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[ ... ahem.


You would have to be blind not to notice the various fliers and posters showing up around the island this week. You know, the ones announcing a huge GIRLS-ONLY sleepover on the Tartarus!

... And if you didn't notice it, you were probably accosted by a short girl on rollerblades intent on harassing you about going. Because she and a certain Waterbender are evil masterminds.





... The security team is in position.

Time for the best slumber party ever. ]

... I wonder if we could set a world record for largest pillow fight.

((ooc: Here is your official sleepover post, because I am not at a funeral. Mingle, paint nails, tell scary stories, gossip, THREADHOP THREADHOP THREADHOP. Small children and cute animals allowed, boys above the age of eight are not. But hey, if any of you guys want to risk getting caught, go riiiight ahead.))
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[ earlier today, you might have seen a girl and a dog dash past you on a morning run.

That same girl is now looking exhausted but seated by the ocean with a bunch of books on love advice, which she just so happens to be perusing ]

"The ideal woman is delicate and feminine, someone men want to protect"... seriously? Maybe Nakayama can pull that off, but I-- let's try another one.

"The more violent you are, the more your boyfriend is going to be afraid to ever lay a hand on you".


"If you're desperate enough, simply follow this simple recipe and slip it into his drink"--

Okay, note to self: never check the library again.
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[If you just so happen to be in the area, pairs of skates are lined up in front of you as Ikki himself is standing proudly on a tree stump]

Welcome, my young grasshoppers! If you're standing here, then you obviously wanna learn about Air Treck. Or you've come to bash in my glorious presence, which is also good! I don't blame you! If you think these are your regular roller blades, you'll haveta change that mindset right now. 'Cuz once you put 'em on, you'll enter a new world.

So if you're badass enough, then come under the wing of the almighty Ikki-sama and he'll teach you everything you need to know!

... And alongside with me will be my assisting teacher, Bremusa Rainforest. Which is amazonian for "Adachi Emiri" if you happen to know her really well. ♥ So don't hesitate to ask her any questions either! She won't bite unless you give her a reason too.

(( ooc: AIR TRECK 101 BITCHES. Ikki and Emiri will both be tagging this post! ))
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[ so in between guys falling through the roof and small earthquakes, Emiri has been keeping an eye on the roof.

At this moment, more specifically, she is covered in debris and keeping both eyes on the GIANT HOLE in the roof. ]

Seriously?? After all that, one fat monkey? What is it with this place and our roof, is this some kind of karma??

I need a hammer. And not just to kill somebody with.
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[ ten years later, Minato and Emiri are sitting outside with a trio of puppies while the latter-- seems to be giving herself a headache. ]

Okay, so maybe the dresses should be blue, but not anything too lacy... I'm pretty sure Sion-chan would kill me if I made her look like a doily. And are we inviting everyone, because that'd save time on invitations, but then some complete stranger could come just to be a pain in the ass, and I really don't want to have to bring my ATs along if I can help it--

... Wait, what'm I supposed to do for the Father of the Bride? I-- hey, my finger isn't food, stop chewing on it.

((Minato and Emiri will both be tagging o/))
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I don't usually carry along passengers, but I think I can make an exception for you. We're not going to fall over as much when we're not on the ground, right?

... Still, first the snow, now these earthquakes? My routine's getting interrupted all over the place lately! Sorry, Koro-chan, let's call it a morning for now. We can people-gaze for a little while.

((Somewhere high above you, there consists a duo of a girl and a dog perched on a tree branch. They appear to just be chilling and checking out what you're doing.))
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[ right outside her hut, there is a girl. A girl who is gingerly lifting up her shirt a bit to check out-- bandages. The girl does not look happy. In fact, the girl looks miserable. ]

Is it just me or are all the new people we're getting having problems with making a normal entrance? I mean, first the grass-lover breaking the roof, then the guy shooting me-- if anyone else shows up, I'll say hello after they're done leaving destruction in their wake, sound good?

((ooc: yes, she was shot. :( no this not my way of getting my posting in before traveling really))
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It worked for the first day, but I don't think I can keep this up. For starters, I don't have the clothes for it, and with the way the snow's built up, poor Koro-chan would be buried in no time.

That, and... dammit, I was hoping those stupid plants wouldn't make a grand entrance for awhile. Getting back is going to be one huge pain. But most importantly...


(( was trying to do her usual run, and now she is flat on her back on a very wide patch of ice. :| ))
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[ the island is finally at peace, with the murmurs of love and sexual innuendos about trading cards dying down. As a bright sun hangs over the island and you take a whiff of fresh air...

You may hear a very loud scream of horror, anger, and all of those fun things. Following that shortly, you may see a girl standing at the very edge of a cliff, looking as though she'd like nothing better than to throw herself off of it. ]

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[ the night is long and unyielding, but with the morning comes relief and freedom.

... Particularly for a whole bunch of partygoers and very much so for thirteen of them. ]

I am never doing that again. I can't believe I missed nearly all of it! Seriously, what was even the point of that?!

Maybe I'll just go to bed early. Or is that late...? Aaaaah, does it even matter?

[ ooc: MORNING AFTER HALLOWEEN. For all you people who thought Emiri was dead, you can have her alive and well and somewhat annoyed. Also feel free to threadhop and mingle and reunite with all of your friends who aren't as dead as they looked or do highfives or whatever. ]
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You're kidding, right? After last year, this thing has the nerve to come back and mock me? There's no reason to go back in, though. Kazu-sama isn't here anymore, and I know what it's all about, so it's just the same old thing. Scattered bodies, probably a zombie or two, no big deal.

I bet it's not even that scary this time around.

Yeah, and that screaming coming from inside? Totally recorded.

[ just kind of... glaring at the damned house. ]
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Soooo, does anyone else think we should make today Stork Hunting Day? I wasn't planning on becoming a mom anytime soon, y'know. And totally not with anyone here, either. I'm sorry, Kazu-sama! I've betrayed you!
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*if you walk out or open your windows, you will find (1) A-Tard flying over the moon*

((Ikki and Emiri will be tagging separately!))
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I didn't think this was ever gonna show up since it was a rental and it was Akito-kun that had to keep us from being almost forty years in debt. It brings back a lot of memories, though! And to think, all of that hard work and effort and letting Ringo-chan have the spotlight, and that guy completely wasted it all. I bet against any other guy, it would've been foolproof! Absolutely, 120% guaranteed to make him fall to his knees and surrender to love!!

But it's not like everyone here's immune to the call of romance, right? If the island brought this here, then it's gotta be a sign. Act swiftly and decisively, yet remain sweet and subtle! There's a fine balance, and I'm going to have to teach it!

If it's romance--! If you're out there wanting to woo some guy-- or girl, I guess-- who seems impossible to approach or win over, Emiri Adachi is here for you, to guide you on that path! And don't be shy-- I know you're out there.

((In this, with a bunch of other elaborate costumes nearby. Do feel free to drop by with your love problems. Or just walk by, she'll pounce you anyways.))
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[ Somewhere, likely on a hill, there are two girls. Two girls looking like they're getting ready to beat each other up. ]

Mm, there's a good wind today. All right, Emiri. I hope you've been practicing, because I'm not going to hold back!


((ooc; SPARRING POST! Expect separate threads from both Emiri and Talim, and feel free to request a spar from either of them, or each other. I don't really care.))
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It's happened before, so I shouldn't get worried, or mad, or anything like that. Kazu-sama wouldn't want me to do that.

He might come back again, right? Or maybe I'll get to go home for real this time. Hahahaha... haha... ha...

Aaaaaaagh, but now I'm going to have to be Ikki-kun's babysitter even more now!! Where's Ringo-chan when you need her?? Or hell, even Akito-kun could handle it! Of all of the people from back home I had to be stuck with, of course it had to be him!!

You stupid island, aren't you bored enough?? Stop screwing with me!

((Sigh Kazu left again, but at least she's not breaking too much property.))
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[ There is a girl in pajamas all nice and clean from glorious showers now thoroughly investigating the cabin, including fiddling with the TV ]

I think I saw a movie like this once... only everyone got killed. Not that I think anyone's gonna snap here, but if everyone's doing this stuck-in-a-cabin thing, Kazu-sama people could be in danger!

Or at least they'll be in danger of dying from these reaaaally bad one-liners. What is this show, anyway? I think this guy's in love with his sunglasses. There's got to be something better on.

((Up in Cabin 12, changing the channel and all-around being curious.))
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Okay, Emiri, you can do this. Come on, you've been kidnapped and gotten through it just fine! And what about Gabishi? That might've been incredibly scary, and maybe it kind of hurt like hell, but you got through that, too! And with Genesis! And infiltrating that cult although I swear I felt someone grab my ass--

The point is, this is nothing compared to all of that! You can do this! Go, go, go!! Deep breath, and--!

Kazu-sama, I need to talk to you!


......... There'snowayIcandothis.

((Yes, she is trying to peptalk herself into confessing for real this time. :|))
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You know, just when I was starting to think that this place wasn't so bad... it goes and does something like that. But I shouldn't have fallen for it, either.

... ...

Ahaha, yeah, it probably was my fault. It's not like anyone was hurt, so I shouldn't make such a big deal of it.

... I'm kind of stupid, aren't I?

((Depressed schoolgirl is going to be sitting under a tree since Kazu's realization wasn't real oops.))
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Okay, I'm sorry I said you'd never get a girlfriend. Even if you're ugly and rabid, that doesn't always mean it's hopeless! I mean, hell, this is coming from a girl who hasn't really had a normal date in... well, let's see, there was the face-ripping one, and having to deal with Vergil-san, oh and the zombie bastard wanting to eat me, so...


... Okay, who hasn't had a normal date in ever. But that's beside the point.

The point is that's no excuse to string me up like this!!!

((In the newest round of Emiri vs. monkeys, we find our heroine hanging upside down with hands bound and wrapped in vines and trying to swing free.))


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