Aug. 17th, 2010

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Guess I get to feel vindicated.

[There is a kidlet climbing a tree, muttering to himself.]

People freaking out about the trees vanishing. If they just didn't trust those tree to begin with, there wouldn't be a problem.

[And collecting food!] At least now it shouldn't be that bothersome for the others I do this.

[Seriously, nothing's really changed for him for survival week.]
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[He's walking around and hasn't actually noticed anything different. There's a slight look of irritation on his face.]

What are all these people getting so agitated for? This island looks the same as ever. What's the big deal with a few missing trees?
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[Just because one has lost their powers it doesn't mean they can't get by on other means. A plain white wolf is going around and offering bags of food-- roasted seeds, fresh herbs, meat and fish actually-- to any animal or person who happens to be around.

After all, a mother goddess can't afford to let the loss of her powers get in the way of watching out for others.

Right now, she is watching over a flock of small birds who are hovered over a bag of seeds. Around her are other bags full of food she had brought with her. It's a good thing she brought plenty of it from her world eh?]

There should be enough to last for a while if eaten sparingly.

I'm a bit hungry myself though.

[OOC: PRAISE POINTS COME TO ME. Also you can threadhop while collecting food bags and planning how to preserve/save it. Survival plans eff yeah]


Aug. 17th, 2010 01:37 pm
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[Now here is someone who hasn't been seen around in a while--one (1) Yusuke Urameshi is making his way across the beach, jacket filled with various fruits slung over his shoulder to boot. There's nothing out of the ordinary about this picture (minus the fact he's actually doing work for once) but as he continues on, more and more things seem off. His gait is slightly sluggish, as if he'd just exhausted himself from a strenuous exercise, and every so often, he pauses his trek to put a hand over where his heart would be. Frowning as if he's distracted by something, he resumes his walk, only to repeat the process a few minutes later.]

Dammit...bad enough this place decided to go all tribal on us without warning, but now this? You'd think after years of having this thing ticking, it wouldn't feel so weird, but...sheesh.

[Care to interrupt his musings?]
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[One distraught Rozen Maiden will be running and screaming around the island like crazy! Searching for her artificial spirit, that is, which she can no longer summon. Normally a magical doll like herself would just float around but the power loss is making it impossible. She may bumping into things -- namely trees, bushes, man-made buildings... even you.]

Sui Dream! Where are you?! I can't find you anywhere ~ desu! Gaaah, this is terrible! Oh, so terrible! It's tragic enough that I can no longer communicate with my precious garden plants, but how will they be fed properly and open their leaves happily if I don't have my watering can?!

-- Sui Dream!




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