May. 25th, 2010

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Oi, how is anyone supposed to do anything when it's always raining like this?

[There's a rather serious young man walking around the island right now, with an umbrella, and looking a bit annoyed. Judging by his clothes, it took a bit before he managed to get that umbrella out.

And he seems like a new arrival, earliest being possibly the high school event for those who remember it.]

I can't investigate if any of the real secretive places are unsafe due to the rain. How annoying.

((OOC: Due to high school event, Conan has now started to make an illusion of 'Kudo Shinichi' being on the island. He found an age up cold hotspring and jumped in, so now he looks like Shinichi~!

For those who live in Beatrice's mansion, you might have heard that this is your new roommate. This is a few days after this talk, which was relatively soon after HS event.))


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