Feb. 3rd, 2010

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[ The branches and various other scrap materials seem to have grown legs and are on the move. Actually, if you look closely, they're being carried by rats. And if you look even closer -- hey, isn't that yours or someone else's (insert item here)? But it isn't like they're planning on stopping until they get to their destination...which inevitably leads you to Yuki whether you followed out of curiosity or not. ]

Hm? Well the branches might help if I can figure out how to connect them, but... [ picking up some random belonging ] I don't think this will help building a hut at all. You should probably bring it back to where you got it from before someone gets upset.

[ After seeing the various homes, Yuki decided to try and build one himself. He's not exactly doing a good job of it. ]
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Wha--?! What is this?! And another one! And more are coming out?! What's the big idea all of a sudden?! I know what today is but at least let me shut off the Gate so I won't hit people!

Uh. Um... oh jeez what was the word to go with it? 'Demons out... Luck in?" WHOAWHOAWHOA! HEY STOP! DON'T GO ANY FASTER YOU STUPID-- GAAAH! Someone help me out with this!

((Okay so, today is Setsubun in Japan which basically means that bean-throwing festival that happens in every season change by symbolism on purifying one's household and such and the said beans are supposed to ward out demons and bad luck while bringing in good luck to the throwers. And a shitton of them are coming out of Gil's Gate of Babylon.))


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