Jul. 27th, 2010

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[Another nice day of monster extermination! Hopefully all of you are watching your backs. Cause if it isn't the monsters that are out to get you and your partner, it's going to be another pair. At least not intentionally-- Cause something akin to a gunshot might shoot past right you!]

Eeek! Sorry, There was a monster ahead of you! Anyways, I think it's gone now.

Leo-san, how are you holding up?

[OOC: Leo and Sumire will be tagging separately! Let's make this last day of the event action packed everyone \o/]
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Hey, uh, Tear?

I could make a lot of jokes about you pressing my trigger, and spending so much time with you is romantic and stuff, I guess, but...

Can we take a break please? This isn't a video game! Just look at that person being chased by a monster over there. They're running so quickly because they actually rested. So let's just sit down and--

We're going to go help them now, aren't we?


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