Mar. 17th, 2010

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Did I miss something? I can only assume I was not paying attention and missed a reason as to why I am suddenly wearing green. Not that it is a bad color, per se, however it does leave one curious.

... Haaah. I think I'm... getting a little exhausted. Perhaps I should settle down a little. I have been a little too active at times recently. This is not good.

((What a better way to express the day about a dude named Patrick than to have a character you play on a online blog game wear green?))
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[So, after a long afternoon of doing wtfever it is that you do, you decide to head home. Everyone deserves a break after all, right?

The guy who is eating your food in the middle of the room thinks so too.]


Who the hell are you?
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[ Pretend this post takes place just as it's turning night! Man, it's beautiful out, isn't it? Especially since the island's decorated the path you're walking through with hundreds upon hundreds of glowing, golden butterflies.


Who, if you're paying attention, seem to be following you. Or just happen to be going the same direction as you. Which is it? ]

[ ooc; People with soul/person sensing abilities will be able to tell the butterflies are in fact a person! Otherwise, enjoy your general eerie feeling. Beato'll take on her usual appearance in the thread eventually. ]


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