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[It's Friday Night, and the church doors swing open! The big party is about to begin!

music begins to play, even though there don't appear to be any speakers around.... Black and Orange candles are lit all over the place, and there are a few typical corny decorations here and there - fake skeletons, gigantic suits of armor, orange and black streamers and curtains. There appear to be some games around - bob for coconuts, pin the tail on the dingo, and limbo with a skeleton's leg. Don't trip over any pumpkins!

For you big stomachs, there's a table of food, too! Cakes , Punch, and all kinds of tasty terrifying treats. The pews have been pushed aside to allow plenty of room for dancing. For those of you wallflowers, there are piles of books in the corner for you to read, each one a tale of true horror - Twilight, the fanfiction My Immortal, and Renge's interesting 'collections. (Fortunately there are ACTUAL scary stories too, from Poe to Stephen King)

And who is that standing on the altar? Why, it's our host, Mickey Mouse!]

Gosh, what a turn out! I'm glad you guys came! Let's have some real fun, this type of thing only happens once a year!

((OOC: there will be two tags to respond to - Before Midnight, and After Midnight. The 'costumes taking over' will occur during the After, I just made the Before in case people want regular CR.
Here's a quick reminder of how it will go, and have fun, this can go on all through the weekend!))
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[It's Mouse vs Monkey! In an effort to keep up his training, Mickey has been doing some gentle fighting and running away with the monkeys, in and out of trees. But we all know them monkeys are sly... And today, they've made it to the Drowned Springs! Mickey has been well informed about them, and common sense should make him turn the other way. But those monkeys keep sticking their tongues out, and... well.

You know where this is going.


Hahahaha! You guys got me good! You just wait until I get up there and...


Uh-oh. )

AAAAAHHHH! W-w-w-what happened?! My ears, my tail, my... everything?!
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[Whether you came here on your own or a teacher forced you here, it's time for a meeting with the School Guidance Counselor!]

Well hiya! It's nice to see you again. Have a seat, I've got all day.

[he loves you all, he really does. But he knows there are bad apples here. Don't make him pull out the keyblade paddle.]

I'm all ears! What're you here for?
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Oh boy, there's sure a lot more people here than there were yesterday...

If I heard right, I might to get to see someone from home! I can't wait! But making new friends is pretty swell too!

... And the island even got me a new outfit for the occasion! Looks like we're all going to be working together, huh guys?

[He's currently addressing a huge horde of island wildlife, wearing the outfit from this classic toon. However, what they'll be clapping their hands or beating sticks or however wild boars/chimpanzees/dingos play music isn't what is in the cartoon. What are they playing?]

And a one, and a two, and a three!

[ It's A Small World After All.Enjoy your music hell. At least it's not the Ducktales theme.]
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[It's a beautiful day on the island. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and a gigantic gummi ship has crash landed into a side of the KingdomHearts/else-people hut.

Beautiful day.

The top of the ship slowly begins to open, and a rather exhausted looking person mouse rodent vermin childhood hero guy flops halfway out of it, sighing heavily.]

I've never seen the controls go bonkers like that before! This is going to take so long to fix... Guess I'd better start looking around for supplies.

[and out he hops, landing safely on the sand... and realizing the damage he's caused.]

... Uh-oh. Oops?


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