Oct. 21st, 2010

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[OK, so, where was he? He was in his lab. In perfect peace. Well, not really perfect peace. That would be too good. Pycal will never be in peace while he knows Lupin is out there, somewhere, alive and laughing at him.

That thought alone makes his blood boil. But what is making him really mad at the moment is the fact that he is in that stupid island. How the hell did he ever ended up here?

More importantly: how does he leave that accursed place? he has experiments to do. They aren't going to make themselves now, are they?

At least, he has his suitcase with all his paperwork and basic chemicals... But that's not even half of what he needs. He needs all the structure he had in his lab back home... If he could call that dump 'home'. He has been dedicating himself so much to that stupid formula that he didn't even care if that house was failing to pieces, as long as he could go on with his research.

And now what? He goes to this island and has to start everything from scratch? NO WAY.]

(( ooc: Approach with caution, because he sure as hell isn't happy. Not that he's ever happy, but he's particularly MAD at the moment. ))
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*It is said that there are times and places for everything. Times that makes a subject either appropriate or more fitting, and places that let a subject have meaning or just enhance the mood. Let us assume, that one this rather odd island, that the correct time and place has been made. Yes, a clearing, deep in the... woods or rather, the closest thing possible. Surrounded by trees that you can barely peer through, a fire in the middle of the clearing and logs to sit on. Time? Night, the time when the lack of light alone can bring about terror from you. You may not have reason to be in this clearing, or even know that it exists. However, there are always those who feel like going for a walk and just end up coming across, those who may know of it already and want to be there or those who feel the urge to satisfy a newborn desire and enter this domain.

Here, how ever you may have come here, you will find a lady in blue robes, who carries an odd presence about her. Maybe it could do with the fact she is floating. No matter about that, as soon, the time to begin is near.*

Welcome. Tonight we will be telling ghost stories. Won't you join the fun? I'm sure everyone could tell something.

((ooc note: And of course, do feel free to threadhop for mass story funtimes.))


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