Sousuke.  I guess. ))

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[The former Queen can be found on the beach, practicing her sword skills with sword in hand, making thrusts forward, parrying with the air, and shrinking back every so often quickly, as if dodging a move. She has her long hair braided and once again her dress is lifted a little and pinned so that she can move more freely.

Feel free to go up and try to talk to her.

You just might come this close to the point on her sword if you take her by surprise.]
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The balloon feels sorta empty... Has everyone gone on a long trip and did they forget to come back?

... This chocolate is yummy! I got lots of candy to eat.

I'll share if there's anyone who wants some though!

((OOC: Too much candy for the five year old :())
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[ Are you off Clam Island yet? Did you just make it in time? Did you cheat? ]

[ Good.

Now you can enjoy watching a nice explosion off in the distance, do a head count of who got back... and resume with your normal lives.

Oh, and Happy Halloween. ♥ ]

[ ooc; FEEL FREE TO CONTINUE BACKTAGGING OF COURSE, but also feel free to assume how far your characters progressed and got off, etc. Thus concludes the plot! o> ]
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[There will be shots heard coming from the Zoo's entrance way. Upon closer inspection would be the little king carrying one hand gun with one hand and a shotgun and a magnum just floating from his treasury/token inventory space... and talking to himself, or is he?]

Sirens and fog, huh? That certainly sounds like a cliche setting to a climax of a movie, don't you think, Enkidu? It seems that we still need to make our way across town ourselves. Ha ha, noooo no no, don't worry. I'll be fine, besides, what kind of king would I be if I lost so easily with such odds against me? Just stick with me and we'll be okay. Just because we're weaker than before doesn't mean we can't get out of problems using our brain skills.

Well Enkidu, what do you think? Shall we take a look at the zoo or try the amusement park instead? Both sounds like a good idea to me, plus we might find some better equipment there. I'm not in a rush to visit the hospital just yet. Let's not forget to pick up something to eat, Enkidu. We can't go and have too much fun on an empty stomach now, even with unholy horrors walking about.

(there may be a certain song being played that seems to be following around the mini not!FBI agent king. He is totally chill about the whole wandering around with monsters thing.)
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[ Don't you just love the sound of sirens in the morning, all throughout the city?

You probably don't.

This is your cue to get the hell out of dodge. ]

20th Sense

Oct. 28th, 2010 10:20 pm
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*Hyobu has found his way into the shopping mall, looking for what is likely a second key. He is also toting around with him a shotgun, along with two handguns. Only one of which he is actually handling himself. The other two are kind of floating about him like turrets, shooting at any zombie that comes near him with pinpoint accuracy.*

You know, I'm glad I had to come to the mall! I always was fond of Dawn of the Dead. *BANG* Though I could do without the shambling dead already being in here. Seeing how long they could keep the place secure was part of the fun.

*BANG. Sigh.* I wonder... From one to ten, how mean would it be to take a boat off of here alone once I have everything?


Oct. 27th, 2010 12:41 am
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[ Okay, so you got out of the mansion. Great, right? Now you can go on home to whatever hut you live in, and...


Wow. This is definitely not your island. And the drone of monsters just outside the fence doesn't sound like any dingo you've ever heard.

Speaking of, does that sound like someone you know? ]

[ ooc; Phase two! YOU MAY NOW TAG THIS POST WITH 4TH WALL ZOMBIES. Of course, feel free to continue threading in the mansion post! However, this post marks the beginning of the city phase. ]
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[ You didn't think the island would forget about you, would it? And about Halloween? Of course not. That's why you're waking up in a dark, spooky, strange new place.

Just where in the haunted mansion are you? That's up to you. But it's definitely not letting you go easily. ]

[ Phase one of THE EVENT. Go go go! ]
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*It is said that there are times and places for everything. Times that makes a subject either appropriate or more fitting, and places that let a subject have meaning or just enhance the mood. Let us assume, that one this rather odd island, that the correct time and place has been made. Yes, a clearing, deep in the... woods or rather, the closest thing possible. Surrounded by trees that you can barely peer through, a fire in the middle of the clearing and logs to sit on. Time? Night, the time when the lack of light alone can bring about terror from you. You may not have reason to be in this clearing, or even know that it exists. However, there are always those who feel like going for a walk and just end up coming across, those who may know of it already and want to be there or those who feel the urge to satisfy a newborn desire and enter this domain.

Here, how ever you may have come here, you will find a lady in blue robes, who carries an odd presence about her. Maybe it could do with the fact she is floating. No matter about that, as soon, the time to begin is near.*

Welcome. Tonight we will be telling ghost stories. Won't you join the fun? I'm sure everyone could tell something.

((ooc note: And of course, do feel free to threadhop for mass story funtimes.))
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[OK, so, where was he? He was in his lab. In perfect peace. Well, not really perfect peace. That would be too good. Pycal will never be in peace while he knows Lupin is out there, somewhere, alive and laughing at him.

That thought alone makes his blood boil. But what is making him really mad at the moment is the fact that he is in that stupid island. How the hell did he ever ended up here?

More importantly: how does he leave that accursed place? he has experiments to do. They aren't going to make themselves now, are they?

At least, he has his suitcase with all his paperwork and basic chemicals... But that's not even half of what he needs. He needs all the structure he had in his lab back home... If he could call that dump 'home'. He has been dedicating himself so much to that stupid formula that he didn't even care if that house was failing to pieces, as long as he could go on with his research.

And now what? He goes to this island and has to start everything from scratch? NO WAY.]

(( ooc: Approach with caution, because he sure as hell isn't happy. Not that he's ever happy, but he's particularly MAD at the moment. ))
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[You see a white wolf around the beach... Digging. It seems to have found some rather interesting things. A chewed up shoe there, a coconut shell here, even a slice of pizza!]


[There are now several deep holes thanks to yours truly. But what might catch your attention aren't those items, but rather a small pile of what seems to be comic books...

Comic books with questionable images on them. The wolf tilts its head, not quite sure what sort of art this is.]

((OOC: Island knows some past islanders tried to bury the bad doujin. Ammy brought it back up. But the doujins have changed over time, so they might star you on there :) ))
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['Jarring' didn't quite cover it. How exactly did one describe going from a small apartment in Japan to a tropical island?]

...what the hell, this again?

[That was one way to do it.]

You've got to be kidding me. [He brushed black hair from light red eyes, scowling faintly.] I thought I was done with this supernatural shit. [Said the guy whose hands were literally deadly weapons.] Not to mention Tsuya's gonna lose it if she doesn't hear from me soon, never mind what the rest of the family's gonna say.

Well...at least it's something to do. Things have been pretty boring back home, so it's like a twisted vacation. Right?

[Sniper took a breath, raising his voice somewhat.]

Urameshi? You still around? Have to admit, I almost missed driving him up a wall... Oi, Urameshi! Quit hiding from me, huh? You know it doesn't work! [A smirk played across his face--no, certainly not a smile. Kaname Hagiri didn't smile--at the idea of coming across his old adversary again.]

Actually, I should probably be careful. That moron might think I missed him or something. He's stupid enough to believe something like that, right?

[Well, he didn't have much else to do. So he leaned back against the motorcycle that had arrived with him...and waited.]
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[It's Friday Night, and the church doors swing open! The big party is about to begin!

music begins to play, even though there don't appear to be any speakers around.... Black and Orange candles are lit all over the place, and there are a few typical corny decorations here and there - fake skeletons, gigantic suits of armor, orange and black streamers and curtains. There appear to be some games around - bob for coconuts, pin the tail on the dingo, and limbo with a skeleton's leg. Don't trip over any pumpkins!

For you big stomachs, there's a table of food, too! Cakes , Punch, and all kinds of tasty terrifying treats. The pews have been pushed aside to allow plenty of room for dancing. For those of you wallflowers, there are piles of books in the corner for you to read, each one a tale of true horror - Twilight, the fanfiction My Immortal, and Renge's interesting 'collections. (Fortunately there are ACTUAL scary stories too, from Poe to Stephen King)

And who is that standing on the altar? Why, it's our host, Mickey Mouse!]

Gosh, what a turn out! I'm glad you guys came! Let's have some real fun, this type of thing only happens once a year!

((OOC: there will be two tags to respond to - Before Midnight, and After Midnight. The 'costumes taking over' will occur during the After, I just made the Before in case people want regular CR.
Here's a quick reminder of how it will go, and have fun, this can go on all through the weekend!))


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