Jul. 22nd, 2010

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[To those who knew Conan well may be due to a disturbing sight. Conan was happy. Not just 'in a good mood,' but absolutely beaming. Suffice to say, should people meet Conan like this more often, any suspicions as to his true nature would not exist as he looked just like any other happy little kid.]

[Then again, who couldn't be giddy upon seeing the love of their life after months of not seeing them?]

[At present he was walking around the island, bouncing a soccer ball off various limb as he went, carrying a bag of what he deemed 'normal' food in a bag on his back. No, he still didn't trust the weird food that should grow from trees. But since he was a picky eater, he made sure to help in gathering that 'normal' food at least. If it wasn't for the fact he wasn't musically inclined, he might have even been humming. with how cheerful he was.]
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So, guys, serious question.

What is the first thing you're going to do when you go back home? No demon overlords apply, since you're never getting off.


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