May. 28th, 2010

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[ Do you happen to be on a blimp, perchance in the sky? Possibly straight pimping on it, and quite high? /SHOT Well, hope you don't mind Kazuki walking around inside it, taking a look around. Now, is he supposed to be on this blimp? Hell if we know, but Alice wasn't going to let him sleep outside, so. ]

I never thought I'd be on a blimp...

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Attention, humans! I require your immediate assistance at once ~ desu! This is very important and you should make yourselves useful to me. Now then--! I need your eyes to solve this dilemma of mine, so pay close attention.

[You will see the Rozen Maiden taking a nearby wooden stick and drawing something on the sand. This is the figure.]

It's a rabbit ~ desu. A cute, fluffy bunny with a small tail -- NOT A DUCK! I don't see a duck but a nearby daisy tells me that it's such a creature. But clearly you see whiskers and ears ~ desu! I don't understand how anyone couldn't see it's truly a rabbit!

This makes absolutely no sense ~ desu!

(OOC: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wonders of optical illusion!)


May. 28th, 2010 07:37 pm
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[ Please take notice of the glorious stone arrangement spelling out the letters .S.O.Ƨ. Take heed not to step on it because, as you may see upon further inspection, the stones are actually pebbles arranged by size, color, smoothness and alphabetically starting with P for pebble. Death the Kid is leaned over his symmetrical and grammatically incorrect rescue notice that any place flying two inches off the ground would be sure to notice. He is crouched over, standing on a large leaf and careful not to get his shoes sandy or wet. ]

[ He straightens up to admire his work, careful to remain on the leaf, the only thing keeping him from dying. ] Ah, precise and neat. Perfect.

[ Waits. ]
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[Happen to be by the pimpin' blimp? Good, you're not alone! A newcomer seems to be admiring it]

Woah, that looks so cool! A blimp parked in the middle of a island, really? You don't see that every day.


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