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['Jarring' didn't quite cover it. How exactly did one describe going from a small apartment in Japan to a tropical island?]

...what the hell, this again?

[That was one way to do it.]

You've got to be kidding me. [He brushed black hair from light red eyes, scowling faintly.] I thought I was done with this supernatural shit. [Said the guy whose hands were literally deadly weapons.] Not to mention Tsuya's gonna lose it if she doesn't hear from me soon, never mind what the rest of the family's gonna say.

Well...at least it's something to do. Things have been pretty boring back home, so it's like a twisted vacation. Right?

[Sniper took a breath, raising his voice somewhat.]

Urameshi? You still around? Have to admit, I almost missed driving him up a wall... Oi, Urameshi! Quit hiding from me, huh? You know it doesn't work! [A smirk played across his face--no, certainly not a smile. Kaname Hagiri didn't smile--at the idea of coming across his old adversary again.]

Actually, I should probably be careful. That moron might think I missed him or something. He's stupid enough to believe something like that, right?

[Well, he didn't have much else to do. So he leaned back against the motorcycle that had arrived with him...and waited.]
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[Sniper didn't like many things, honestly. Liking something would mean he had an opinion on it, and apathy didn't often lend itself to anything but careless indifference. But if he was being honest with himself? He liked this island. It was weird, sure--but weird sure beat the hell out of boredom.]

[So here he was in the library...by himself...playing solitaire.]

[Nope, definitely not bored.]

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[Surprisingly, it didn't take much to make Sniper happy. ...Well, 'less deadpan' would be better phrasing. Actually, he'd been in a pretty good mood since coming here, lack of a motorcycle aside.]

[But today? Guess who mananged to find himself an acoustic guitar? The same person that's hiding out on the roof of the inn trying to remember how to play it, of course.]

Knew it wasn't that difficult.

[So, there is a vague melody coming from the roof of the inn. Investigate y/n?]
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[There is a psychic sharpshooter and relatively new arrival to the island just kind of sitting in a tree near the residence of one Yusuke Urameshi, arms folded behind his head. This whole experience coming to the island had been strange, but stranger still was the fact that people seemed almost eager to talk to him.]

[Yes, in Sniper's mind being spoken to was stranger than being brought to an interdimensional island.]

...I should think about getting another jacket. It's cold.

[Priorities. He totally has them.]

((ooc:...mun is kind of bored. Go on, bother the antisocial guy.))
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[Kaname Hagiri wasn't really bothered by anything supernatural anymore. Well, it was more like nothing surprised him these days. But today? Today the world was definitely trying to surprise him.]

Yes, Tsuya, the motorcycle's scratched. [Hand held to his face in exasperation, he hadn't yet noticed the change in location as he spoke in a flat and monotone voice.] No, it was not, in fact, my faul--...Tsuya?

[The psychic sharpshooter noticed a distinct lack of a shouting Hagiri sibling, and soon after came the realization that he wasn't outside his house or in front of his motorcycle. In fact, he was standing on a beach. That was definitely a change.]

...That's different. [Calm and apathetic, he raised a hand over his eyes to guard against the glaring sunlight and took a moment to look around.] Very different.


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